Karl Jacobs Net Worth

Karl Jacobs, previously known as GameBoyKarl, is an American gamer and social media personality. He is also popular on his Instagram account (@karljacobs). He has more than 4.8 million followers on Instagram. His net worth is $700,000. You can follow Karl Jacobs’s net worth, income, biography, age, girlfriend, and more here.

About Karl Jacobs

Karl Jacobs was born on July 19, 1998, in North Carolina, United States. He belongs to an average-income family. He has two siblings. Jacobs went to Fort Dorchester High School.

In high school, he started streaming video games. He worked as a writer and editor for  “GameT.Z”. This talented gamer got the opportunity to work with MrBeast (a famous American YouTuber) in 2018. He also worked as a member of  Dream the “Minecraft” server, Dream SMP.

The 24-year-old created his own YouTube channel in 2018. He now streams video games on his channel. He has surpassed more than 3.94 million subscribers and 158,007,668 views. His most viewed YouTube video titled “I Pretend To Be AFK” got 17 million views.

This internet celebrity has a huge fan base on Instagram as well. He has gained more than 4.8 million followers on this online stage. He usually uploads day-to-day lifestyle photos on Insta.

Karl has expanded his empire on TikTok too. This star has more than 11.8 million followers and 129.4 million likes on this app.

Jacobs started podcasting with Minecraft YouTuber Sapnap titled Banter in 2021. He is a brand ambassador of shoe retailer Journey.

Karl Jacobs’s Net Worth and Income

As of 2023, Karl Jacobs’s estimated net worth is $700,000. The 24-year-old is famous for his gaming streams and various online activities on YouTube, Insta, and TikTok too.

Jacobs’ main sources of earnings are advertisements and brand collaborations on Instagram and TikTok and AdSense revenue from YouTube.

As of writing, his YouTube channel has more than 3.94 million subscribers and his videos have over 158 million views, which makes him thousands of dollars per year.

Moreover, Karl Jacobs has been the brand ambassador for the footwear brand Journey.

Personal Details

Full Name Karl Jacobs
Profession Gaming Streamer, Social Media Personality, Instagram Star
Date of Birth July 19, 1998
Age 24
Height 5 ft 11 in
Birthplace North Carolina, United States
Nationality American
Net Worth $700,000
Relationship Status Single

Social Media Presence

Find Karl Jacobs here.

Platform Link
Instagram @karljacobs
TikTok @karljacobs
YouTube @Karl


Social media personality Karl Jacobs is currently single. He doesn’t appear to be dating or have a girlfriend.

Once, Jacobs and Fortnite streamer Corinna Kopf flirted with each other on Twitter.

Karl Jacobs Net Worth


Born on July 19, 1998, he is 24 years old.


He is 5 ft 11 inches tall.


What is Karl Jacobs’ Net Worth in 2023?

In 2023, his estimated net worth is $700,000.

Who is his girlfriend?

Karl is currently single.

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