Softball Players Pitch Underhand

When playing softball, you don’t always throw from the waist up. Instead, you’ll often toss the ball from the ground up. That’s right; the pitcher will often pitch the ball underhanded.

While it may seem like a strange thing to do, pitching underhand has its advantages. For example, the pitcher can better grip the ball when throwing it from the ground. That’s because the ball is much easier to catch when thrown at a low angle.

However, pitching from the ground can also be a disadvantage. For example, pitchers might miss a spot when they throw from the ground. This can lead to an inaccurate throw.

So why do softball players pitch underhand? Well, there are a couple of different reasons.

Why Do Softball Players Pitch Underhand?

Pitchers in softball don’t use a regular windup; they pitch underhand. The main reason is that it’s less stressful on the pitcher’s arm. It also generates more power than pitching overhand. But, there are so many reasons why softball players pitch underhand. So, here is the list.

Because it’s Less Stressful on the Pitchers

You have to throw with your arm extended out in front of you when you pitch overhand. This means that every time you throw the ball, there’s a lot of stress on your elbow and shoulder. This can lead to serious injuries like tendinitis or even something more severe like a torn labrum (the connective tissue surrounding your shoulder joint).

By pitching underhand, pitchers can keep their arms close to their bodies. This reduces the amount of stress they’re putting on their joints. This means they can pitch more often without hurting themselves!

It’s Easy for Beginners

The rule of thumb is that the ball should be thrown from the ground up rather than the hand down. This means that you’re generating more force from your legs and core. This builds up to your shoulder and arm. Your shoulder takes a lot more of the burden when you throw overhand.

This helps players generate more momentum, which increases their velocity and accuracy.

Rule of Thumb

If the ball goes up, it’ll come down, and hitting it will be easier.

The rule of thumb in softball is if you throw underhand with force. Your ball will go up in the air and come down again. That means hitting a pitched ball will be much easier than hitting an overhand throw because there’s less distance between where you hit the ball and where it lands (which means less time for gravity to take effect).

Pitching Distance

Softball is a game played on a large field with a large ball. So it makes sense that pitchers want to throw the ball as far as possible. However, if you’re pitching underhand, you don’t need to throw the ball as far to get the same effect. This makes it easier for new players who are just learning how to pitch and gives them more time to get comfortable with their technique before taking aim at their target.

More Accommodating for New Players

Softball players pitch underhand because it is more accommodating for new players.

When you pitch overhand, you have to be able to throw hard and accurately. That’s a lot to ask of someone who has never played softball before. Pitching underhand requires less velocity and accuracy, so new players can get used to the sport and learn how to play it correctly before moving on to pitching overhand with more skill.

Less Wear and Tear on the Shoulder

The shoulder is a joint that allows for a wide range of motion. But it can be subject to wear and tear when overused. Pitchers who throw overhand are at risk of injury. Because they have to rotate their arm at extreme angles as it follows through with each pitch. This can cause muscle strains and irritation in the shoulder joint, which can lead to more serious issues down the road.

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Pitching underhand reduces stress on the body by keeping your arm at a 90-degree angle throughout the pitch. If you want to avoid injuries, pitching underhand is often the best option!

Making the Game Safer and More Interesting

Softball players pitch underhand because it makes the game more interesting and safer. Underhand pitching allows players to throw the ball faster than they could if they used an overhand delivery. This means batters will have less time to react when hitting the ball. This makes them more likely to strike out or hit an easy pop fly than a home run.

This also makes it safer for pitchers. Because they are not throwing at such high speeds as they do when using an overhand delivery method, there is less chance of injuring themselves when playing at such speeds. However, there are still risks involved with playing softball due to its fast pace nature and other factors. Such as weather conditions which can affect how well someone performs during their games (weather conditions affect performance).

Can You Pitch Overhand in Softball?

  • No, you cannot pitch overhand in softball.

The main reason is that the ball is too heavy and will hurt your arm.

To get around this, you can use an underhand throw instead. You can pitch faster and farther than an overhand throw with an underhand throw.

If you are a pitcher who likes to throw overhand, you should consider playing other sports such as baseball or golf.

Is Underhand Pitching safer than Overhand Pitching?

  • Yes, this is much safer than overhand.

In baseball, there are two ways to throw a ball: underhand and overhand. Younger players usually do underhand pitching, and more experienced players use overhand pitching.

Underhand pitching can be safer than overhand pitching because it’s easier to control the ball. When you’re an older player, you have more strength and power than when you were younger. This means it’s harder to control the ball when you throw overhand and ensure it doesn’t go too high or too low.

Overhand pitching also puts more stress on your arm than underhand pitching does. This can lead to injuries like tendinitis or rotator cuff tears.

Is Underhand Pitching Legal in Baseball?

  • Yes, underhand pitching is legal in baseball.

The underhand pitch is one of the things that makes baseball a unique sport. It allows pitchers to throw the ball with less effort and more control. This can be useful for younger players or those who have injuries. The ease of throwing an underhand pitch also makes it possible for left-handed players to play baseball and those who are right-handed.

Are Softball or Baseball Pitches the Fastest?

Are you wondering who throws the fastest pitch in baseball? It’s not who you think!

While the average fastball for a baseball pitcher is about 90 mph, the average fastball for a softball pitcher is 60 mph. What does this mean for your game?

Baseball pitchers are typically 15 to 20 miles per hour faster than softball pitches. And that you need to be ready for speedy delivery when facing a batter from across the field.

So what does this mean for your game? It means that while you might have been able to get away with just using your hands before. Now it’s time to start working on your footwork too!


Softball pitchers pitch underhand for a variety of reasons. While there are many theories, the most common explanation is that it is easier to hit a ball with an underhanded delivery. Learning to pitch underhand may be the key to success if you want to improve your softball game.

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