the Best Cricket Bats For Hard Tennis Ball


Are you looking for the best cricket bats for hard tennis and want to know how to choose the best one? You are at the right place, as we have compiled information from our personal usage of bats.

A cricketer’s choice of the correct cricket bat is essential. Whether you are playing professionally or with your buddies, it is necessary to possess a quality bat for cricket to have fun playing.

Therefore, they use tennis balls, and for cricket, a tennis ball, it is recommended that a baseball bat is the best choice. They are specially designed for cricket with tennis balls.

Here you will get the best way to select cricket bats and include an overview of the most well-known brands in the game.

It is essential to choose an appropriate cricket bat to match your requirements and your design. A quality cricket bat can provide many years of use and assist you in playing at a high level during matches.

There are a variety of cricket bats on the market. However, the following article lists the seven best cricket bats for a hard tennis ball.

The 7 Best Cricket Bats For Hard Tennis Balls

Here are some best cricket bats for hard tennis balls that will boost your performance:

Product Price Specification
Heega strokes attack Kashmir Willow  $110.00
  • It has a curving bow in its design.
  • Perfect for elite explosive batting
  • Increase the area of the striking surface
Elever Kashmir Willow  $ 163
  • Best Kashmir Willow wood available
  • Especially suited for play with bare hands
  • Real crowded and has fantastic service
SS Ton Cricket Bat $130.00
  • Grade 5 hand-selected English Willow
  • Handle with Shock Absorption Design
  • 8 straight grains with a thin pattern
SG RSD Spark Short Handle Kasmir Willow Cricket Bat $42.51
  • Size: Short Handle
  • Weight: 1.2 Kilograms
  • Fairly light
Kookaburra Kahuna Prodigy 100 Kasmir Willow Cricket Bat $320.39
  • Designed for training, club matches
  • Substantial edges and famous graphics
  • A large sweet spot
New Balance DC -570 English willow cricket bat  $129.99
  • The grip on Singapore Cane Handle
  • Fashioned and designed with sharp edges
  • Ideal For: Teens/Adults
DSC Belter Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle Mens $95
  • Ideal for leisure cricket games
  • Extra Soft and Form-Fitting
  • Contemporary Grip Technology

1. Heega strokes attack Kashmir Willow

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Heega Strokes Attack Kashmiri Willow bat

These bats are explosive, with large edges and a massive sweet spot. The bats are hand-picked to offer the right weight to strike. The bats are constructed with a curved bow and a squared toe.

It increases the surface area of hitting. A lower center of gravity enables the best stability and power transfer.

They are made to last. They undergo rigorous lab tests, thereby providing long-term durability and top-quality assurance. The bats come with a round cane handle with an incline of just a little.

This ensures that the bat is evenly distributed across the bat’s surface, allowing for total control of shot-making. It is one of the best cricket bats for hard tennis balls.


  • Fantastic stroke play, a great bat, and good balance.
  • Assuring longevity and the highest level of quality
  • Making it highly secure for you

2. Elever Kashmir Willow

Check Price on AmazonElever Kashmir Willow

The ELEVAR Kashmir willow is the most recommended bat for the hard tennis ball. It is designed for bare hands use. This willow is hand-picked from the best-quality Kashmir willow Cleft.

It weighs between 1175 and 175 grams. They are famous for their ergonomic handles. The grip is constructed of specific polyurethane.

The ELEVAR willow is aerodynamic in its shape. It is suggested to take approximately 500 knocks before taking it down to the ground. The stylish blue metallic padding on the bat case adds a stunning aspect to your bat.


  • Well handled
  • Enhancing lift and bat speed with a well-balanced blade
  • The grip on the bat is good
  • The bat’s weight and balance are ideal


  •  Quite heavy.

3. SS Ton Cricket Bat

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SS TON Elite English Willow Cricket Bat

It is recommended that you do not sleep with a player who is using an SS Ton bat. The SS Ton, a stunning design manufactured through “Sareen Sports,” is one of the most durable cricket bats on the market, and its longevity is unparalleled.

Sareen Sports, a leading brand in the field of cricket, offers an entire range of cricket equipment, including gloves, kits, balls, and other accessories. The brand is among the most popular cricket equipment globally, as its products are available across the globe.

