Sifan Hassan Net Worth

Sifan Hassan is an Ethiopian-born Dutch middle- and long-distance runner. With her incredible skills and records, she has won the hearts of millions across the world. She has a net worth of $1-$5 million currently. You will know about Sifan Hasan’s personal and professional details, net worth, and salary.

About Sifan Hassan

Sifan Hassan was born on January 1, 1993, in Adama, Oromia, Ethiopia. She belongs to a humble background, and her family supported her passion for sports always. She pursued her studies in Nursing Subject. As a young girl, Sifan developed an interest in running and competed in local races in Ethiopia.

In 2008, she moved to the Netherlands as a refugee and was soon spotted by a local athletics coach, who recognized her talent. Under the guidance of her new coach, she began to develop her skills and passion for middle-distance running. She gained Dutch citizenship in 2013.


Sifan Hassan’s career began in 2013. She started competing in various European and international events. She demonstrated her exceptional ability in middle-distance running. Throughout her career, Sifan has secured numerous victories and honors. Here are some of them:

  • World record holder for the one mile
  • World record holder for the 5-kilometer road race
  • World record holder for the one hour run, set in 2020
  • Was the world record for 10,000 meters for two days in June 2021
  • Owns five European records (1500 meters, 3000 meters, 5000 meters, 10,000 meters, and half marathon) and three Dutch records
  • Was the 2016 1500-meter indoor world champion
  • Bronze medalist in the 1500 meters in the 2015 World Championships in Athletics
  • Bronze medalist in the 5000 meters in the 2017 World Championships in Athletic
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Sifan Hassan’s Net Worth and Income

As of 2023, Sifan Hassan’s estimated net worth is between $1- $5 million. She has primarily accumulated this wealth through her successful athletics career.

Sifan Hassan’s annual salary is not publicly disclosed. However, it is estimated that she earns a good amount of money per year. Her yearly salary comes from a combination of sources, including contracts, prize money, endorsements, social media, and so on.

As a professional athlete, Sifan has signed contracts with various sports companies, including her long-time relationship with Nike. These contracts provide her with a steady income as well as supply her with top-quality athletic gear.

Sifan’s exceptional performances in international competitions have earned her substantial prize money over the years. Major championships, such as the Olympics and World Championships, often have substantial cash rewards for medal winners.

Endorsements play a significant role in Sifan’s yearly income. As a successful athlete, she has attracted the attention of numerous brands. Some of her most notable endorsement deals include Nike and Red Bull.

Sifan Hassan also has a strong presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, where she shares her training, competitions, and personal life with her fans. Her large following allows her to monetize her social media accounts through sponsored posts and collaborations with brands, adding to her yearly income.

Quick Facts

Full name  Sifan Hassan
Birthday January 1, 1993
Age 30 years 
Birthplace Adama, Oromia, Ethiopia
Nationality Dutch
Height 1.7 m 
Weight 49 kg
Parents N/A
Marital Status N/A
Net Worth $1-$5 million
Instagram  Sifan Hassan
Twitter Sifan Hassan


There is no information available about her personal life at the moment.


Sifan Hassan is currently 30 years old.

Height and Weight

She has a height of 1.7 m and a weight of 49 kg.

FAQs Regarding Sifan Hassan

Where was Sifan Hassan born?

She was born in Adama, Ethiopia, on January 1, 1993.

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 When did she move to the Netherlands?

Sifan Hassan moved to the Netherlands in 2008 as a refugee and then became a Dutch citizen in 2013.

What is Sifan Hassan’s net worth in 2023?

As of 2023, Sifan Hassan’s estimated net worth is $1-$5 million.

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