A Glove You’ll Want To Sport All Season Long

Are you wondering about 44 pro gloves and being confused if investing in this pair of gloves will be right? If you are an elite-level baseball player, 44 pro gloves will perfectly go your choice for stylish, comfortable, and super durable features.

44 pro gloves provide the top pro-game-day pattern with pro-grade material simultaneously. Moreover, it will deliver top-rated quality and superb performance that is the best in the game demand.

There are far more factors into consideration that you should know. That’s the point our assigned below 44 pro gloves review article will prove well. So, without delay, keep an eye on the guide and turn your decision on the right track.

44 Pro Gloves Review: Our Recommendation

Before moving to the reviews of 44 Pro, let’s start with a short glimpse of the best sides and some cons of these pro-preferred gloves.

Pros Of The 44 Pro Gloves

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The 44 pro gloves are in the range of professional-grade customized baseball and batting gloves, having a good rating. These nice gloves boast endless best sides, making a golden piece in the gloves world.

Besides being versatile and usability, it offers customers high-quality features. Thus, if any players are looking for the best gloves to improve their defensive game, 44 pro gloves will do a great job there.

There are far more benefits that should be highlighted. For instance:

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  • The first noticeable feature of the gloves is their comfort, making them perfect for players of all levels and positions. The gloves will fit snugly and feel like an extension of the hand. 
  • Also, it will be stiff enough that provides strength, enough flexibility, and the best control during playing. 
  • The gloves are sufficiently lightweight, assist in catching the ball easier, and also help to prevent injuries. Besides, it will be easy to break in for game use. 
  • 44 gloves are constructed with high-grade materials that withstand rigorous use.
  • As the 44 gloves are designed using premium-grade material that will ensure strong stitching, they tend to be stiffer and more durable than other models. 
  • The hinge of the 44 pro gloves is flexible enough that it helps you open and close the glove quickly.
  • Apart from the versatile qualities, you will get the gloves at an affordable price, offering you the big reason to choose these gloves on your budget over regular ones. 

Cons Of The 44 Pro Gloves

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Besides so many advantages of the 44 gloves, there are some negative parts of the glove as well. Though they are not so crucial to concern, you should know about them. Have some glimpse from below:

  • The craftsmanship of the gloves is not so great. There are some minor craftsmanship flaws in the gloves. But they will not affect the performance of the gloves.
  • Though the material quality on the glove stands out, the lace’s quality is not good, and the lace holes are not perfectly lined up in several spots. It creates an uneven look on the gloves. Most users have complaints about this fact.

Why is This Glove a Great Choice For All Players?

44 Pro Gloves is a great choice for all players for its inevitable features like long durability and good flexibility or its best leather and laces. Standard stiffness, stainless thickness, and great crafting and colors make the 44 Pro gloves the best choice for all baseball players.

44 Pro Gloves is a truly unique pro-quality baseball or softball custom glove for the players to choose to have the best performance in the playground.

 Look through the overall best features of it right below.

Long Durability: The 44 Pro Gloves’ long durability makes them the first-rate choice for the baseball player. The glove has a deep palm area, and all the stitching is double-reinforced, making the gloves super strong and long durable.

Good Flexibility: The 44 Pro Gloves have the best enough flexibility for the players to play with comfort while catching or throwing the ball on the baseball field.

Standard Stiffness: The 44 Pro Gloves maintain the standard stiffness for the players so that they can comfort while defending or attacking the field.

Stainless Thickness: The 44 Pro Gloves have thickness enough not to tear easily, and they can’t have stains that last long.

Best Leather And Laces:  The 44 Pro Gloves use the best quality of leather. The soft leather of the gloves performs beautifully, and the laces are strong enough to have extreme confidence in the glove.

Fine Crafting: The 44 Pro Gloves are of high quality for their fine crafting. It has enough wide pockets to hide and adjust the pitch grips. The crafting of the gloves is also optimal for making quick transfers. 

Attractive Colors: The players can find these gloves in different colors and styles according to their taste and fashion.

How Do The 44 Pro Gloves Improve My Game?

The 44 Pro Gloves improve the baseball game with their player-friendly quality and craftsmanship. The 44 Pro Gloves offer different models, sizes, lines, and customization options so baseball players of all ages can improve their playing skills.

