Average Height of NBA Players

Do you know what the average height is in the USA? It’s about 5 ft 9 inches, or 175.25 centimeters. But what about basketball players? Generally, they are tall, but how tall are they exactly?

If you are curious about the average height of NBA players by position? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m about to dive into the world of professional basketball and explore the average height differences between guards, forwards, and centers. Basketball is a game of inches, where every height advantage can make a world of difference on the court.

In this article, I’ll explore the average height of NBA players by position and how it reflects not only their role on the court but also the identity they embody as athletes.

Here Are the Average Heights of NBA Players By Position

Position Average Height (m)
Point Guards 1.82 
Shooting Guards 1.95
Small Forwards 2.04
Power Forwards 2.10
Centers 2.13

Point Guards

Point Guards are the little big men of the game, known for their quick moves and fancy footwork.

When it comes to height, point guards stand at an average of 6 feet (that’s around 183 cm for those who like to keep it metric).

You might be thinking, “that’s not very tall!” And you’d be right! But these guys more than make up for their lack of height with their lightning-fast reflexes and top-notch basketball IQ.

The shortest NBA Point Guard was Muggsy Bogues in 1952, standing at 5 feet 3 inches (or about 160 centimeters). The tallest NBA Point Guard is currently Ben Simmons, standing at 6 feet 10 inches.

Point guards are the brains of their team’s offensive operation, calling the shots and directing the action on the court. They’re like the quarterback of a football team but with way more dribbling and jumping involved. And because they’re usually shorter than their opponents, point guards have to be crafty and agile to get past them and make their shots count.

Shooting Guards

Shooting guards are known for their deadly accuracy from beyond the arc. Standing at an average height of 6’4″ (193 cm), these dudes are tall drinks of water!

Shooting guards are often the ones who score the most points. They’re the sharpshooters who can hit threes from downtown and make the crowd go wild. Shooting guards are usually taller than point guards, who tend to be shorter and quicker.

But don’t get it twisted; not every shooting guard is the same. Some are lanky and agile, while others are solid and built like tanks. And some are just straight-up beasts on the court, with a wingspan that could cover the entire court.

The shortest NBA shooting guard was Dana Barros at 5’11” (155 cm), while the tallest was Ben Simmons at 6’10” (208 cm).

You might be wondering why shooting guards are usually taller than point guards. Well, it’s simple. Shooting guards need to be able to shoot over defenders, and having a few extra inches can make all the difference.

Small Forwards

Small Forwards are quick, agile, and can jump higher than a kangaroo on a trampoline. They are the most athletic players on the team.

On average, NBA small forwards are 6 feet 7 inches, or 204 centimeters tall. They may not be the tallest guys out there, but they make up for it with their speed, their agility, and their incredible athletic abilities.

The tallest NBA Small Forward was Lauri Markkanen, measuring 7’0″ (213 cm), and the shortest was Adrian Delano Dantley (6’5″).

Power Forwards

Power Forwards are the ones responsible for grabbing those rebounds and doing all the dirty work in the paint.

On average, they stand at a towering 6’9″ (210 cm). That’s some serious elevation right there!

Kristaps Porzingis was the tallest power forward in the NBA, standing at a towering 7 ‘3” (222 cm). On the other hand, John Chaney was one of the shortest power forwards, measuring 6’3” (190 cm).

With all that height, you’d expect these guys to just hang out under the basket all day. But that’s not the case at all! These power forwards are constantly moving, hustling up and down the court, and using their height to their advantage.


One thing that sets them apart from the rest of the team? Their height.

These towering titans are known for their height, and the average height for an NBA center is a whopping 6 feet and 11 inches. That’s over two meters! When they step onto the court, they look like giants among men.

What about the tallest and smallest ones? Gheorghe Mureșan is the tallest center in the NBA, standing at 7’7″ (234 cm). On the opposite spectrum, Chuck Hayes is considered to be the shortest center at 6’6″.

Back in the day, centers were the stars of the show. They were the ones who dominated the game and were often the highest scorers on their team. But as the game has evolved, so has the role of the center. Nowadays, centers are often more defensive-focused, using their size to block shots and protect the rim.


I’ve uncovered some interesting insights into the average height of NBA players by position. It’s clear that the game of basketball favors those who are tall, but there are still some variations based on the specific position played. Centers are the towering giants of the court, while point guards are typically the shortest players out there.

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