Who Is Lorenzo Sonego’s Coach Right Now

Lorenzo Sonego is a skilled professional tennis player from Italy. Born on May 11, 1995, he first picked up a tennis racket at the age of 11. His father, Giorgio Sonego, and his coach, Gipo Arbino, were the key people who encouraged him to take up the sport.

Before focusing on tennis, Lorenzo used to play football for the Torino Youth Team from the age of six until he was 13. He’s still a big fan of Torino and often says that if he hadn’t pursued a career in tennis, he would have likely become a footballer.

Lorenzo turned pro in 2013 when he was 18 and started playing in professional tournaments by the time he was 19. However, his first appearance in an ATP Tour wasn’t until 2013 at the Italian Open. As a junior, he played in 11 ITF Challenger and Futures finals, coming out victorious in six of them.

As a senior player, Lorenzo’s performance has been impressive. He’s won three singles titles and two doubles titles on the ATP Tour. His best ranking to date has been 21 in singles and 77 in doubles. As of now, he’s ranked 48th in singles and 108th in doubles.

Who Is Lorenzo Sonego Coach in 2023?

Gipo Arbino

Gipo Arbino

Lorenzo Sonego has only ever had one coach in his tennis career – Gipo Arbino. Gipo and Lorenzo’s father encouraged him to pursue tennis, and their relationship has been strong ever since.

Gipo himself had dreams of a tennis career in the 1960s, but financial constraints held him back. He worked for a company for a while before trying his hand at coaching. He realized his potential in this field and decided to make it his career.

Gipo met Lorenzo in 2006 at the Sporting Club. Recognizing Lorenzo’s talent, he persuaded his father, Giorgio, that Lorenzo should pursue tennis seriously. Under Gipo’s guidance, Lorenzo has won five career titles, including three singles and two doubles titles.

In recognition of Lorenzo’s success and other budding talents, Gipo set up the Tennis Talent Academy in Torino. His work was honored in 2020 when he was named ‘Teacher of the Year’ at the Supertennis Awards.

Gipo spoke about his coaching philosophy and approach during an interview with the iTennis Foundation.

He said, “These kids are all different. They all have good coordination and technical skills, so they play well… But I never thought Lorenzo could become such a great player.

I’ve always tried to help him grow in the best possible way, focusing on technical, mental, and physical aspects. Coaches’ job is to teach how to play well. Every player has unique natural qualities.

Coaches must do their best to develop a player who is technically and physically strong.”

Previous Coaches Of Lorenzo Sonego

As emphasized before, Lorenzo has had only one coach throughout his career: Gipo Arbino. As a result, the young man was involved more in football during his young age and only decided to take up tennis on his coach’s advice.

Lorenzo Sonego’s achievements with different coaches

We have collected in the table the data about the trophies won by Lorenzo Sonego under the guidance of various coaches.

Coach Year Of Completion Titles
Gipo Arbino 2014- till date 2019 Antalya (Outdoor/Grass)
2020 Cagliari (Outdoor/Clay)
2021 Cagliari ( w/ Andrea Vavassori ) (Outdoor/Clay)
2022 Metz (Indoor/Hard)
2022 Kitzbuhel ( w/ Pedro Martinez ) (Outdoor/Clay)

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