In 2011, 44 Pro Gloves was founded. Since then, it’s improved its quality and features. The gloves have the standard stiffer, softer to wear and firmer padding. It is thick but has great flexibility.

The 44 Pro Gloves are easy to break in to catch or throw the ball. These quality features of the gloves help the players to play comfortably and improve.

The 44 Pro Gloves offer some different fielding models. They are the medium pocket Pro 44, the Japanese-inspired, shallow pocket JP11, the deep pocket 574, the crown tip, and the closed-back CB44. Players can choose any of these models that fit perfectly for them.

The 44 Pro gloves have three lines- the Signature Series gloves, the C2 Series, and the Signature Series Youth Pro44. They recommend the Signature series for all pro, college, and high school players.

The 44 Pro gloves offer the C2 series for the entry-level player. For the youth players, they offer Signature Series Youth Pro44.

What Size Should I Order?

Many factors go into choosing the right size of 44 Pro Gloves for you. For the youths, there are different sizes according to age. When you’re a baseball player, the most important matter is your position to choose the right size of glove.

For The Youths:

For the youth under 5, the glove size is 9-10 inches. At 6 years and up to 12, the size is 10-12 inches, whereas the catcher’s mitt is between 30-32.5 inches.

For The Adults Or The Players:

Infielders: The infielders usually have gloves ranging from 11-12.25 inches. They consider I-web, Modified Trapeze & H-web.

Outfielders: The left and right footers usually use a 12.5 to 12.75 inches glove in the outfield. Center fielders prefer to use a 12.75 inches glove. The most common webs are the H web and the Trapeze.

First Baseman: The first baseman often needs a bigger glove to make necessary plays. Common first baseman sizes are 12.5, 12.75, and 13 inches. The most popular webs are H web and the two-piece web.

Second Baseman/ Shortstops: The second baseman uses gloves ranging from 11.5 inches to 12.75. The most common second base webs are I-web, Cross web, Tee web, and the H web.

Third Baseman: For the third baseman, the most popular sizes are 11.75 & 12 inches. Most third basemen prefer a deeper pocket, so they choose the H Web or the Cross Web & I-web.

Pitchers: The glove size of the pitchers is 11.5 to 12 inches. The two-piece dual hinge basket web is the most common web, Tee web, and the Mod Trap.

Catcher’s Mitt: Finally, the most common sizes of catcher’s mitts from 44 are 32 and a half to 34 inches.

How Do I Know If The 44 Pro Gloves Will Fit Me?

To know if the 44 Pro Gloves will fit you, consider the size from the tip of the index finger or the pinky finger. Also, you have to measure from the palm to the heel of the glove to determine the perfect size of 44 Pro Gloves for you. The baseball gloves’ size differs according to the age and position on the baseball field.

To decide the perfect size of 44 Pro Gloves for the users, every baseball mitt has the size etched in the leather on the thumb or the pinky finger of the glove. According to the size of your thumb or palm, have gloves that fit you.

You’ll find different glove sizes up to 13 inches, whereas for the catcher’s mitt, you’ll find the 44 Pro Gloves up to 34 inches. Choose the 44 Pro Glove according to your age.

Your position on the baseball field is another matter to consider while having 44 Pro Gloves. For the pitchers, shortstops or the first, second, and third baseman prefer different sizes and different webs of gloves to have the best performance on the field. So also, regard this matter while choosing the size of the glove.

Finally, choose the color and design of the 44 Pro Gloves that go according to your style. Also, you can customize the size of 44 Pro Gloves that will fit your hand and your taste.

What Is The Difference Between The 44 Pro Gloves And Other Gloves On The Market?

There are a lot of notable features that make 44 pro gloves unique compared to other random gloves. The 44 gloves are high-grade, thicker but softer, and come with more farm padding than others.

Also, the gloves are incredible in better quality and much ahead in providing the next level of protection. This makes the 44 pro gloves preferable.

Let’s know some more features that help you determine if the pro 44 model is right for your game and why you will give more priority to buying these gloves:

Leather Choice: 44 pro gloves are used better and more durable leather-like other high-end baseball brands like Wilson or Rawlings Heart of the Hide, or a2000.  The gloves are constructed with Japanese tanned kip leather, which has a soft enough buttery feel that performs professionally while playing.

Quality Laces: 44 gloves are also placed in better lace quality. The laces in 44 pro gloves are USA-tanned, which makes quality stand out. Though the lace ties are a bit loose, you can cover up this problem by doing a moderate tightening to the laces.

