Which Sports Are the Most Predictable

The majority of the appeal surrounding sports betting is unpredictability. Few vocations can compare to sport when it comes to the unexpected and that is a niche that makes sports watching and sports betting all so compelling.

Online bookmakers are all too aware of how unpredictable sport is and as a consequence, they look to pitch odds and offers around the latest sports events, that entice punters to place a bet but can also guarantee the sportsbook a decent return, whatever happens in the match/fixture.

However, some sports are by nature more predictable than others – due to trends that are happening within the game or just the very makeup of the sport in general. One of them is football, with lots of new users being attracted to sports betting at the time of some major events, like the World Cup – being enticed by the World Cup betting promotions of bookmakers.

Here is a rundown of some of the more predictable sports to bet on in the world of sports gambling:


Whilst football betting markets are the most popular option for all sportsbooks and gamblers, the relative predictability in the world of football betting is manageable for most levels of bettor.

Most leagues and cups are contested between teams on an equal footing, meaning predicting the outcome of a game is tricky but with only three options available on the straight win betting market (win, lose or draw) most punters can have a semblance of predictability around the bet they are placing.

Furthermore, outlandish scoring systems are not present within the game of football, meaning correct score markets are often tricky to nail but keep the punter interested throughout the match.

Football betting odds are often rather short, particularly within the straight win market, as with only three possible outcomes, predicting a result shouldn’t be too difficult – in theory.

Unpredictability rears its head in the world of football betting when accumulator bets are placed, with increased mistakes creeping in, when more teams are involved within the bet.


In a similar vein to football betting, tennis gambling gives most punters two options within the straight win market – win or lose, which of course is represented in the odds given at the start of a match or tournament.

Tennis, like all sports, can spring up serious surprises in both the men’s and women’s game but in the main, it is a relatively predictable sport to bet on.

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Format is often a key issue for some punters when it comes to sports betting but in tennis, the majority of matches are played between the best of 3 or 5 sets, once again giving punters an element of reliability and predictability within the marketplace to bank upon.

Building multiple tennis bets are where many punters come unstuck but in the main it is a predictable and reliable sport for all levels of gambler to get behind.


One of the fastest growing sports in the UK and Europe, darts has become big business for sportsbooks in recent years and it is growing in popularity amongst sports punters too.

Similar traits between tennis and football betting are also seen with darts, as it pits two players against each other – giving punters the chance to back either player in the straight win market.

Those chasing value can then access the correct score betting market and in the world of darts, all matches are played over a certain number of sets or legs, which enables punters to have a clear idea of the constraints within the market before the match begins.

In-play darts betting is more unpredictable, with the cut and thrust of the action often throwing up random scores and surprises but generally, punters know what they can find when betting on darts.

Ice Hockey

Played over 3 x 20 minute periods, all ice hockey games present a good opportunity for sports betting punters.

The packed global calendar gives players plenty of opportunity within the world of ice hockey betting and seldom are matches high scoring affairs, enabling punters to get a strong ball park idea of how to bet on ice hockey.

Win or lose is the only option within the straight win market, making it easy for bettors to understand the constraints, whilst the correct score market offers more value but carries a touch more risk.

Overall, predictable sports betting markets simply aren’t too easy to come by – with the old mantra of ‘anything can happen’ very much applying to all sports.

However, some sports naturally have more limitations than others which can play into the hands of punters looking for more predictable sports to bet on.

Golam Muktadir is a passionate sports fan and a dedicated movie buff. He has been writing about both topics for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his readers. Muktadir has a degree in journalism and has written for several well-known publications, including Surprise Sports and Surprise Movies.


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