Where to Watch American Rodeo 2023

The American Rodeo is the biggest weekend-long Rodeo on earth. Do you want to catch up? For your kind information, the most decadent weekend American Rodeo in western sports returns in 2023!

The American Rodeo 2023 will start on Wednesday, March 8, until the final round on Saturday, March 11, at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. The owner of the event Rodeo is Teton Ridge association in 2023 American Rodeo. The schedules, venues, and tickets are available on the official page of the organizers.

However, you wouldn’t want to miss the fantastic sports event of the American Rodeo 2023. But the stadium seats are not enough to fulfill the audience’s demand. For this reason, you can watch the most enjoyable American Rodeo on TV channels, online live, and on social media platforms.

Relax guys! Don’t do upset. Here, we will present you with a good overview of the clear concept of the sports event of American Rodeo 2023 with event venues, schedules, and ticket information.

We also provide you with the name of live channels and social media where you can enjoy the most exciting sports event of American Rodeo 2023 from anywhere in the world.

American Rodeo 2023 Event Venue and Schedule

Event Venue City Date and Time (CST)
The American Contender Tournament – Wild Card Globe Life Field Arlington, TX

Wednesday, Mar 08

9 a.m. – 10 p.m.

The American Contender Tournament Finals Globe Life Field Arlington, TX

Thursday, Mar 09

6:45 p.m.

The American Performance Horseman Globe Life Field Arlington, TX

Friday, Mar 10

06:45 p.m.

The Crown Jewel of Rodeo Globe Life Field Arlington, TX

Saturday, Mar 11

5:45 p.m.

About Venue

The American Rodeo will take place at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington. Previously known as the Cowboy’s Stadium, this 105,000-capacity venue is one of the largest and premier venues in the US. It features a retractable roof, executive suites, and the 4th largest screen in the US.

What TV channels Are the American Rodeo 2023 on?

Don’t be upset if you can’t manage the tickets for the events of American Rodeo 2023. To enjoy American Rodeo, you can sit on your TV set and watch the events at home. Now, your mind hesitates on which channel you can enjoy the American Rodeo 2023. Let’s have a close look to find this.


The organizers have connected with the TV channel to broadcast the American Rodeo worldwide. RFD-TV is an excellent channel for covering the whole events of the American Rodeo. Since 2020 the American Rodeo has been televised live on RFD-TV successfully.

The Cowboy Channel

The American Rodeo assembles the top athletes in the world for the events. And all events of the American Rodeo will be telecast live on the Cowboy Channel. The Cowboy Channel has telecast live on TV every year since 2020. All the rounds of the events of American Rodeo are available on this channel.


To watch The Crown Jewel of Rodeo on INSP, viewers can tune in on Saturday, March 11, at 10 p.m. ET / 9 p.m. CST. Live coverage of the American Rodeo Championship Round will be broadcast on INSP from Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

TV Schedule

The Contender Finals will air at 7:30 a.m. on CBS Sports Network on Saturday, March 11.

The Championship Round will air on INSP at 9:00 p.m. CST on Saturday, March 11.

The Full Show will air on CBS Sports Network on Sunday, March 12, at 9:00 p.m.

American Rodeo Streaming and TV Schedule

How Can I Watch the American Rodeo 2023 Live Stream?

Do you want to watch the American Rodeo with a live stream? Without cables, you can watch the fantastic events of the American Rodeo with the live stream. The official channels of the organizers can provide you with an online live channel for enjoying the American Rodeo 2023.


Don’t be upset if you do not have enough time to sit on a TV set to watch the American Rodeo. You can enjoy it without a cable network at any time. For this, you can subscribe to the online live channel of cowboychannelplus.com. All the events of the American Rodeo are available on this channel live streaming.

RFD- TV’s Live Streaming

Without paying a subscription to a single channel, you can watch the events of the American Rodeo with RFD-TV online live streaming. The monthly cost of RFD-TV online is $10 per year $90. In this online live channel, you can enjoy the extraordinary events of the American Rodeo 2023.

