best spikes for golf shoes

When it comes to playing golf, spiked shoes are a great choice. You can wear it in all weather conditions, on any course, and in any conditions, and it will perform the same job every single time.

Golf shoes constitute the sole touch point between your body and the ground. You must therefore keep your spikes in good condition.

So, it’s not just essential to give the golf shoes you use while playing now and then, but you should also ensure that the spikes of the golf shoe are in good working order.

We suggest reading our guide to the best spikes for golf shoes available today. We’ll walk through the top golf cleats functional currently available.

What Are Golf Spikes?

The shoe generally constructed out of plastic that has real shoes is called spiked golf shoes. Spikes can give you more stability on the lateral side than spikeless models, especially on courses with hills and when wet.

Sp spikes could give you better traction on grass that is soft if a dry or muddy course. In addition, when you’re playing on many slopes that result in difficult lies, spikes could give you an advantage.

Best golf spikes provide greater traction and stability in the widest range of playing conditions compared to spikeless golf shoes.

Spikes offer slightly better performance on the course due to their ability to perform in all conditions. This is why most professionals still wear spikes.

Spikes are a terrific alternative if you like the classic look of golf shoes. You can maintain a stable stance on any course, even wet or muddy, because the shoes offer more traction.

Why Are Spikes Important?

Spikes are a perfect choice for uneven and slippery surfaces. The spiked golf shoes feature sharp cleats outside the outsole, frequently referred to as “spikes.” Spike golf shoes can provide additional grip in mud, on wet courses, and on uneven and hilly terrains.

Many avid golfers opt for spiked shoes when their footing is crucial. The additional spikes grip keeps your feet to the ground for your perfect swing in slippery terrain.

Spiked shoes feature that classic cleated design that helps anchor your feet in the dirt. Most shoes now are softer plastic, as most golf courses have banned metal spikes because they could damage greens.

The replacement of spikes can provide greater stability on the lateral side due to their grip on the ground when you swing golf.

On slick surfaces, spiked golf shoes do significantly increase grip. When you are playing in more humid environments, you’ll enjoy the grip spiked golf shoes have to offer better than the spikeless.

When Do You Need To Use Spikes?

  • Spiked golf shoes are the right choice when you play an extremely hilly golf course or one full of bunkers.
  • If your golf trip includes golf courses with various layouts, and you can only bring one pair of shoes, Spikes are a good bet each time.
  • During the rainy season, spiked shoes will provide the traction you require to stay on your shots.
  • If you’re driving the golf cart, you could have spiked shoes that help you get through the changes and peaks of your golf course more efficiently.
  • If the course demands more traction and your feet are in excellent form, There’s no reason you should not use spikes on your shoes.

What are the Best Spikes For Golf Shoes?

Product Price Specifications
  • 18 count pack
  • It fits the PINS system
  • Equipped with Dynamic Cleat Technology
  • Reinforced wrench holes 
  • Visible wear indicators 
  • Soft TPU material
  • Non-Clogging
  • It comes with a removal tool
  • Adaptable for Maximum Comfort
  • Features a fast twist 3.0 locking system
  • Lower profile for extra comfort
  • Easy for Adidas shoe owners
  • Available in three colors
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Softspikes Black Widow Golf Cleat

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The PINS technology is used in the traditionally shaped Black Widow soft cleats, which offer exceptional grip. It allows the shoe to bend on putting surfaces to provide unbeatable green-friendliness.

With eight spikes per shoe, the cleats give an excellent grip on the grass and offer incredible flexibility while walking on greens.

If the replacement spikes on your golf shoes get dirty, you can easily clean them up without any fuss.


  • Rugged and durable
  • Friendly on greens 
  • Lower profile for increased comfort


  •  The sorter didn’t work too well

Champ Zarama Tour Tornado Fast Twist 3.0 Cleats

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These Champ Zarma Tour cleats have visible indicators for wear and tear to let you know the time for a replacement. They have reinforced wrench holes that allow for simple installation and removal.

They’re among the most ergonomic and simple-to-use sets of golf spikes, and you’ll receive 18 spikes in one pack, giving you six on each shoe and four spares for future replacements.

To put in the golf shoe cleats, turn left when you remove them and right after installing until it becomes impossible. This indicates they are secure enough.

The 28-PCS set includes Black Gray Golf Shoe Spikes Replacement and 1 PCS of Golf Cleats wrench. They are packed securely in bubble bags.


  • Easy to replace and insert
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
  •  good traction on the golf course


  • Do not fit in Ecco slim lock sockets

Champ 18 Stinger Fast Twist 3 Spikes

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The Fast Twist 3.0 technology is also available for Champ Stinger cleats. They are manufactured from TPU, which has a soft durometer for more comfort and performance. They also feature a clear C indicator that will, like before, indicate when you’ll need to replace these spikes.

They have a green-friendly design that helps to avoid leaving marks on greens. They are compatible with many items on our best golf shoes list. These are a fantastic pair of spikes that give you the traction you require to keep your feet off the grass.


