Here’s everything you need to know about working Kahoot Game Pin (Codes). If you are an avid Kahoot user, you must know that a Game Pin is required to play the Kahoot game. Here in this article, we have some working pins you can use in Kahoot Game without hassle.

Overview of the Kahoot Game

Kahoot Game

The Kahoot Game Overview explains how to play the game and offers suggestions for integrating it into your classroom. The co-founders of Kahoot discuss the different applications of the program, including teacher professional development and classroom use.

They also explore the platform’s different features and how they can help educators improve learning. Ultimately, Kahoot’s benefits make it a useful learning tool that will inspire students and teachers to learn. The platform has an easy-to-use interface, which allows you to create and share quizzes in minutes.

The questions will be displayed on a shared screen, such as in a large room, and students can respond by using their smartphones to answer them. Kahoot also allows you to conduct surveys and polls on the app and can be used for teacher professional development.

Among the many applications of Kahoot, teacher professional development and student motivation are among the most compelling. Its popularity has increased as educators and students use it in classrooms. In addition to creating multiple-choice quizzes, Kahoot!

Educators can create games for various learning environments, including online, hybrid, and in-person teaching. Kahoot! Games are accessible on any device with an internet connection.

Before we reveal a complete list of Kahoot Codes that still work in 2022, let me explain what it is and where to find them in 2022.

How Can I Play the Kahoot Game?

Playing Kahoot Game With Pin

Kahoot is a game that can be played anywhere, whether at home, school, or the office. Everyone can participate and get some exercise, so it’s the perfect tool for group activity. You can create a Kahoot with a friend and test their trivia knowledge.

  1. Add questions and answers to your Kahoot. Students love the chance to create their questions and mark the correct answers. Moreover, students enjoy playing Kahoot games and are more likely to remember the questions they ask. After a few rounds, they’ll have mastered the game and have more fun. This activity will also provide valuable feedback to both students and teachers.
  2. Design and Edit a Kahoot template. This free online platform lets you create your own Kahoot games. With this feature, you can create practice questions and problems that students can use in their classroom.

You can also ask your students to create practice problems and practice their knowledge. This will help students learn the best practices for solving problems and improve their knowledge. It’s easy to create and edit Kahoot questions.

After downloading and installing the app, you can play Kahoot on computers or smartphones. It’s better to play Kahoot on mobile devices than on a projector, so you can easily use the app for business meetings or family reunions. The app is compatible with desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

How Can I Join the Kahoot Game?

To join Kahoot, you must have a unique game PIN to access the game. To do this, you can either use the browser version of the site or download the Kahoot mobile app. You can also join a Kahoot game without a PIN. Listed below are some helpful tips for finding a game PIN. First, you must have the game PIN. Kahoot generates a six-digit PIN code that identifies the game you’re playing.

After entering the game, you can select a nickname and start playing. The game server will then know which game you’re in. The PIN will appear at the top of the screen. Once you’ve entered it, you’re ready to participate!

Once you’ve created an account, you can launch games on the Kahoot website. You can also create challenges on the site and share the links with your students. You can also start quizzes, polls, discussions, and challenges.

You can set goals and assign students to complete them whenever you create a game. After the student has completed the quiz or game, they’ll have the opportunity to earn points or complete the challenge.

What is Kahoot Game Pin?

Kahoot Game PIN

As mentioned above, when you visit website, you will see a text box that says ‘Game Pin’. If you are visiting the site for the first time, you must wonder what the game pin should be and where to find it on the internet. If you have these queries in your mind, then don’t worry; we have got you covered.

Kahoot Game Pin is nothing but a random temporary code used to identify the game you want to join on Kahoot, and it is generated when someone starts playing the same game.

Why Do You Need Kahoot PIN?

The only and most important reason you need a Kahoot Game PIN is simple.

It’s because your Kahoot PIN is essentially your game pass. Without it, you won’t be able to play a Kahoot! Game.

Once they’re done creating all the questions and answers, they get a six-digit code for the players – the Kahoot PIN. The game PIN codes allow you to enter the game and play quizzes – they’re like a password.

So what can you do if you or your players lose it?

There are a few possible solutions. Depending on who is hosting the game, you can:

  • Ask the host to send the PIN again to you
  • Search for the PIN online:

As for the latter, there are 2 ways to approach it:

  • You might use the Kahoot Discord Bot
  • You could try YouTube by searching for the “Join Kahoot Live Now” phrase. Some popular Kahoot game YouTube streamers are BestBros, Steve Haines, and Wilbur Sor.

As a Kahoot game host, you may need to go to your quiz details and look for the PIN there. If it’s not there, it means there might be some error. In this case, it’s best to contact Kahoot’s support center.

All in all, we suggest that you take good care of your Kahoot PIN. Alternatively, as a Kahoot game host, you might want to change your quiz maker to something PIN-free –  as losing Kahoot PINs seems more and more common these days.

How Can I Find a Kahoot Pin in 2023?

Since each Kahoot Game Pin is a temporary code, it is difficult for players to find a valid one. If you want to get the working Game Pin for your favorite Kahoot game, you must be there when someone is hosting a Kahoot. We know this might be impossible for many, so we have discovered some ways to get you valid Kahoot Game pins at any given time.


If you are looking for random Kahoot Game Pins or codes, there is no better place than YouTube to find one. Many YouTube channels are dedicated to hosting Live Kahoot sessions where they drop random Kahoot codes for their subscribers.

To find random Kahoot codes, you need to go to YouTube and search for “live Kahoots to join right now.” When you do so, many YouTube channels will appear on the screen. There, you will see that a couple of channels are live streaming to provide working and valid Kahoot codes.

