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Golfers are always looking for the most innovative golf clubs. But when it comes down to grips, most players still use grips they used to play 5, 10, or even 15 years ago.

Golf grips have remained unchanged throughout the years. JumboMax grips differ… most importantly because they’re larger.

JumboMax Grips outperform traditional grips for distance and precision and have the added bonus of being very shock-absorbing. If you suffer from pain, golf, after, or arthritis, you’ll enjoy our massive and shock-absorbing technology.

This article will give you full details about JumboMax Grips, its pros and cons, what size you need, etc.

Let’s dive into knowing more.


What are the Jumbo Max Grips?

The Jumbo max grips are a technological breakthrough in grips, providing the same control and stability. It was not possible prior to modern manufacturing advances that have been made, and these grips, jumbo max jmx are designed for every golfer who needs all the stability and control that comes with the grips with a larger size.

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JumboMax Grips release tension to improve the velocity of the head of your golf club. Most golf instructors believe that the fastest method of ruining a great golf swing is to grip your club in a friendly way or by increasing the tension during the swing that prevents the club from breaking upon impact.

The Finger-Palm technology provides you with the most secure grip possible on the club, ensuring you won’t have to squeeze.

The grip will be relaxed upon the ball, allowing your arms and hands to let the club go naturally and giving you the fluid, easy and powerful swing you require.

You’ll be able to keep the club’s face square during impact, allowing for more precise, straighter shots.

Why use a Jumbo Max Grip?

JumboMax Grips are larger Grips that are the most useful thing since slices of bread in Golf World. In tests conducted head-to-head by Golf Etc. of America and GolfTest USA, Test results indicated that players increased their distances for carrying their drivers by 9 meters on average. They also decreased slice spin and increased the speed of their ball.

jumbo max grip review

Jumbo’s grips can be ideal for many different reasons. It also helps in enhancing the launch angle as well as improving accuracy. It is also a fantastic grip for those who have arthritis issues!

JMX UltraLite grips are 20 to 25% less weight than thin grips. Because they’re bigger and lighter, they allow players to increase their speed and accuracy and feel extremely at ease over the ball.

If you hit the ball with a light and dispersion control of your grip, it will speed up your swing and strike that dead middle of your clubface. That means more power and feels great.

This is the point where Finger-Palm(TM) Technology is available. It’s not a brand-new grip design that you have to learn. It’s a similar grip using JumboMax grips, no matter if it’s interlocking, overlapping, or some other thing.

Finger-Palm is our way to explain what occurs when you grip a JumboMax grasp. The bigger grip dimensions fill the spaces within your grasp that the thin grips cause.

It lets you use your entire hand and not only your hands, which places you in a more secure and comfortable posture.

Jumbo Max Grips Review

JumboMax pioneers of the super oversized grips category that is USGA-conform have announced the launch of the UltraLite JMX Grips.

These grips represent a breakthrough in grip technology, offering the security and control as JumboMax’s trademarked grips that are oversized but with less than half their weight.

It was not possible before modern manufacturing advances. The JMX grips are for players who desire all the advantages of midsize grip technology and still feel more weight inside the head of the club.

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The details of The Jumbomax Grips

  •  Encourages lightweight, even pressure.
  • It still weighs a larger golf club.
  • Texture: Multi-textured, High-tack, All-weather Polyurethane surface.
  • Shape: A large tapered shape keeps the face of the club wider.
  • Vibration Dampening: Moderate.
  • Firmness: Maximum
  • Color: Black with red, white & blue pinstripes.
  • Length 11⅛”
  • Weight: Small 46g, Medium 47g, Large 49g, X-Large 51g
  • Standard .600 inch larger diameter.

JumboMax Grips are more than your hands and will allow you to achieve more distance, accuracy, and stable ball striking. Their unique design and greater diameter provide a better “Finger-Palm(TM) grip” that has revolutionized the game of golf.

Independent tests conducted by GolfTest USA and Golf Etc. In almost all categories tested, including the speed of the club swing, launch angle, side spin to back spin, to carrying distance, JumboMax JMX beat standard grips on the golf course.

Dominant Golf, LLC is the parent company and the producer of JumboMax Golf Grips. It was established to create an easier way for players to play, learn and enjoy golf. Its JumboMax Ultralite Grip was designed with technological advances in the laboratory and computer.

It has been extensively tested on courses and golf ranges with players of various skill levels, such as intermediate, low, and high handicappers.

Pros of the Jumbo Max Grip


Grip Pressure

Jumbomax grips are made to help lower pressure on your grip. You find less tension when using per grips and better control over your club.

Limits Wrist Action

The Ultralite golf grips that are larger and thicker reduce your wrist movement, as well as you notice an angle that isn’t as sharp as it was in the past.

Easy To Launch

One of the jumbo max grips can help players launch their ball higher than using a medium grip. This was also the case in the test conducted by Mr. Short Game Golf. His apex was 15 degrees higher due to his large grips compared to normal.


The lower tension on your fingers allows you to have a comfortable grip that perfectly fits your palms while being in control of the club.

Reduced Joint Pain

The larger grips are less likely to grip the club as tight as you can, leading to joint irritation in the fingers of older players. If you use less pressure to grasp the club, you’ll reduce the chance of arthritis and joint pain.

Cons of the Jumbo Max Grip

jumbomax grips

Not Suited To Players With Small Hands

The larger, more robust profile of grips is not suitable for those with smaller hands because they’ll struggle to maintain a firm grip and will limit their control over the club.