A lot of international players utilize many international players use the “SS Ton cricket bat. It has played a significant role in their outstanding successes. It is best to use it since the bat is ideal for hard tennis balls.


  • Has hardly any concavity.
  • Both are lightweight and robust.
  • Aid in maximizing swing transfer to the cricket ball
  • Feeling overly light for full-face profiling


  • Not mass-produced in significant amounts

4. SG RSD Spark Short Handle Kasmir Willow Cricket Bat

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SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

The “sanspareils Greenlands” or “SG” is one of the biggest producers of cricket equipment in the Middle East.

Their products are an essential element in the market due to their top-quality finish and the subtle touches in the design of their accessories. They also have an incredible field in driving that has been seen in many years.

The bat, which weighs up to 1250 grams, uses a shorter handle and cane made of Sarawak. It also comes with an edge guard and edge tape for protection. You will also need to knock in well before using it. This bat is excellent for playing with hard Tennis balls.

Many players in this game achieved fame through this gorgeous Masterpiece.


  • The middle of the bat receives all of the weight
  • Giving in superb handling abilities


  • Certain SG bats do not fit the required dimensions

5. Kookaburra Kahuna Prodigy 100 Kasmir Willow Cricket Bat

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Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat

The Kookaburra brand is well-known for its high-quality cricket equipment in all categories. A cricket bat is not an exception.

The kookaburra-kahuna cricket bats range has been available for many seasons. It continues to be a trendy choice for Batman across the world.

The kookaburra kahuna prodigy ka is among the most recognizable kookaburra cricket bats. It weighs between 1200 and 1400 grams.

This superb cricket bat was explicitly designed for club and training matches. It will do well when you play hardball. The blade is made of Kasmir Willow.

It’s not letting go of its high-powered drive and hefty grip; this ball has vast edges. I highly recommend this model if you want to control your shots using rigid tennis balls.


  • Constructed of first-class Kashmir willow.
  • Covered in a typical kind of rubber.
  • Pretty stable and is available in grains of six to eight.


  • Does not include a cork center.

6. New Balance DC -570 English willow cricket bat

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New Balance TC 550 English-Willow Cricket Bat

With a weight of 6 to 8.9 grains. This brand new balanced English cricket willow weighs between 1175 – 1200g. Furthermore, the bat features a handle that is short and has an entire Singapore cane that’s attached to it. It is one of the great cricket bat for hard tennis ball.

The bat that you see here is one of an Australian model, which is now manufactured in India and sold throughout the globe. Due to this, most Australian cricketers have come to like the “New Balance” cricket bat throughout the years.

This bat for cricket has an enormous sweet spot made of Second class English willow. It is, in my opinion, the most effective bat in certain Middle East countries. It has a huge edge that allows players to play a variety of cut shots with no whims.

Bats used for attacking find it appealing due to its unique features, adding to its popularity worldwide.


  • Strong strokes
  • Good cover
  • Outstanding bat from New Balance


  • This bat comes without a toe guard

7. DSC Belter Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle Mens

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DSC Belter Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle Mens

DSC Belter Kashmir Willow Tennis Ball Cricket Bat is perfect for beginners, kids, and coaches. The bat is constructed from high-quality wood and has a comfortable grip.

Using the bat is straightforward since the handle is light and the body is highly flexible. 

All the body parts of this bat have been covered in leather, which makes it look appealing when you play cricket or hit with this item.

The cost of this product could be expensive compared to other brands. But if you purchase it, you’ll receive fantastic service too, so you shouldn’t have any issues with spending money on this product since it isn’t expensive.

However, it will provide the best benefits when playing games such as cricket, bats, etc.


  • It helps to prevent making violent swings.
  •  An attached triple spring is part of the handle.
  • Absorbs bat-related vibrations.


  •  The bat is a little heavy.

How to choose the best cricket bat for a hard tennis ball?

Consider the Size of Your Cricket Bat

In the marketplace, cricket bats are sold in a variety of sizes. In no way do you believe that the larger the bat, the more effective it is. The bat’s size varies depending on the height of the person who bats.

It’ll be challenging to handle a big bat if you’re taller. The most important thing to remember is to match the bat’s size with your height.

The bat is composed of two parts: the first is the handle, and the other is called the blade. The dimensions of both are different depending on what height the person is playing.

