Ítalo Ferreira Net Worth

Ítalo Ferreira is a Brazilian professional surfer who is popular for his high-energy approach and desires to entertain at all costs. He is one of the most volcanic players now. Ítalo Ferreira has a net worth of $5 million at present. Let us know more details about his personal and professional life along with his net worth, salary, and more.

About Ítalo Ferreira

Ítalo Ferreira was born on May 6, 1994, in Baía Formosa, Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil.  His parents are Luisinho and Katiana Ferreira. Ítalo’s father is a fisherman, and his mother is an innkeeper. He grew up in a close-knit family, with supportive parents who encouraged his passion for surfing. Ítalo began surfing at the age of eight, using a broken surfboard he found on the beach. And his talent was noticed when he was twelve years old.

Ferreira’s parents made sure he received a good education. He attended a local school where he completed his primary and secondary education. In his early years, Ítalo focused on his academics along with his growing passion for surfing.


Jadson Andre and Brazilian surf coach Luiz ‘Pinga’ Campos noticed Ferreira’s talent when he was 12 years old. He won two rounds of the Junior World Championship in 2011 (runner-up), and the Brazilian Championship. In 2014, he qualified for the World Championship Tour – the elite of world surfing. Here is a summary of his career:

Best Year:

  • 1st: 2019 – WSL World Champion

Major Achievements:

  • 2019 World Surf League Champion
  • WSL Championship Tour event wins: 7
  • 2015 WSL Rookie of the Year
  • 2019 ISA World Surfing Games Champion
  • 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Champion

Ítalo Ferreira’s Net Worth and Income

As of 2023, Ítalo Ferreira’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. This wealth comes from his successful surfing career, as well as various endorsement deals and business ventures.


Ítalo Ferreira’s annual income is not known exactly. However, in 2021, he was the 8th athlete among the top-most paid ones who earned $900k. Though the amount is unknown, he is estimated to earn a good amount of money per year. His annual earnings comprise several sources of income:

Contracts and Prize Money: As a professional surfer, Ferreira earns a significant amount from competition winnings and contracts with major surfing organizations such as the WSL. He earned over $1.2 million in prize money. For winning the Olympic surfing gold medal in the Tokyo summer Olympics, Ferreira received $37,500.

Sponsors and Endorsements: Ferreira has signed endorsement deals with various brands, including Red Bull, Oakley, Billabong, Bridgestone, Ford, T. Patterson Surfboards, Creatures of Leisure, Surf Fins, The Box SM, Silver Surf Surfboards and Sharp Eye Surfboards. These deals provide a substantial income for the surfer.

Social Media: With a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Ferreira can monetize his online following through sponsored posts and advertising partnerships. He has 2.8M followers on Instagram, 149.4k followers on Twitter, 210k followers on Facebook, and 80k followers on YouTube.

Quick Facts

Full name Ítalo Ferreira
Profession Surfer
Height  5 ft 6 in (1.68 m) 
Weight  149 lb (68 kg)
Birthday May 6, 1994
Age 28 years old
Birth Place Baía Formosa, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Nationality Brazilian
Net worth $5 million
Parents name Luisinho and Katiana Ferreira
Marital Status Single
Instagram Ítalo Ferreira
Twitter Ítalo Ferreira
Facebook Ítalo Ferreira
YouTube Ítalo Ferreira


Ferreira is currently single and not dating anyone.


Ítalo Ferreira is currently 28 years old.

Height and Weight

He stands 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m) tall and weighs 149 lb (68 kg).

FAQs About Ítalo Ferreira

When and where was Ítalo Ferreira born?

He was born on May 6, 1994, in Baía Formosa, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

How much is his net worth in 2023?

Ítalo Ferreira has a net worth of $5 million for now.

Is Ítalo Ferreira married?

No, he is currently single.

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