44 Pro Custom Baseball And Batting Gloves: The 44 pro gloves offer custom-made, which is hardly found in other gloves. Thus, there is an opportunity to customize the size and color to your preference and tailor it to perfection.

Versatile Pattern: The 44 pro gloves are versatile patterns crafted for baseball at all levels. Thus it will be easy to get gloves from this brand in your preferred size. The gloves’ pocket is sufficiently wide, making it perfect for fielders who must quickly grab the ball and transfer it to their throwing hand. All these features make the break-in ability of the gloves easier.

How Long Will The 44 Pro Gloves Last?

As the 44 Pro Gloves provide the best materials while manufacturing, under good condition, the gloves last a player for multiple seasons. These gloves are designed to be stronger that can handle the most harm and damage, making them one of the most durable gloves.

The durability of a baseball glove depends on the materials used in the manufacture and the crafting of it. The 44 Pro Gloves offers its best for baseball players. It is a great choice for all pro, college, and high school players and anyone who takes baseball seriously.

The 44 Pro Gloves maintain the best quality leather. It features the best leather grades like Japanese Tanned Kip Leather or the Mid-Grade Steerhide, which have high durability.

The Kip Leather is tanned in Japan for a soft and firm feel that lasts long. Mid-Grade Steerhide, resulting in the glove being stiffer and stronger.

The laces of the 44 Pro Gloves are USA Tanned, and the quality also stands out. The laces are strong enough, making the 44 Pro Gloves a quality product.

The craftsmanship of the gloves is also regardable. The combination of the finest craftsmanship and high-grade leather is capable of the 44 Pro Gloves lasting the longest.

How Do I Care For The 44 Pro Gloves?

The 44 Pro Gloves are high-quality products. The 44 Pro Gloves are stiffer and more durable as it’s made from high-grade leather. With good maintenance, it can last multiple seasons with the baseball player.

Here are the steps of caring for the 44 Pro Gloves

Cleaning & Drying: To clean the gloves, don’t use the products like Hot gloves, Glovolium, or Mink Oil. These products can damage the dye color of your gloves. Scrub the dust gently with a brush and water.

You can use a leather cleaner to clean the dust. Let it air dry. Don’t blow dry or electric heat to the gloves. Apply the 44 Pro Glove Rub into the gloves and rub it until you achieve a consistent thin gloss on the 44 Pro Gloves.

Breaking-In: The 44 Pro Gloves recommend lots of catch play to break in the gloves. After a lot of catch-playing, you should apply 44 Pro Gloves Rub into the pocket and on the leather.

Place a basketball or softball inside the glove and wrap the outside with an Ace bandage or Bungee cord to break in the gloves.

While breaking in the 44 Pro Gloves, never put your gloves inside a stove, steamer, or microwave oven to soften the leather. This will damage the leather of your gloves, and it’s also a dangerous practice.

Storing: Store your gloves in a dry, cool place where they can’t get hot and wet. Dry your gloves before storing them. Follow the manufacturer’s care of the 44 Pro Gloves.

Checking Overall: Always check for open seams or broken laces. Also, inspect the web and knots of the glove. If you find any issue, repair it as soon as possible. Also, keep the good condition inside the glove free from sweat, bacteria, and dust. More than that, shape or reshape your 44 Pro Gloves at least once a season.

What If I Have A Problem With The 44 Pro Gloves?

If you face any problems with the 44 pro gloves, your first duty would be to confirm with the manufacturer or call customer service if the product has a warranty. There is a 1-year non-transferable guard defect warranty on the 44 pro gloves. The company makes regarding the condition and terms for these gloves in which repairs or exchanges will be made.

Where Can I Buy The 44 Pro Gloves?

If you are looking for 44 pro gloves online, you have to search for a trustable website to buy the gloves. It will be best to purchase the gloves from the brand’s website.

The company has developed an official website for 44 pro gloves where the consumer can easily buy the glove. You will be assured of the product’s authenticity when you purchase the gloves from there.


That’s all from our side. Throughout this article, we have discussed all the possible info about the 44 pro gloves. I hope now you know every detail about these gloves with the help of this 44 pro gloves review guide. So, now get these gloves that are sure to guarantee you an amazing pair of gloves at your next game.

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