Top 5 Hottest Hockey Players In The NHL

What makes you excited about watching the NHL?  I am always thrilled to watch handsome athletes showing their skills on the hockey ground.

These handsome hunks not only impress their fans with looks. They also have shown their talents on the ground. I’ve picked up the top 5 hottest hockey players in the NHL who will melt your heart with their looks.

So, let’s not waste a while and jump into the articles who are the most good-looking guys in the NHL.

Hottest Hockey Players in the NHL

Name NHL Team Nationality
Nick Schmaltz  Arizona Coyotes American 
Tom Wilson Washington Capitals Canadian
Miles Wood New Jersey Devils American
Jonathan Erricson Detroit Red Wings Swedish 
Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins Canadian 

Nick Schmaltz

Nick Schmaltz

Date of Birth February 23, 1996
Height 6 ft 0 inch
Weight  80 kg, 176 lb
Net worth $ 5 million
Playing Career  2016-present

Nick Schmaltz is a rising star in the NHL. His overall rating is 85, which is quite impressive.  

The Chicago Blackhawks selected Schmaltz in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft. He made his NHL debut in the 2016-2017 season and has become a key player for the Blackhawks.

He was transferred to the Arizona Coyotes in November 2018.

  • Schmaltz averages over 0.5 points per game and has been a reliable scorer. 
  • He scored third among Coyotes with 32 points in 55 games during the 2020–21 season.

Schmaltz is known for his playmaking abilities and incredible speed. He has consistently contributed to his team’s success.

He has demonstrated exceptional vision on the ice, often creating scoring opportunities for his teammates and making crucial plays during important games.

His ability to adapt to different game situations and his strong offensive instincts have earned him recognition as one of the league’s top young talents.

Schmaltz is a private person. He is not used to sharing his personal life with the media. He never clarified his girlfriend, marriage, or spouse till now.

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson

Date of Birth March 29, 1994
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Weight 100kg, 15 st 10 lb
Net worth $5 million
Playing Career 2013 – Present

Wilson debuted his NHL career with Washington Capital and has played 9 seasons with them.

  • He scored 115 goals,158 assists, and a plus-minus of +44 in 647 games. 
  • He added 1 Stanley Cup to his achievement.

Wilson’s aggressive playing style has drawn both admiration and criticism. He is renowned for his ability to throw impactful hits, defend teammates, and create energy for his team.

However, his physicality has occasionally crossed the line, leading to suspensions and fines from the NHL for illegal hits.

This controversial aspect of his game has sparked debates among fans, players, and analysts about the role of enforcers in hockey.

Tom Wilson got married in 2022 to his long-time girlfriend, Canadian volleyball star Taylor Pischke.

Miles Wood

Miles Wood

Date of Birth September 13, 1995
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 88 kg, 195 lb
Net Worth $5f da a wee in millions
Playing Career 2016-present

Miles Wood is a professional hockey player who debuted his NHL career in 2016 with the New Jersey Devils.

In terms of his scoring achievements, Wood has been a consistent contributor for the Devils, regularly scoring goals and providing a physical presence.

Wood’s NHL23 overall rating is 81. Last season he scored 13 goals with 14 assists.

Miles Wood’s father, Randy Wood, is a former NHL hockey player.  His brother Tyler also played hockey professionally in the European League.

Wood is not open about his relationship. Currently, he is single.

Jonathan Erricson

Jonathan Ericson

Date of Birth 2 March 1984
Height 6 ft 4 inches
Weight 100 kg, 220 lb
Net Worth 3.5 Million
Playing Career 2003-2021

Jonathan Erricson is a professional ice hockey player. He plays as a defenseman for the Detroit Red Wings in the NHL. He made his NHL debut in the 2006-2007 season and went on to play as a defenseman for the Red Wings until his retirement in 2021.

Erricson was known for his defensive skills and physical play. He had good reach and strength and had a heavy shot. He was also able to make a quick opening pass.

If you are single, your heart may break to know that Ericsson married his long-time girlfriend, Evelina, in 2014. They welcomed their daughter Liv in 2013.

Sidney Crosby

Date of Birth August 7, 1987 
Height  5 feet 11 inches
Weight  91 kg, 200 lb
Net Worth $75 million
Playing Career 2005-Present

Sidney Crosby is known as one of the best players in ice hockey in the NHL. He is a perfect combination of a handsome look with unbeatable talents. He is the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins in the National Hockey League. He plays in the center position.

He has already played 18 seasons with the Penguins. He scored 550 goals, 952 assists, and a plus-minus of +210 in 1,190 games.

  •  He has won 2 Hart Trophies, 2 Conn   Smythe Trophies, and 3 Stanley Cups.
  •  He also won Olympic gold medals in 2010 & 2014 as a key team member of Canada.
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins captain has claimed two Art Ross Trophies as the league’s top scorer (2007, 2014).
  • Crosby has been named to the NHL All-Star Game numerous times, showcasing his status as one of the game’s elite players.

You may be interested to know the relationship status of his handsome hockey player. He is in a long-term relationship with Kathy Leutner. Some sources say that they have already got married, and some sources deny that.


Making the list of the top 5 hottest hockey players in the NHL was very tough for me. Why?  Because so many hot boys are playing in the NHL, it was hard to cut the list short. I’ve picked up the names that are most popular among the audience. Let me know who is your favorite from them.

I hope you love the article and find interesting information about your favorite NHL player. Thanks for reading.

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