10 Tallest WWE Wrestlers in History

WWE has been a popular sport that has amazed fans for years. It takes challenging work and dedication to be a wrestler and perform well in the ring. The wrestlers who make it to the top of their game possess not only physical strength but also mental agility. It is fascinating to see how some of the wrestlers have giant bodies and towering heights, making them a spectacle to watch.

Throughout WWE’s history, numerous wrestlers have been considered giants. However, none surpasses the height of Giant Gonzalez, who stands at a towering 8 feet tall. Just envision the prospect of facing a heavily built individual of such stature in combat.

Below there’s a list of the top 10 Wrestlers in history, according to the 2023 ranking:

Name of Wrestler Height
Kevin Nash 6ft 11
Kane 7ft
Kurrgan 7ft
Big Show 7ft
Big Cass 7ft
The Great Khali 7ft 1″
Giant Silva 7ft 2″
Omos 7ft 3″
Andre The Giant 7ft 4″
Giant Gonzalez 8ft

10. Kevin Nash – 6 ft 11″

Kevin Nash

At an impressive 6 feet 11 inches in height, Kevin Nash is a true giant in the realm of professional wrestling. Beginning with WCW in the 1990s, he eventually made his way to WWE in the 2000s, where he enjoyed a lengthy and fruitful career.

Nash has won numerous championships throughout his career, including the highly coveted WWF world, intercontinental, and Tag Team Championships. It is undeniable that he is one of the all-time greats; his achievements speak for themselves.

However, Nash’s talents are not limited to wrestling. He has also established himself in the entertainment industry, starring in films and television series such as Magic Mike and The Longest Yard. This merely demonstrates his versatility as a performer.

Nash remains active in the wrestling industry despite his advanced years. In fact, he maintains the record for the longest WWF Championship reign of the 1990s, an accomplishment that solidifies his status as one of the all-time greats.

It is not surprising that Nash is among the top 10 tallest WWE wrestlers of all time. In the world of professional wrestling, his towering stature is only one of the many characteristics that make him a memorable figure.

9. Kane – 7 ft


Kane (his real name is Glenn Thomas Jacobs) is one of the most intimidating wrestlers in the world of professional wrestling. He is famous for being one of the tallest wrestlers in WWE history. He stood at 7 feet tall and has a career of over 20 years. Kane came onto the sports scene in 1997, and then he quickly proved that he was someone to be taken seriously. He has won many titles. His excellent skills in the ring and larger-than-life personality have made him a fan favorite.

Kane’s size and strength are two of the things that make him so scary. He has a lot of power and can easily beat his opponents. But he isn’t just good at one thing. Kane has a considerable body but is also very quick and agile. This makes him a versatile wrestler who can compete in many different types of matches.

Kane’s signature move is the chokeslam, which he does precisely and with so much force that it will surely give anyone watching chills. He is also known for having a wide range of moves and being able to come up with new ones on the spot.

Kane’s height and wrestling skills are so good that he is one of the ten tallest WWE wrestlers ever. He is a true legend in the business, and fans and wrestlers will continue to be inspired by him for years to come.

8. Kurrgan – 7 ft


Robert Maillet, a retired professional wrestler and Canadian actor is perhaps best known in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) from 1997 to 1999. During his tenure, he performed under the ring named Kurrgan and was a member of The Truth Commission and The Oddities.

Standing at an impressive 7 feet tall, Maillet was a formidable presence in the ring and quickly became a fan favorite. He was known for his incredible strength, agility, and signature moves, which left opponents reeling.

In addition to his wrestling career, Maillet has been famous in the film industry. He has appeared in several high-profile movies, including 300, Sherlock Holmes, Immortals, Pacific Rim, Brick Mansions, Hercules, and Deadpool 2. His imposing stature and commanding presence have made him a sought-after actor, and he has brought his unique talents to various roles over the years.

All in all, Robert Maillet is an incredibly talented individual who has made a name for himself both in the wrestling world and in Hollywood. His impressive height and wrestling skills have secured his place among the top 10 tallest WWE wrestlers of all time, and his many achievements are a testament to his hard work and dedication.

7. Big Show – 7 ft

Big Show

Big Show, or Paul Wight as he’s also known, is a legendary former WWE wrestler famous for his towering height and impressive size.

Big Show competed in countless matches and won impressive titles during his wrestling career. His strength and power made him a fearsome opponent, but he was also known for his agility and athleticism in the ring.

Big Show’s contributions to the wrestling world have earned him a spot among the all-time greats. His signature moves and larger-than-life personality captivated audiences worldwide, and his impact on the sport will be felt for years.

Big Show’s incredible size, strength, and wrestling abilities have cemented his place among the top 10 tallest WWE wrestlers of all time. His legacy in the sport is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and undeniable talent.