Recognize the weight of your cricket bat that feels comfortable to you

Another crucial aspect to consider apart from the size of your bat is its weight. It’s an essential factor that can change the game. Bats that are heavier last longer and provide a more powerful impression on the ball but aren’t easy to use for particular batters.

It will impact your performance as you will not be capable of swinging your bat fast enough so that you can hit it. This will reduce your control, which will affect your overall performance.

Lightweight bats are ideal for beginner players. They are comfortable to use and require less force and effort, which gives the bat incredible speed. However, their endurance can sometimes be limited and deteriorate rapidly.

Find Out More About Cricket Bat Handle Styles

This is a crucial aspect to take into consideration that many aren’t aware of. If you don’t have a good and comfortable grip, you’ll be unable to control your grasp when you swing the bat.

Your grip must have the ability to absorb any impact when you hit the ball so that you don’t end up with your hands injured.

Lines, also called strings, are layers of cork or rubber placed inside the handle to dampen the impact and vibrations upon hitting the ball. Most bats nowadays include three lines; however, older models were equipped with fewer lines.

Know the Ball Type You Play With

Various cricket balls, such as rubber, tennis, leather, or foam, can be played with. The type of ball you usually play with must be considered when you purchase a bat.

They are incredibly light, and you don’t require heavy bats to play using them. They are simple to hit and play with due to their lightweight.

Rubber and leather balls are very heavy. If you’re a person who typically uses a leather ball, you’ll require an extra heavy, thicker and stronger bat to use. They need more significant and robust bats to apply the same force to your ball as the leather balls.

Verify the bats’ Sweet Spot

The area where the bat’s performance can be maximized is the sweet spot of the bat. It is the region on the blade, the thickest part of the bat. The area also produces the highest timing on the ball.

Think about your batting approach

When purchasing the best cricket bat, the batting style must be considered. Don’t forget to use a machine or hand-knock with the bat.

If you want to hit the drives, you’re seeking the specific position and structure on the ball that you require. It will not give you the perfect industry, but you’ll be amazed when you land the ball precisely in that low area.

Players playing with their front foot can do very well with a bat with the “sweet spot” in the middle. This is also referred to by the term “medium positioning.” Medium bats are the result of mixing high and low bats. For front-foot hitters, it’s the kind of bat you’re seeking.

What is a hard tennis ball?

A hard tennis ball is a tough ball with a heavy weight that can be played with.

The heavy tennis ball is comfortable and easy to grip while playing. This high-performance tennis ball is a fantastic option for players with advanced skills who enjoy a lively and fast-paced sport.

Core Material

Most tennis balls have two primary elements: a rubber core and a felt. How these two substances interact affects the ball’s speed, bounce, and durability.

Sure, balls perform better on certain surfaces. Some are better suited for advanced players, and certain ones even maintain their efficiency for longer. A few minor tweaks to the design of these balls that are fuzzy yellow can change the game!

Size & Weight

The balls are identical in size and weight and are expected to bounce between the 53 and 58-inch range when dropped from 100 inches.

The felt of the extra-duty ball contains high levels of nylon bonded with wool. It has a more loose weave and is slightly heavier than the standard.

Based on the International Tennis Federation, or ITF, a standard tennis ball is 2.575 or 2.675 inches. A tennis ball is a diameter of around 8 inches.

Tennis balls are typically lightweight. A typical tennis ball has a mass range between 56 and 59.4 grams. That is equivalent to about 2 ounces in weight. This means that tennis balls bounce more than lacrosse balls.

Handle Material

There are usually two types of bat handles: 

  1. Oval Handles: They are sturdy and give you directional support. One disadvantage is that people have difficulty grasping. The benefit is that it prevents your bat from spinning whenever you strike the ball.
  2. Round Handles: The round-handle bats can be simpler to control with the top and lower hand. This is crucial for people who tend to move their wrists while playing. For those who hit power, it is vital to have a solid grip. Round handles can do the task for you.

Why buy a Tennis Cricket Bat?

For a player, the equipment plays a crucial part. This is why he has to be aware of the game’s equipment.

Even if you are a casual player, it is essential to have your equipment to ensure that you can adjust to it and become better at playing with it as time passes.

Tennis Cricket Bat is a bat that is designed for use with a tough tennis ball.

