Top 10 Tallest Baseball Players

MLB is the most popular baseball league in the world. Though the sport doesn’t give any plus point to a weighted player as basketball does, some giants in the league are tall and prominent, among others. Here are the tallest baseball players in the world right now.

10. Adam Wainwright – 6’7″

Adam Wainwright

Adam Wainwright is an American baseball pitcher who plays for the  St. Louis Cardinals of the MLB. He is 2.01m tall, making him one of the tallest baseball players right now in 2022. He was drafted into the MLB in 2000.

9. Trey Wingenter – 6’7″

Trey Wingenter

The 2.01m tall right-hand pitcher comes next. Trey Wingenter played for the San Diego Padres in the MLB. Currently, he plays in the Cincinnati Reds organization.

8. Aaron Judge – 6’7″

Aaron Judge

The outfielder for the New York Yankees, Aaron Judge, stands out because of his 6feet 7inch height. The right-hand tall batter made his debut in the MLB in 2016.

7. Connor Sadzeck – 6’7″

Connor Sadzeck

Previous Texas Rangers pitcher Connor Sadzeck’s 2.01m height makes him prominent among teammates and the squad. He currently plays in the Washington Nationals organization.

6. Oneil Cruz – 6’7″

Oneil Cruz

The 6’7” tall Oneil Cruz is a Dominican professional baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He bats left and throws right. The giant made his MLB debut in 2021.

5. Miguel Castro – 6’7″

Miguel Castro

Miguel Castro is a Dominican professional baseball pitcher who stands out among the other squad because of his significant height. He is 6. ft 7 inches tall which is 2.01m. He currently plays for the New York Yankees of the MLB.

4. Tyler Glasnow – 6’8″

Tyler Glasnow

Tyler Glasnow stands in the fourth position because of his 6’8” height. He currently plays for the Tampa Bay Rays. He bats left and throws right. Tyler Glasnow made his MLB debut on July 7, 2016, for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

3. Dellin Betances – 6’8″

Dellin Betances

Another Yankees former pitcher Dellin Betances stands third among the tallest baseball players in the world. He is 6’8” tall.

2. Brad Wieck – 6’8″

Brad Wieck

The Chicago Cubs’ pitcher Brad Wieck is 2.03m tall. He is currently the 2nd tallest player in the MLB, just behind Sean Hjelle, who is 6’11”.

1. Sean Hjelle – 6’11”

Sean Hjelle

The great giant in the MLB is Sean Hjelle. He is a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants of the MLB. Hjelle and the former baseball player Jon Rauch are the tallest MLB players ever.

Kristina R. Bonham is a freelance writer who has been working with Surprise Sports from the beginning. He writes all the articles in the Baseball category, and he himself is a great baseball player too.