  • Easy to install with the proper wrench
  • Sturdy, suit the foot, and have Tri-Lock adapters
  • superior durability and good turf traction


  • Only suitable for a specific style of shoe

Softspikes Ultimate Cleat Kit

Check Price on Amazon


Softspikes are among the premium golf shoe spikes in the industry, and this set is a good fit for that. This amazing bundle includes an instrument as well as shoes. This means you don’t need to search for a spike-removing tool by itself.

The spikes can stay put for long periods due to their tour lock and slim-lock feature, which is why they are ideal for anyone who doesn’t wish to fiddle using their golf shoes.

They’re compatible with the PINS system featured on many of the most popular FootJoy Golf shoes, Callaway, and Nike.


  • Easy to install for golf shoe cleats
  • Money back guarantee
  • Excellent spikes create a solid turf grip 


  • Just Nike, FootJoy, and Callaway shoes are compatible with the PINS system.

Softspikes Pulsar Golf Cleats (FTS 3.0)

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The Softspikes Pulsar golf cleats use the Speed Twist 3.0 system and come in various colors. They offer superior comfort and durability thanks to the 16-component design and their flexor knuckles that provide increased durability that responds to every angle of force applied by players.

It is compatible with golf shoes, quick twists, and other brands’ full metal spike-compatible footwear.

Most types of shoes for cricket, even ones that can be fitted with full metal spikes of other brands, can be used for soft spikes.


  • Excellent performance
  • gets the proper soft spikes.
  • Flexor knuckles give improved strength.


  • Some golf shoes may not be applicable

adidas Thintech EXP Clamshell Golf Cleats

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Adidas is among the few, if not the only, golf shoe manufacturers that manufacture its own golf boots. These golf boots are ideal for you if you wear Adidas shoes.

They are available as packs of 20 with a tool for removing shoes provided and are available in white, black, and gray golf shoe spikes.

If the spikes on your golf shoes get dirty, they can be easily cleaned and don’t end up with anything around them.

They provide excellent stability on the green and exceptional durability, which can be used throughout spring, winter, and summer. You might be interested in reading our top Adidas golf shoes list if you don’t already own a pair.


  • Add luster to your sports shoes, simple to use with the special tool included.
  •  Excellent deal on replacement spikes
What Does “E” Mean In Golf? – An In-Depth Analysis For Golfers


  • Only useful for Adidas shoes

How To Choose The Right Spikes For Your Golf Shoe?

Many players don’t realize the importance of the spikes that sit at the soles of their footwear and don’t realize how crucial it is to change them often when they become worn down.

If you’re trying to make sure you’re getting the most effective traction between your foot and grass to ensure you’re playing the most effective shot you can.

It is essential to ensure that you have a quality pair of spikes that fit on the bottom of your shoes. This is why we’ve created an overview of the most important things to consider when you purchase a set of spikes for golf.


Based on your preference, you can purchase spikes for golf shoes. It comes in different sizes, offering more or less traction to the grass. The shoe length typically depends on the terrain you’re at ease walking and playing in.

However, factors such as the weather and ground conditions are also important in your decision. For instance, longer shoes will offer you more grip if you’re frequently playing in wet conditions.


The durability of the spikes you purchase is the most important factor. The lifespan of the spikes will increase with their strength. This is important, especially because a new pair of spikes will run you between $15 and $20.


It is also important for your shoes to move to a certain degree. Solid shoes aren’t going to provide you with the best foot support and are uncomfortable walking around in.

The extra flexibility in your stride could make the 18 holes at the track more enjoyable and better on your ankles.

Simple to use

Putting your spikes on your golf shoes should not be a hassle. Although you’ll desire them to stay in place on your shoe so that they don’t slide off when you’re playing, it’s crucial to remember that you’ll need to be able to take them off quickly when you’re finished with them.

Be sure to look for shoes that include an application tool. It can assist you in loosening and tightening the spikes that are on the shoes’ feet.


The fit is a crucial aspect to consider when choosing your cleats. Make sure you select the correct cleats for your golf shoes. You might even test them on before buying them, so make sure to do it first.

Most golf shoes conform to the Speed Twist 3.0 system, but you must make sure yours does by looking at the spikes already inside the shoe and the receptacle in which they are stored.

The spiked golf shoe is ideal for playing golf during the winter months. If you frequently play in the summer months on dry courses, you’ll need to consider a pair of golf shoes with no spikes.

How to Choose Golf Shoes With Spikes

Golf equipment

Shoes for golf and golf balls, clubs, and golf bags are crucial to the golfer’s safety. A golf course could extend for miles with the rough and bumps of the class could create a challenging experience.

Golf shoes come in various designs, but the bulk includes spikes and laces. To hit the ball, you need solid foundations, and the foot of the player helps by providing the proper balance that allows the ball to move.