Less Feel

A Jumbo grip can help lessen the stress on the hands and make it harder to feel the contact. The sharp sound of you shooting the shot gets drowned out by the thicker grips.


The biggest drawback of these grips is their weight changes on the club.

This can cause the overall weight of your club to be excessively weighty for the swing. This could hinder your ability to make your shots fly.

What size grip do I need?

Our hands come in different sizes. Gloves are available in various sizes. Does it make sense to have our grips in different sizes?

JumboMax is a place where you can find the best grips. You can find putter grips for full swings in various sizes so that everyone can get the best hold they can, From normal to the XL.

What is a “Standard” weight grip?

You may be wondering if a weighted grip that is standard is what you can do with H E double hockey sticks. For a long time, “standard” grips tip the scales between 50-52 grams.

If you examine the majority of men’s grips made of rubber, they’ll fall into this category. However, all would be standard men’s grips.

If you decide to go with men’s rubber grips, either mid-size or jumbo, the swing weight will increase proportionally as more material is required to produce large sizes.

Winn dri-tac differ in that they are constructed of two pieces: an under listing wrapped or joined with a strap of a flexible PU (polyurethane) substance.

The Winn DriTac Wrap series, the standard, 4 midsize, and jumbo each weighs 50 grams, which is the “standard” weight.

Why do I need a grip?

Your grip on your golf club is the most vital element of your whole swing. It is the foundation of your golf swing and the only link you’ll have with your golf store.

The swing grip is essential as the position of our hands over the golf pride ball allows control of the angle of the face during the impact.

Additionally, it will allow us to experience more flexibility in our wrists and consequently increase the strength of the golf club.

The most effective way to place our bodies is to sit facing the ball, with hands and arms at ease. When we do this, we can keep the club with our fingers and improve the smoothness and speed of the swing.

If we stand on the ground before the ball, we will tense. We’ll end up with the club in our hands and thus unable to move when swinging.

A grip for golf with little pressure on the fingers will not allow for powerful strokes. We will lose the precision of our strokes. But, if we apply the correct quantity of pressure, we’ll enhance the precision and power of our strokes.

Another advantage for JumboMax is that they help reduce stress on players suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or any other issue on the hands and forearms.

They are constructed with shock-absorbing characteristics, dampening the golf club’s sound as it hits the ball and the ground.

Additionally, the wider grip features a lighter grip with less tension, reducing fatigue and pain in your arms and hands and following the round.

You may like these grips if you have a hard time with overactive hands.

How big are JumboMax Grips compared to a standard golf grip?

Many other companies offer a “jumbo” grip that is approximately 1/16. We have 8 sizes starting with Standard and moving all the way to Large X-Large (+3/8).

  • Standard: +0 inches
  • Standard Oversize: +1/16 inches
  • Standard Jumbo: +1/8
  • X-Small: +3/16 inches
  • Small: +1/4 inches
  • Medium: +5/16 inches
  • Large: +11/32 inches
  • X-Large: +3/8 inches

How do JumboMax Grips wear compared to other grips?

All grips wear out and require replacement. However, since there’s less friction with JumboMax grips, they’ll last longer than the tiniest grips.

Many also discover they can play with no large glove and enjoy the added sensation of playing on the greens.

How do the Jumbo Max Grips improve your game?

JumboMax ultralight Grips will quickly and dramatically change your playing golf glove. Tests conducted by GolfTest USA and Golf Etc.

Prove that in every test area, including the speed of two club heads, higher launch angle, side spin to back spin, to carrying distance JumboMax Grips outperform new grips for golf. After you’ve tried them, you’ll never return to a “skinny” grip again.

JumboMax Grips made it gain an impressive following. Golfers are experiencing improved control, greater distance, more confidence, and more enjoyment on the best golf course. Thus JMX Ultralite grip improves your game.

Is the Jumbo Max Grip Right for You?

Yes, Jumbomax golf grips are right for you. Here are some reasons:

  • Shock Absorbing Technology
  • Better Control & Accuracy
  • Offers maximum Confidence
  • Increased Distance
  • Promotes lights even grip pressure
  • Faster Clubhead Speed

How often should I replace my grip?

If you play for at least one hour every week, you get your grips replaced yearly. The rubber’s chemical compound is broken down by sweat on your hands as well as the conditions of the weather.

Grips on your hands are probably the sole part of your equipment you’ll ever use whenever you regard swing weight. It’s crucial to ensure that they’re in top form.

As with your golf shoes, grips will wear away as time passes because of a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Sweat & oils from your hands
  • Dirt
  • UV rays
  • Hot & cold conditions

When grips become worn, they’ll become slippery and lose grip. It’s not the best idea to stand over your tee shot that is tight or step over water without being able to tell if the regular golf club will be within your grasp.

Switching up your grips at least once a year is advised as a general guideline. However, if you regularly play longer than forty rounds in a year or go to the range only a few times per week, you may have to replace your grips more often.

How often do you need to clean your grips on the golf course?

Cleansing your grips every month can help to extend their usefulness; however, be mindful of the amount of soap you use. If you use too much, chemicals will dissolve the chemicals. A hot water bath and scrub brushes are the best.

Dry them instead of rubbing them to preserve the tacky texture.


JumboMax was developed to compete with top players from around the globe. For example, if you’ve got 130mph of swing speed Bryson DeChambeau, a proud player of our grips, they are capable of handling that speed, as well as the harsh weather conditions he experiences during the PGA Tour.

JumboMax grips come in various dimensions, textures, and weights to allow golfers to choose the right grip for their hand size and swing style.

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