Natas Kaupas

Natas Kaupas is a semi-retired American pro skateboarder who rose to fame as one of the first professional street skateboarders in the mid-1980s. He is regarded as a pioneer in the sport.  Among all the stunts he popularized, the “rail slide,” is the most admired one, which involved sliding down a stair railing on a skateboard. He was a former member of the skate squad for SMA (Santa Monica Airlines). Natas will be 53 years old on March 23rd.

About Natas Kaupas

Natas Kaupas was born on March 23, 1969. He was birth and grew up in South Santa Monica, California, in the area known as Dogtown. Natas is of Lithuanian descent. There is not much information about his family! He attended Santa Monica High School.

Kaupas began skating from an early age. He had discovered riding walls by the mid-1980s, where he would throw his skateboard up against a wall and ride off of it. He then honed the technique by riding up the sides of the walls without using his hands.

Thrasher Magazine photographer and skating commentator Craig Stecyk took a photo of Kaupas riding off a wall in 1984, which appeared on the cover of the September 1984 issue of Thrasher Magazine. Kaupas began to receive more magazine coverage and recognition from professional skaters after this cover photo.


As you already know, Kaupas began skateboarding at a young age and quickly developed a passion for the sport. During the 80s, he began competing in local skateboarding contests and quickly gained a reputation for his unique style and technical skills. Kaupas’s professional career took off in 1988, and he began competing in major skateboarding events all over the world.

Kaupas was best known throughout his career for his innovative approach to skateboarding, as he frequently incorporated elements of art and design into his tricks and routines. He was also an accomplished photographer and filmmaker, frequently documenting his skateboarding adventures with his own camera.

Kaupas was a member of several iconic skateboarding teams, including H-Street, Real, and Element. He also appeared in several skateboarding films and videos, such as “Hokus Pokus,” “Chaos,” and “The Search for Animal Chin.”

Kaupas became a designer and consultant in the sport after retiring from professional skateboarding in the late 1990s. He has been associated with companies such as Vans and Element. He also pursued his love of art and photography, exhibiting his work in galleries all over the world.

Natas Kaupas’s Net Worth and Income

Natas has a net worth of around $1 million as of 2023!


Natas Kaupas’s salary is not publicly disclosed, but he is estimated to earn between $39k-45k per year! His primary source of income should be his skateboarding-related career!


Real Skateboards, Element Skateboards, Vans, Levi’s, Coca-Cola, etc.

Personal Details

Real Name Natas Kaupas
Nick Name Natas Kaupas
Profession Skateboarder
Birthday March 23, 1969
Age 53 years
Birthplace Santa Monica, United States
Nationality American
Net Worth $1 million

Natas Kaupas Social Media

There is no information about his spouse and physical features at the moment!

FAQs About Natas Kaupas

When is Natas Kaupas birthday? 

He was born on March 23, 1969.

How much is Natas Kaupas’s net worth?

He has a net worth of around $1 million.

Where did Natas grow up? 

Natas grew up in Santa Monica in the United States.

Is Natas active on social media?

Yes, he is active on social media.

Is Natas married? 

There is no information about his relationship status at the moment.

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