The golf shoe you choose should be the appropriate size and length, sit comfortably but not excessively tight, and be flexible enough to accommodate your movements.

If you need expert advice in this area, your podiatrist could be a source of guidance to help you make an informed choice.

Beyond the choosing criteria, what about the needs of your feet?

The posture is among the main pillars of this sport and is centered around the feet. If you don’t know the rules of your game, what do you do to pick the right golf shoe?

Determine the number of holes you’ll need to play with before making plans for the course. This will help in calculating the length you’ll have to walk. It’s not common to feel discomfort to increase by one notch each hole on an 18-hole course.

You might think that buying golf shoes may cost enormous dollars. However, golf is now increasingly accessible, and many consumer-oriented companies offer top-quality golf shoes at affordable costs.

Consider how often and in the conditions you’ll wear your golf shoes and the level of excellent comfort you’ll experience wearing the shoes.

If you believe that golf is stressful and possibly put your feet in the ring, your podiatrist will be willing to help you ease the stress.

How to Install Golf Spikes to Shoes

While some golf shoes come with molded feet, all feature spikes that can be removed and replaced as they wear. If you’re still wearing golf boots made of steel, they’ll need to replace them with plastic spikes since very few golf courses accept spikes made of steel.

What Does “E” Mean In Golf? – An In-Depth Analysis For Golfers

Spike manufacturers advise replacing the spikes each 10-15 minutes of golf, but it’s seldom required.

To take off and replace spikes, you’ll require an appropriate spike wrench to match the style of your type of spikes or cleats. Make sure your new spikes use the same threading system as your original ones.

Step 1

Clean the soles of your golf shoe with an abrasive-bristle type brush, such as an emery or club brush. Clean as much grass and dirt as you can.

Step 2

The posts of the spike wrench to the spike’s notches. When pressing downwards towards the heel of the shoe, rotate the wrench counterclockwise until you take off the spike.

If the spike isn’t turning, you can slide a small flathead screwdriver between the heel and spike.

Lift the spike slightly to crack the dirt seal. Then move your screwdriver along the entire circumference of the spike. Retry the wrench to take the spike off.

Step 3

Inspect each spike’s housing to see if it is contaminated with dirt and particles since the new spike won’t be attached correctly if the housing is filthy. Remove any remaining debris or grass.

Step 4

Install a new spike in the housing. Then turn the spike clockwise using your fingers to adjust the spike. After that, tighten the spike, turning it clockwise using the wrench.

Spikes work with practically every type of screw-in and thread. In contrast, others come with tri-lock systems that need only one-quarter turn.

How Do I Change Golf Spikes?

Step 1

Clean the foot of the shoe for the removal of spikes. Get a golf brush or wire with soapy water. Rub the top of the foot using the brush with a lot of force, and check the progress frequently.

Make use of a golf towel to dry the bottom of your shoe. If any residue or debris persists when drying the shoe, do the step.

Step 2

Attach the wrench to the spike, and then turn it counterclockwise. The spike should be aligned to its base. The spike needs to lose after a single revolution. Certain tools may include two protrusions put in the same holes as the edge of the spike.

For this kind of tool, simply insert the tool inside the spike and then turn it counterclockwise until it is loose enough for the spike to remove manually.

Remove spikes made of metal using tools like wrenches or pairs of pliers.

Step 3

Clean up the area where you removed the spike.

Remove any debris or dirt using the divot repair tool. Wipe it clean using a towel.

Step 4

Set and secure the new spike using your fingers, turning counterclockwise. Use the wrench on spikes to tighten it further when the spike is loose.


Have you found the best spikes for golf shoes according to your preference?

Over the years, spiked shoes have advanced in leaps & bounds. The more expensive models are now as comfortable as any shoe with spikes in the foot.

While spiked shoes can withstand the elements better, you’ll find that many high-end spikeless shoes are fully waterproof. Like any spiked shoe, they will also keep your feet warm and dry in any weather.


Can you change the spikes on your golf shoes?

Yes, you can. You must do it every few years or when your golf spikes begin to get worn out to ensure you have an adequate grip on the grass and can play more efficient golf swings.

Do professional golfers wear spikes?

Yes, some professional golfers prefer using spiked golf shoes, while others prefer wearing sneakers that are not spiked. Both are fine since each has performance-enhancing characteristics based on your preferred grip style.

Why do golfers wear spiked shoes?

Spiked golf shoes are appropriate for difficult or muddy playing conditions with spiked cleats outside their outsole. They are also known in the field as “spike” footwear. The golf shoe spike lets golfers be more stable under slippery or wet golf courses and hills.

Are all golf spikes the same?

Some golf spikes are of similar shapes. Insofar as their shape is related, they aren’t interchangeable. Golf shoe manufacturers select spikes for their footwear according to their particular style. They might have picked spikes to ensure they are comfy, increase traction or even have a neutral shade. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn commissions by linking to and affiliated sites. See full affiliate disclosure here.

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