Kevin Durant Net Worth

Kevin Durant is an American NBA star. He is a professional basketball player of the Brooklyn Nets. Read the full article to know Durant’s net worth, wife, salary, height, and other information.

About Kevin Durant

When Durant was a child, he was tall and very athletic. His grandmother encouraged him to opt for a career in sports. He used to go with his father across the country for basketball tournaments. He was also a good basketball player during his school days. When he entered the ‘University of Texas’ he was selected for the NBA draft after one year due to his exceptional skills.

The American star became a professional in the year 2007. His most memorable achievement was his performance in the 2012 Olympics, where he scored a record number of points for his team. The national team also won a gold medal in the Olympic tournament that year.

In the year 2016, KD’s team won the gold medal again for his team ‘Golden State Warriors’. The American champion also took part in the ‘FIBA World Championship’ of 2010. His brilliance in the tournament led the US team to the championship trophy.

The 33-year-old has held many records to his name. He became the 2016 ‘co-USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year,’ sharing his award with Carmelo Anthony. The Washington D.C native has won several awards, including two ‘Finals MVP Awards, an NBA Most Valuable Player award in the year 2014, and many others. The player is also two times NBA Champion where he was elected as the NBA Finals MVP in 2017 and 2018. He was elected for NBA All-Star 12 times, most recently in 2022.

Kevin Durant’s Net Worth and Salary

Kevin Durant’s net worth is $200 million in 2023. He currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets, where he gets a yearly wage of $40.9 million. He also earns a huge $44 million through various endorsement deals. After serving three years in the Golden State Warriors team, Durant signed a four-year contract with Brooklyn Nets in 2019. He received $164 million for the contract and was declared the third-richest NBA player after that.

Quick Facts

Full Name Kevin Wayne Durant
Nickname KD
Born September 29, 1988
Birthplace Washington DC, USA
Debut 2007
Height 6 ft 10 in (2.08 m)
Weight 240lbs (109 kg)
Age 33
Birthplace Washington, D.C
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Net Worth $170 million
Marital Status Unmarried
Father name Wayne Pratt
Mother name Wanda Durant
Salary $31 million
Twitter Handle @KDTrey5
Instagram Handle @easymoneysniper

Durant’s Wife

Kevin Durant is currently in a relationship with Cassandra Anderson. The couple have been dating since 2017. Previously, Durant was engaged to Monica Wright. Wright was a WNBA Player. Durant also dated several women like Brittney Elena, Dai Frazier, Jasmine Shine, etc.

Kavin Durant and Cassandra Anderson

His Age

Durant was born on 29 September 1988 in Washington DC, USA. Currently, he is 33 years old.

His Height and Weight

The American basketball star has a height of 6 ft 10 in (2.08 m) and he weighs 240lbs (109 kg). This is considered an excellent height for an NBA player like him.

His Nickname

He is nicknamed “KD” by his fellow teammates and fans.

Durant’s Endorsements

Kevin Durant earns over $40 million annually, only from endorsement deals. He has a 10-year sponsorship contract with Nike. The contract’s worth is $300 million. This deal earns him $26 million a year. Additionally, the package includes a $50 million retirement package. Furthermore, the player has other endorsement deals with big brands like Google, Beats by Dre, American Family Insurance, Sparkling Ice, Skullcandy, Alaska Air Group and NBA 2k. He is also a co-founder of a venture capital firm named “Thirty-Five LLC”. The firm’s net worth is around $15 million.

Kevin Durant’s stats

Career Stats

Year Team Games Played Points Scored Field Goal (%) 3 Pointer (%) Rebound Assists Steals Blocks
2021 Nets 55 29.9 51.8 38.3 7.4 6.4 0.9 0.9
2020 Nets 35 26.9 53.7 45 7.1 5.6 0.7 1.3
2018 Warriors 78 26 52.1 35.3 6.4 5.9 0.7 1.1
2017 Warriors 68 26.4 51.6 41.9 6.8 5.4 0.7 1.8
2016 Warriors 62 25.1 53.7 37.5 8.3 4.8 1.1 1.6
2015 Thunder 72 28.2 50.5 38.7 8.2 5 1 1.2
2014 Thunder 27 25.4 51 40.3 6.6 4.1 0.9 0.9
2013 Thunder 81 32 50.3 39.1 7.4 5.5 1.3 0.7
2012 Thunder 81 28.1 51 41.6 7.9 4.6 1.4 1.3
2011 Thunder 66 28 49.6 38.7 8 3.5 1.3 1.2
2010 Thunder 78 27.7 46.2 35 6.8 2.7 1.1 1
2009 Thunder 82 30.1 47.6 36.5 7.6 2.8 1.4 1
2008 Thunder 74 25.3 47.6 42.2 6.5 2.8 1.3 0.7
2007 Thunder 80 20.3 43 28.8 4.3 2.4 1 0.9

Kevin Durant ‘Most Dominant’ MOMENTS

FAQ about Kevin Durant

What is Kevin Durant’s Net Worth in 2023?

Kevin Durant’s net worth is currently $200 million.

What are Durant’s Career Earnings in 2023?

Durant’s career earnings reached over $498.69 million in 2023.

Is He Married?

No. Kevin Durant is currently in a relationship with Cassandra Anderson.

How Tall is Durant?

Durant is currently 6 ft 10 in (2.08 m) tall.



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