Kahoot Live on YouTube


Discord is one of the most loved platforms for gamers. Like YouTube, many channels are available on Discord which is dedicated to Kahoot. Besides these channels, a Kahoot Discord bot was created to help users find working and valid Kahoot Game Pins or codes.

Kahoot Game in Discord

Kahoot Pin Generator: How to Generate Kahoot Codes

Kahoot Pin Generator

Step 1: Head over to the site:

Step 2: Now, click on the ‘Run’ button from the above right.

Step 3: A series of random codes will start to generate.

Step 4: Copy the codes and paste them to site to see whether it works or not.

Note: Before you get too excited about Kahoot Game Pin Generator, here is a heads-up we’d like to put up front. This site generates six random digits based on a simple PHP script, and there is no special algorithm running behind it. That’s why the probability of finding a valid code is very slim, and it really depends on your luck.

Working Kahoot Pins to Use

  • 499907
  • 719330
  • 600329
  • 328807
  • 915176
  • 425506
  • 229406
  • 572188
  • 731655
  • 461734
  • 514049
  • 077130
  • 127908
  • 618011
  • 011306
  • 099856
  • 884528
  • 518065
  • 924062
  • 565307
  • 844855
  • 178931
  • 465573
  • 602962
  • 595173
  • 152536
  • 798673
  • 030664
  • 891026
  • 044907
  • 170437
  • 668446
  • 058035
  • 725230
  • 111171
  • 332028
  • 364277
  • 417814
  • 270834
  • 850366
  • 635196
  • 729696
  • 655905
  • 436565
  • 627663
  • 670542
  • 177046
  • 502139
  • 252639
  • 964636
  • 839287
  • 317341
  • 253388
  • 442385
  • 792064
  • 087192
  • 924222
  • 836306
  • 970484
  • 254688
  • 898906
  • 182702
  • 211554
  • 257320
  • 511942
  • 336205
  • 530538
  • 217007
  • 68918
  • 523960
  • 406278
  • 614373
  • 848937
  • 867667
  • 692405
  • 110092
  • 573635
  • 452765
  • 764706
  • 702996
  • 568462
  • 264082
  • 790644
  • 459010
  • 685593
  • 317435
  • 630677
  • 858092
  • 197533
  • 112725
  • 903709
  • 363680
  • 530538
  • 510003
  • 529653
  • 138561
  • 414629
  • 129377
  • 627661
  • 463467
  • 428338
  • 259699
  • 424766
  • 240248
  • 403782
  • 426519
  • 658783
  • 368855
  • 961226
  • 193574
  • 360014
  • 604750
  • 548226
  • 705312
  • 562782
  • 324214
  • 966114
  • 555332

Random Kahoot Codes

  • 746882
  • 314714
  • 764351
  • 706288
  • 826013
  • 442410
  • 065386
  • 629093
  • 372935
  • 401117
  • 688212
  • 163020
  • 216596
  • 454818
  • 914913

Kahoot Codes to Join

  • 418978
  • 395382
  • 279560
  • 627139
  • 760375
  • 892097
  • 401821
  • 041098
  • 591802
  • 634264
  • 220571
  • 475336
  • 170635
  • 746183
  • 736733

Kahoot Live Codes

  • 891363
  • 302536
  • 466929
  • 993837
  • 975166
  • 628771
  • 360089
  • 807509
  • 905773
  • 955924
  • 930641
  • 609423
  • 850137
  • 674972

Game Pins to Join Live

  • 306650
  • 879301
  • 931686
  • 014605
  • 061743
  • 264834
  • 101125
  • 723469
  • 873394
  • 267921
  • 416099
  • 114778
  • 062809
  • 065352
  • 365890

Interesting Kahoot Facts

Before we tell you why exactly you might need a Kahoot alternative, apart from the missing PINs, here are some cool facts about the platform that you might find interesting:

  1. As of the first quarter of 2022, there were approximately 29.9 million active accounts on Kahoot! Platform.
  2. Kahoot! is most commonly used in the United States of America and Canada, with Europe and Asia closing as the top 3 areas.
  3. Kahoot! Offers various services to their users, including Kahoot! at Work, Kahoot! At School, Clever, Kahoot! At Home & Study and Kahoot! Academy.

FAQs About Kahoot Pin

These are some frequently asked questions related to the Kahoot Game Pin.

How Can I Get a Kahoot Game PIN?

Each Kahoot session has its Game PIN. Once a Kahoot has been launched, they are generated and used on or in our app to allow learners to join a host’s Kahoot. You cannot generate a PIN as a game participant. Someone who is hosting a game must provide you with a PIN.

How to Enter a Code on Kahoot Game?

Simple process to enter the pin in the Kahoot game:

  • First, enter your code in the mobile app or your web browser by visiting
  • Next game, PINs must be entered.
  • Now identifying the player would be actually needed if the host enables a player identifier.

Can I Join a Random Kahoot?

Open the mobile app or go to and tap “Enter PIN.” Enter a PIN for the game. Provide the necessary identifier if the host has enabled “player identifier.” If the host has selected “friendly nickname generator,” click or tap the “spin” button to generate a random moniker.

What is a Kahoot Game PIN Right Now?

The Kahoot Game Pin is nothing more than a temporary random code that is produced when someone starts playing the same game as you.

How Many Digits are in Kahoot Pin Codes?

Kahoot Pins are Six Digits code. The ( website allows students to join a specific quiz by entering a 6-digit code, a very simple process.

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