Much of the cricket played within the subcontinent takes place on the lanes, private gardens, and terraces, particularly in cities.

Also, playing with a ball made of leather is not recommended because it can cause injuries and broken window panes. Thus, a tennis ball is an ideal choice to play with.

With the introduction of a new type of cricket ball on the market, known as wind balls, many players are embracing the latest trend. With the excessive swing that comes with them, it is becoming difficult to play with them.

What size cricket bat should I choose for a hard tennis ball?

Bat size depends on a player’s height; India’s bats range from 6 to SM and SH. If you’re a junior, its smaller sizes are 4 or 5.

There isn’t a size that fits all in tennis or cricket. Contrary to the leather ball, where bats need to be of a specific size.

There is no consideration of measurements in the field of tennis or cricket. The best bat will be determined by your height and the type of ball you intend to play with.

To give you an idea, those ranging from 5’3″ to 5’5″ usually use a size six bat. However, those over 6′ typically utilize a large handle boat.

How do I know if a cricket bat is a suitable size for me?

Cricket bats come in a range of sizes because of obvious reasons. The main thing to think about when choosing a particular size is the height and the age of the person taking the bat. 

The selection of the right bat is essential for the development of children. Professionals should choose the right bat to match their height and design.

Most coaches agree that selecting the proper bat can aid a player in developing technical skills, especially for young cricketers. 

If the bat is not sized correctly, it could lead to a loss of balance within the stroke. This causes technique development to be complex and challenging to work with; worst of all, you may not be as successful!

How To Measure Yourself for a Cricket Bat

1 4-5 Years Up to 4ft 3inches  25 1/4 inches
2 6-7 Years 4ft 3″ – 4ft 6″ 27 3/4 inches
3 8-9 Years 4ft 6″ – 4ft 9″ 28 3/4 inches
4 9-10 Years  4ft 9″ – 4ft 11″ 29 3/4 inches
5 10-11 Years 4ft 11″ – 5ft 2″ 30 3/4 inches
6 11-13 Years 5ft 2″ – 5ft 5″ 31 3/4 inches
HARROW 12-14 Years    5ft 5″ – 5ft 8″ 32 3/4 inches
FULL SIZE (Short Handle) 15+ Years 5ft 8″ – 6ft 3″ 33 1/2 inches
FULL SIZE (Long Handle/Blade) 15+Years 6ft 3″ and above 34 3/8 inches

How do I know if a cricket bat is a proper weight for me?

Several factors determine how much weight a bat weighs and how you can choose the appropriate amount of weight to use for you. It is possible to decide on its deadweight or the speed of the bat.


When we speak of deadweight, we’re talking about how much the bat weighs as measured by the scales. For a rough guideline, a lightweight bat should weigh between 2lb and 9oz. A medium bat should weigh between 2lbs 9oz to 2lb11oz, and heavy bats weigh between 2lb and 3lb.

Look at the weight of your bat at home before you shop as an indication. Or, you can bring your current bat to a store for cricket to test its weight.

Cricket Bat Shape and Profile

Shapes and patterns of bats can affect the weight distribution in the bat. Specific conditions are more balanced and will pick up less than others. For instance, the Chase Finback has a pronounced spine at its back. 

The Chase Volante has a curved back, a flattering look, and a general balance. Both bats are excellent and will feel more comfortable when you move them around more than the other.

Pick Up

Many retailers will inform you that picking up matters more than dead weight. Pick-up is how it feels like playing with it, and a deadweight is just a quantity. Manufacturers make bats of different shapes.

Specific designs are lighter than others. That is due to the unique shape and structure of bats. Some bats have a strong feeling, while others possess a lighter feeling. They could be the exact weight.

Bat shapes are now made to distribute the weight evenly for an evenly balanced swing. It is recommended to buy bats if you can shop at a store.

What are the different types of cricket bats available?

English Willow

English willow cricket is the one choice of willow by the increasing number of international cricketers. It’s been manufactured in mass quantities since every professional batsman wants to use an English willow.

This bat has become a favorite because it’s the only willow that provides the cricket bat’s strength and contraction.

English willows are a species of willow indigenous to England. It is also referred to as white willow. There are five types (1-5) that comprise these bats. However, they’re a bit more expensive than regular bats.

