KSI is an English YouTuber, rapper, entrepreneur, and professional boxer. The online celebrity only recently started a career in professional boxing and found quite the recognition. This article contains more details on KSI’s net worth, salary, earnings, age, height, and other personal life information.

About KSI

KSI was born in 1993 in Hertfordshire, England. He is the son of Jide Adamulla and Yinka Atinuke. His younger brother, Deji, is also a renowned YouTuber.

YouTube & Music Career

KSI first started his career with YouTube in his early teenage years. Under the name “KSIOlajideBT,” he started uploading gaming-related content. His popular content at that time mostly consisted of FIFA video game commentary. After 2012, the focus of his videos shifted to a more vlog tone. Although, his YouTube career wasn’t without controversies. He received the official diamond play button after his main channel reached 10 million subscribers in 2016.

In 2013, KSI became part of the British YouTube sub-network, Sideman. The group produced mostly comedic, sketch, challenge, and video game commentary videos. Later in 2017, the YouTuber left the group due to an internal dispute.

KSI had been making comedy-rap songs for his channel since early 2011. But he didn’t focus on the music side of his career until 2015. In 2015, he released his debut single titled “Lamborghini.” It ranked 30th on UK Singles Chart. Following this, he started focusing more on his music career. Furthermore, he started releasing independently in 2017. The English star has since released two BPI gold-certified studio albums and 22 singles. Additionally, he has featured in 10 singles so far.

Boxing Career

Surprisingly, KSI and another British YouTuber, Joe Weller’s online clash shifted to an amateur boxing match in 2018. KSI won the fight via a 3rd round TKO. Following the match, he called out two popular American YouTubers and his long-term rivals, the Paul brothers. Soon the callout transpired into a white-collar amateur boxing match with Logan Paul. The match dubbed “KSI vs Paul I” ended with the judges scoring in favor of KSI.

After one and a half years, a rematch between KSI and Paul was held. This event was both boxers’ professional debut match. The match, promoted by Eddie Hearn, was held in Staples Center, Los Angeles. KSI again came victorious in the match via a split decision. In June of 2021, KSI announced his partnership with Wasserman Promotions and news of a boxing promotional company titled “Misfits Boxing.”

Along with the new announcement, a bout between KSI and Alex Wassabi was announced too. Later, his opponent was replaced with Brandon “Swarmz” Scott. On 16 August, a new announcement came. According to this, KSI will fight a second opponent the same night. The second opponent was revealed to be the Mexican professional boxer, Luis Alcaraz Pineda. The boxing crossover event, “2 Fights 1 Night,” is planned to be held on 27 August 2022 at the O2 Arena, London, England.

KSI’s Net Worth

KSI’s net worth is $25 million (£21 million) in 2023. Most of the star’s income has been generated from his successful YouTube and music career. Additionally, he owns properties of over £10 million all around England. Aside from real estate, KSI boasts an outstanding automobile collection that includes a Lamborghini Aventador, a Rolls-Royce Wraith, a Porsche Cayenne, and a Porsche 718 Boxster.

His Career Earnings

His main YouTube channel, “KSIOlajidebt” currently has 24 million subscribers. The channel is worth $4.5 million. Every video posted in it generates around $250,000 on average. His music-related channel “KSI” has over 24 million subscribers. The channel’s net worth is around $1.1 million. The player earns around $5 million yearly from his YouTube channels.

Additionally, he is a successful rapper. KSI has released over 21 singles, 2 studio albums, and four Eps. He also appeared in 11 TV episodes, 12 web series, and three films. So, it is safe to assume that this successful music and TV career helps him make a healthy amount of money every year.

KSI’s recent debut in boxing has boosted his earnings by a good some. With the “KSI vs Logan Paul II,” he made his professional debut in boxing. He earned a guaranteed purse of $900,000 from the bout. His two fights against Logan Paul have generated over $13 million in PPV revenue. Payout details of his upcoming fight against another English rapper “Swarmz” were released recently. Below is the breakdown of payout details –

Boxer Guaranteed Purse PPV Share Total Payout
KSI $500,000 60% $1 million
Swarmz $350,000 40% $500,000


A YouTuber’s major portion of KSI’s income comes from sponsorship. He earns $700k annually from sponsorship via his channel. He also has endorsement deals with the energy drink company G-Fuel, and popular UK-based fitness apparel brand Gymshark.

Additionally, he is a successful businessman. He previously became the director of three UK-based companies with a $2.2 million investment in 2018.

In 2021, KSI launched his music record label, “The Online Takeover.” Furthermore, he launched a new boxing promotional company titled “Misfits Boxing” the same year. At the beginning of 2022, the star partnered with another YouTuber, Logan Paul, to co-found a new energy drink company called “Prime Hydration.” Recently, Arsenal announced a new partnership with this energy drink company. KSI also is a co-founder and shareholder of the Sidemen restaurant chain “Sides,” their clothing lineup, and vodka brand “XIX Vodka.”

Quick Facts About KSI:

Full Name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji
Nickname KSI, JJ, The Nightmare
Profession YouTuber, Rapper, Boxer, Actor
Boxing Stance Orthodox
Weight Division Cruiserweight
Date of Birth June 19, 1993
Place of Birth Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Nationality English
YouTube Debut 2008
Professional Boxing Debut 2019
Height 6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Weight 199.4lbs (90.4 kg)
Age 29
Net Worth $25 million
Marital Status Unmarried
Father’s Name Jide Adamulla
Mother’s Name Yinka Atinuke
Annual Salary $5 million
YouTube Channel @KSIOlajidebtHD
Twitter Handle @KSI
Instagram Handle @ksi

KSI’s Wife

KSI is currently single. He hasn’t married yet. The star has been in multiple relationships since 2012. His date list includes Nia Pickering, Lois Sharpie, and Seana Cuthbert.

His Age

KSI was born on June 19, 1993, in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. At present, he is 29 years old.

His Height and Weight

The British online personality has a height of 6 ft 0 in (183 cm) and weighs 199.4lb (90.4 kg). He is currently competing in the cruiserweight division in boxing.

His Nickname

Olatunji is better known as “KSI” among his fans. He once described that the name KSI stands for knowledge, strength, and integrity. He is also known as “JJ,” which is the shortened form off his real name. The star recently took on the in-ring name “The Nightmare” after making his professional boxing debut.

KSI’s Stats

Professional Boxing Record

No. Result Record Opponent Type Round, time Date
3 Luis Alcaraz Pineda – /(6) 27-Aug-22
2 Swarmz – /(6) 27-Aug-22
1 Win 1–0 Logan Paul SD 6 9-Nov-19

Amateur Boxing Record

No. Result Record Opponent Type Round, time Date
2 Draw 1–0–1 Logan Paul MD 6 25-Aug-18
1 Win 1–0 Joe Weller TKO 3 (6) 3-Feb-18

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FAQ about KSI:

What is KSI’s Net Worth in 2023?

KSI’s net worth will be $25 million in 2023.

Is He Married?

No. The YouTube star is currently single.

How Tall is He?

The British celebrity is 6 ft 0 in (183 cm) tall.


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