Airplay icon

You can watch the events of American Rodeo by Airplay icon live streaming. Your smart TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone or iPad for this online live streaming. You can select the Airplay icon and start playing the subject in the cowboy channel plus app. After choosing your smart TV, it will start presenting on your smart TV. On this live streaming channel, you can enjoy the whole events of the American Rodeo 2023.

Watch The Crown Jewel of Rodeo on Teton Ridge Plus

Teton Ridge Plus is a great digital destination for all things related to The American Rodeo. It offers live results, updated standings, insider information, and more for fans of western sports. To watch The Crown Jewel of Rodeo live on Teton Ridge Plus, viewers can tune in at 5:45 p.m. CST on Saturday, March 11.

Watch American Rodeo Live on Social Media Platforms

Social media plays an essential role in sharing and caring for us. It is the primary source of our communication and entertainment in our daily life. We can enjoy the live streaming of the upcoming American Rodeo events in 2023 on social media sites. Now, let’s take a close look at the social media site to watch the events of American Rodeo 2023 live.

Facebook Live

In social media, Facebook is the largest networking site. The events of the American Rodeo 2023 live streaming on the official Facebook page of the organizers would be available. You will find the events updates, news, actions, and daily live streaming of the American Rodeo on this page.

YouTube Live

YouTube is one of the most reliable networking sites of social media. If you are not present in the USA, you can depend on YouTube live streaming to enjoy the events of the American Rodeo. It is also a good option if you don’t have cable TV or enough time. For live YouTube streaming, you can subscribe to the official YouTube channel page of the organizers. The American Rodeo 2023 will be available on YouTube live streaming. 

Twitter Live

Twitter is the most influential social networking site to watch the American Rodeo live streaming. You can find the official Twitter page of the organizers on Twitter live streaming. On Twitter life, you can enjoy the events of American Rodeo besides videos uploaded and many fun facts posted on the circumstances.

Instagram Live

The events images, news, updates, videos, and live streaming clips will be available on the official Instagram page. If you have an Instagram account, it is a unique chance to enjoy the live streaming of the events of the American Rodeo.


There will be many world-renowned artists at the American Rodeo 2023 entertainment evening. Check out the full lineup of American Rodeo 2023.

Darius Rucker & Sheryl Crow will perform on March 10. The nine-time grammy award winner Crow is very famous for her All I Wanna Do, If It Makes You Happy, And Strong Enough songs.

The American Rodeo 2023 stage will also shine with the performance of Cody Johnson, who was also a former professional rodeo player. Besides, fans will enjoy Ghost Hounds’ opening show and Maren Morris’s performance.

American Rodeo Prize Money in 2023

An all new tournament-style format for the 2022-23 event featuring increased prize money and more ways than ever to advance to the richest event in the rodeo and it’s $1 million payday.

In addition to the $2 million that is to be given in winnings, half a million dollars has also been set aside for smaller cash prizes. So the stakes are higher, and the competition is going to be fiercer.

History of the American Rodeo

The American Rodeo is a fantastic sports event with a prestigious history. The back story of the Rodeo is more complex than what sees in the eye. The tale of Rodeo is a mix of cultures and traditions and bringing up all merge into this one thing they call rodeo. The origin of the presents Rodeo culture remembrance the cattle industry of the American West. There, it was eventually influenced by the Spanish winners in the 1700s.

Rodeo attains much of its exercise from Spanish ranchers and their Mexican ranch hands, known as vaqueros. “Rodeo” itself comes from the Spanish word “Rodier.” Its meaning is “roundup,” subject to the roundup of cattle.

In the 1800s, the American Cowboy era was born by mixing Anglo and Spanish-Mexican cultures. Friendly ranch versus ranch contests starts to spring up with cowboys and vaqueros examining their skills against each other in the 1820s and 1830s.

In 1869, the first official Rodeo was born in Deer Trail, Colorado. Over the years, the peak of the skills and techniques from Spanish-speaking cowboys, Vaqueros, and Cowboys from the East united to bring us today’s modern Rodeo.