Kashmiri Willow

The name itself suggests that Kashmiri willows are made of Kashmiri wood.

Kashmir willow bats differ significantly from English willow bats in appearance and reliability. Because Kashmir willow bats have a brownish hue, it is easy to differentiate them from English willow.

Kashmir willow bats are manufactured by hand, making them a bit more expensive. Kashmir willow cricket bat is very lightweight in weight. They are driving the market’s growth since every newbie wants to play with a Kashmir willow bat.

Softball Cricket bats

This softball-shaped cricket bat cannot be employed in international cricket and is only utilized for local or golf cricket. The bat is made of soft rubber, high-end fiber, or wood. Professional cricketers don’t use these kinds of cricket bats.

The softball cricket bat is more affordable than the Kashmir or English willow. The children use these kinds of cricket bats at home or in the gully. But, it could be the most effective tool to help children learn about cricket early on.

Bats for softball cricket are now available to use. They do not require knocking in like tennis or softball bats, even though power is needed for hitting the ball.

Training cricket bats

A cricket bat used for training is mainly used to provide a glimpse of equipment for cricket to assist you in building your skills.

Because they aren’t manufactured from a single willow, they could be produced by a producer or using English or Kashmir willow. Cricket bats are available in various sizes, lengths, and widths.

The size of a training cricket bat is typically less than the width of a standard cricket bat. The types of cricket bats can benefit coaches as they can be used as weapons in training sessions. Bats for cricket are thrown into and then oiled during the initial learning phase.

How do I care for my cricket bat?

As a professional athlete, it is best to take good treatment of the equipment you have; this is true for cricket too. So now that you’ve learned which bats are best, it is essential to know how to take care of them to ensure they can keep their quality.

There are a variety of methods you can use to prepare cricket bats ahead of use. This will ensure that the bats do not decrease in effectiveness.

Every cricket bat must undergo “seasoned” or “knock-in” correctly before use. To an extent, a new bat can get damaged if used without the proper preparation.

Additionally, a properly prepared bat reaches the Zenith of its performance and stays on top for quite a long time.

Here are a few methods to ensure that your cricket bat remains in top shape!

Oil your cricket bat before use

In this case, the Linseed oil must be cautiously applied in several coats on both sides of the cricket ball before being let dry. This is done by dabbing the bat with an item of cloth completely coated with Linseed oil. This process enables the wood to settle and then blind beautifully.

Knock in your cricket bat

Once you’re done oiling, you can use a wooden mallet to tap the playing surface gently and need your baseball bat. This process causes the edges to become sharp and blocks the world from creating sprinters as you hit the ball.

Additionally, knocking into it makes the harmful material more compact, significantly boosting the cricket bat’s speed.

Make sure to protect your bat

Bats are subject to a variety of rough patches in their lives. The constant sand, humidity, the constant impact of cricket balls, and even stress can impact your bat. You can put a few easy items on your bat to protect it from injury and extend its lifespan.

Toe Gourd

Toe Gourd is made from unique rubber strips. It stops the bat from taking in groundwater, swelling, and breaking. This protects the end of the bat’s toe and increases its effectiveness and length.

Face protection tape

This is a crucial accessory essential to your bat’s safety. A good grip for cricket assists in preventing injury and allows you to hold your bat securely. It also helps control the chance of your bat falling off during play and helps prevent any damage.

Are there specially designed bats to counter hard tennis balls?

The tennis bats used to play soft tennis balls are typically the light ones. They are highly flexible and assist in the swing of the bat. But, they may not aid when playing with a hard tennis ball. It is highly advised to select heavier bats when playing hard-hitting tennis balls.

The more giant bats will allow you to strike the ball far. Hard tennis balls are more likely to slide across the surface. This means that batters have less time to adjust. Batters use hard, heavy tennis bats to combat them since they allow timing or stroke control.

Final Words

Buying the best cricket bat for hard tennis ball is all about precision. The hard tennis ball cricket is shorter in the version where teams play a 12-over/ 16-over/ 20-over game. And most of the time, it is all about slogging.

Your bat should be lightweight but with a bit of heavy bottom. Usually, these bats come without a label and resemble simple bats; you can find them at any sports shop nearby. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn commissions by linking to and affiliated sites. See full affiliate disclosure here.

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