What is the Best Satellite Internet Provider?

People in remote places who don’t have easy access to cable or fiber-optic internet might consider switching to a satellite provider.

In today’s world, everyone expects instantaneous access to information no matter where they may be, therefore it’s important to find a reliable satellite provider.

As the need for high-quality TV and internet services grows, many providers have responded by offering attractive Satellite TV and internet bundles.

The reality is that there aren’t many options available. But this is what you’ll find when you search into satellite internet access, beginning with a summary comparison of the leading satellite internet service providers.


When it comes to satellite ISPs and rural ISPs, we found HughesNet to be the best overall option. It is a good option if you don’t have access to cable, DSL, or fiber in your area. HughesNet Internet is available in all 50 states.

Many people, especially those who live in more remote places, find that satellite internet is their only viable alternative despite its slower speeds. HughesNet is a viable option if you’re searching for straightforward plans and don’t mind slower speeds.

Plans are available to customers with data limits ranging from 15 GB to 200 GB per month. The amount of data you consume will determine which plan is best for you.

Customers who primarily want to check their email and surf the web will be satisfied with the 15 GB plan, while those who have numerous connected devices, stream media, and play online games will benefit more from the 100 or 200 GB option.

Promo prices range from $64.99 to $149.99, depending on the package. For consumers on a tight budget, these plans may not be an option, especially if they have a high demand for data.

A major perk of satellite internet service is that it eliminates the requirement for a physical connection like a phone line or cable. HughesNet’s built-in Wi-Fi makes it simple to connect all of your electronic gadgets to the internet at once.


Second on our list of 2023’s top satellite ISPs is Viasat. Sometimes, the only option for people who live in remote locations without access to other internet services is satellite internet, which can be slower and less reliable than other types of internet, such as cable, fiber, or DSL.

Viasat’s global coverage is a major selling point. Viasat is available nationwide, including in rural or outlying places that other forms of the internet may not be able to reach. Although its coverage isn’t quite as extensive as rival HughesNet’s, it’s still a solid option for customers in outlying areas.

Viasat is a reasonably priced alternative at the lowest tier, with rates beginning at $49.99 and rising to $199.99, while plans with faster download speeds and more high-speed data tend to be more expensive. Plans are available with speeds from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

In addition to its ease of use, installing Viasat often only takes technicians two to three hours. When mounted, the satellite dish must face due south to communicate with the satellite. After the satellite dish has been set up, internet access will be available.

How to Find the Best Satellite Internet Service

You need to consider some things when looking for a satellite internet provider.

Internet Data and Accessibility

Plans with less data are less expensive overall than those with more. Providers typically employ a widget on their website to help you keep track of the amount of data you need. Because of these constraints, it’s possible that satellite internet providers won’t provide limitless data plans.

If you’re looking for the greatest Ziply internet service provider, one factor to consider is whether or not it allows unlimited data usage during and outside peak times. Your download speeds will increase during those times, and you won’t get into your monthly data cap. You can get the most out of your data plan this way.


Satellite internet providers typically seek a one or two-year commitment from their customers. If the price you’re paying now is locked in for the duration of your contract, you should talk to your provider about your options.

The Availability of Hibernation Plans

Also, check if hibernation options are available from your satellite internet service provider. It’s useful if you’ll be away from home for an extended period.

You can suspend your internet service during a hibernation period without breaking your contract. The business could suggest a monthly payment plan with lower rates.

Early Termination Fee

If you discontinue your satellite internet connection before your contract’s term ends, the provider will likely charge you a hefty early termination fee.

However, this differs depending on who you ask. Consequently, you should look into the cancellation cost and any other fees that may apply.

Equipment and Installation Options

Setting up all the necessary hardware could take up to four hours. You must ensure a qualified expert accomplishes it with the company’s resources.

You should not use low-quality tools or attempt any DIY repairs. It’s preferable to work with service providers who stand behind their work with a warranty.

When searching for an internet service provider, you probably want to get the most for your money.

All in All

Satellite internet is sometimes more accessible than cable or fiber for people in remote locations. If other forms of internet infrastructure are unavailable in your location, sluggish satellite internet may be your only choice.

If you can see the southern sky without obstruction, you should be able to get online with a satellite ISP. We have ranked above the top satellite ISPs and provided tips on what to look for in a service plan.

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