The American Rodeo was maintained by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) from 2019 to 2022. In the 2023 Rodeo, the Teton Ridge association, the event owner, is owned.

Ways to Qualify for the Competition

In a competitive event, Rodeo is primarily referred to as a public exhibition of Cowboy skills in the present era. There are three ways to qualify for the competition in the American Rodeo. 

  • The first quality of the competition is that the world receives invitations from the top ten competitors.
  • Optimistic competitors can pay an entry fee to compete at qualifiers throughout the year.
  •  In the American semifinals, about 4000 entries competed at 70 qualifying events.

The Categories of Events for the American Rodeo

Like previous years, the organizers arranged the final Rodeo event, known as the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) Rodeo event. The NFR consists of fourteen days of event competitions or go-round. Each day event has a particular contest with its own prizes.

The American Final Rodeo round will be held on 11th March at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. During the 4 day events, more than 170,000 fans assemble in this arena.

Following the past years, the American Finals Rodeo will be held traditional rodeo events, including bareback bronco riding, tie-down roping, breakaway roping, steer wrestling, saddle bronco riding, team roping, cowgirls’ barrel racing, and bull riding.

Bareback Bronco Riding

A rider has to keep on a bucking horse in bareback bronco riding. A heavy lead rope joins a bronco rein to the horse’s halter. The rider must remain on the horse for 8 seconds to be regarded as a successful ride. The judgment of each successful ride is a maximum score of 100 points.

Steer Wrestling

Steer Wrestling event is also known as Bulldogging rodeo event. It is an event where the rider flies off his horse onto a Corrientes, wrestles, and steers it to the ground by grabbing it by the horns. This is the most dangerous event in rodeo for the cowboy.

Team Roping

Team roping event is the only team Rodeo event called “heading” and heeling. In this event, two ropers retain and restrain a full-grown steer. In this event have two groups. One group includes one horse and rider, the “header,” lassos a running steer’s horns, while another group has a horse and a rider, the “healer” lassos the steer’s two behind legs. When the animal is captured, the riders face each other and pull the steer between them. The treatment methods of the ranch are the source of this technique.

Saddle Bronco Riding

Saddle Bronco Riding is similar to the event of bare-back bronco riding. In this event, the rider uses a special western saddle without a horn and a bronco rein. Like bareback riding, the rider has to stay on the bucking horse for 8 seconds. The maximum score of 100 points is the judgment of each successful ride, like a bareback riding event.

Tie-Down Roping

Tie-Down Roping is known as calf roping. This event’s source relates to rank work in which calves are roped for branding, treatment, or other objectives. It is the most ancient event of the Rodeo.

Cowgirl’s Barrel Racing

Barrel Racing is a timed speed and agility kind of event. In this event, a horse and rider ran swiftly around a covered leaf pattern of barrels. The competitor who successfully passes the cover leaf line fastest is considered the winner.

Barrel Racing is an excellent women’s sport in professional, collegiate, and high school Rodeo. Men and boys are typically participating in this event. Barrel Racing is sanctioned and maintained by the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA).

Bull Riding

Bull Riding is an event where riding altogether grown old bucking bulls. The Cowboys attempt to hang on bucking bulls in this event for 8 seconds. Like the bucking horse, each successful ride has been held for a maximum score of 100 points. Riding on a bucking bull is challenging, and more challenging to control the cowboy’s position. During the ride, the cowboy with the highest score gets wins.


The All-Around cowboy is not an event but actually an award. The highest money winner in two or more events is awarded in this All Around. These events are extremely popular and continue to the American Final Rodeo yearly.


The American Rodeo is one of the longest Rodeos in Western sports. The most prominent American rodeo 2023 will return on Wednesday 8th March with its first round of events. If you want to enjoy the American Rodeo at the stadium, then tickets are obligatory.

On the organizer’s official website, tickets are available. So, you should buy the tickets as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can miss out! However, you must follow the complete health rules of the covid-19to enjoy the most significant and impressive American Rodeo 2023 on the gallery. Have a fun day!

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