Evie Meg Net Worth

Evie Meg is a British-born TikTok star and social media influencer. She is an inspiring personality, having millions of followers despite suffering from Tourette Syndrome.

She has more than 15.4 million followers on her TikTok (@thistrippyhippie). Her net worth is $780K. Here you can follow Evie Meg’s net worth, income, biography, career, boyfriend, and more.

About Evie Meg

Evie Meg was born on 22 July 2000, in Durham, England. Her father’s name is Lain Filed. Not much is known about Evie Meg’s personal life.

She attended Houghall Agricultural College for education. Evie was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. It is a condition of the nervous system which causes people to have tics. These are sudden twitches, movements, or sounds that people do repeatedly.


Evie started making videos on TikTok. She made videos about the difficulties faced by the victims of this syndrome. Moreover, she made lip-sync videos. Her efforts paid off when her videos started to go viral.

As of writing, she has become a great inspirational character. She has successfully climbed up the ladder of social fame despite being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. She has more than 15.4 million followers on TikTok and more than 563.2 million likes.

Moreover, Evie Meg has more than 758k followers on Instagram. She has quite a successful career on YouTube. Evie Meg created her YouTube channel on 10 June 2018, named This Trippy Hippie. She has more than 663k subscribers there.

Evie Meg’s Net Worth and Income

In 2023, Evie Meg’s net worth is $780K. Despite suffering from Tourette Syndrome, she has become a successful social media personality. Her estimated monthly income is $12,840.

Evie Meg, known as This Trippy Hippie, has more than 15.4 million followers on her TikTok. She earns a very good amount from her social media platforms, brand promotions, and sponsored posts.

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According to an estimation, she could charge $2 to $4 per thousand TikTok followers for an advertisement shoutout, depending on the brand. Moreover, she sells mandala plans for the money.

Personal Details

Full Name Evie Meg
Professional Name The Trippy Hippie
Profession TikTok Star, Social Media Influencer
Date of Birth 22 July 2000
Age 22
Birthplace Durham, England
Nationality British
Net Worth $780,000
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Boyfriend Peter Thomas

Social Media Accounts

Find Evie Meg here.

Evie Meg’s Boyfriend

TikTok star Evie Meg is an unmarried lady. She is in a relationship. Her boyfriend is Peter Thomas.

Peter Thomas

Evie Meg and Peter started dating in November 2019. The couple lives together in Durham, England.


Born on 22 July 2000, she is 22 years old.


What is Evie Meg’s Net Worth in 2023?

Her net worth is $780,000 in 2023.

What is her social media name?

Her social media name is This Trippy Hippie.

Where is she from?

She is from Durham, England.

Who is her Boyfriend?

Her boyfriend is Peter Thomas.

What is her disease?

She suffers from Tourette Syndrome.

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