6. Big Cass – 7 ft

Big Cass

William Morrissey, also known as Big Cass, is a WWE wrestler and stands at an impressive 7 feet tall. This puts him as one of the tallest wrestlers in WWE history.

Before joining WWE, Cass got his start in the independent wrestling circuit. Also, from 2013 to 2017, he was paired with WWE superstar Enzo Amore as a formidable tag team.

Big Cass has participated in many memorable matches throughout his wrestling career, including a notable feud with the legendary Big Show. Despite personal and physical setbacks, he remains popular in the wrestling industry, captivating fans with his imposing stature and impressive athleticism.

Big Cass’s towering height and remarkable abilities have cemented his place as one of the top 10 tallest WWE wrestlers of all time. His resilience and dedication to the sport continue to inspire fans worldwide.  

5. The Great Khali – 7 ft 1″

The Great Khali

Former WWE wrestler Dalip Singh Rana, also known as The Great Khali, is best remembered for his tenure with the company. He is one of the largest wrestlers in the sport’s history, standing at an impressive 7 feet 1 inch tall.

Khali debuted in WWE in 2006 and became an instant audience favorite due to his immense size and strength. He went on to win the World Heavyweight Championship and faced John Cena, Randy Orton, and Triple H, three of the greatest names in wrestling.

Khali was a formidable opponent in the ring due to his agility and quick reflexes, despite his towering stature. In 2014, he departed from wrestling, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most memorable and impressive wrestlers in WWE history.

4. Giant Silva – 7 ft 2″

Giant Silva

Giant Silva, or Paulo Cesar da Silva, is a former Brazilian professional wrestler and mixed martial artist. He’s popularly known for his tall figure. He stands at an incredible height, about 7’2″.

Silva debuted in WWE in 1996 as a Nation of Domination stable member and later formed a tag team with Mabel. Despite his impressive size, he only partially made it to the main event level in WWE and mainly competed in lower-card matches.

However, despite his limited success in WWE, Giant Silva’s towering height and imposing presence made him a memorable wrestler in the company. His unique size and style set him apart from other wrestlers.

3. Omos – 7 ft 3″


His real name is Tolulope Omogbehin, popularly known as Osmos. He is a towering wrestler who stands at an incredible 7 feet and 3 inches. He’s quickly become one of the top WWE wrestlers of all time, thanks to his impressive size and undeniable strength.

Despite only making his debut in 2021, Omos has already competed in some of the biggest matches and events in the company. He will undoubtedly continue to have a significant impact on WWE for years to come, given his imposing physique and unwavering determination.

Omos has already accomplished a great deal in his short time in the WWE, including winning the Raw Tag Team Championship with his partner, AJ Styles, during the summer of 2021. Omos indeed has a prosperous future ahead of him, and those who respect him cannot wait to see what he achieves in the years to come.

Overall, Omos is an incredibly impressive wrestler and is definitely deserving of his spot as number 3 in our list of the top 10 tallest WWE wrestlers of all time.

2. Andre The Giant – 7 ft 4″

Andre The Giant

Andre the Giant (real name was André René Roussimoff) was a larger-than-life French professional wrestler and actor. Standing at an impressive 7’4″, he was one of the tallest and most iconic wrestlers in WWE history.

Andre debuted in the wrestling world in the 1960s and quickly became a household name. He eventually joined WWE in the 1970s, where he competed against some of the biggest names in wrestling history.

Despite his immense size, Andre was known for his quick wit and larger-than-life personality. He was loved by fans worldwide, and his legacy inspires wrestlers today.

Andre passed away in 1993. But his contributions to the wrestling world are still remembered and celebrated now. He was introduced to the WWE Hall of Fame in the same year. This honor solidified his legacy as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. His contribution and legacy will live on in the hearts of wrestling fans around the world.

1. Giant Gonzalez – 8 ft

Giant Gonzalez

Giant Gonzalez (real name El Gigante) was an absolute giant in the WWE during the 90s. He stood an incredible 8 feet tall, making him one of the tallest wrestlers to ever step in the ring.

Gonzalez was a real powerhouse, using his size and strength to totally dominate his opponents. He had an imposing presence and often teamed up with other massive wrestlers in tag team matches to show off their gigantic size and power.

Although he didn’t always win matches, Gonzalez’s towering figure and unforgettable performances will always be remembered as a unique part of wrestling history.


Professional wrestling has seen many towering figures throughout its history. From the 8-foot Giant Gonzales to the 7-foot giants like Kevin Nash, Kane, Kurrgan, and Big Show, these wrestlers have left an indelible mark on the sport.

Their incredible size, strength, and wrestling abilities made them unforgettable figures in the eyes of fans worldwide. These wrestlers have shown that it takes more than just physical attributes to make it to the top of the wrestling world; it takes hard work and dedication.

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