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Roger Federer is a name of a phenomenal person, a king of tennis. He single-handed dominated the tennis universe. He is a vivid and one of the most talented tennis players in the world. People say Federer got magic in this hand and his racket has come from Hogwarts.

His amazing performance on the tennis court reminds us of the great warriors from ancient Greek. The way Federer controls the ball and beats it with a racket seems like he somehow managed to hypnotize it like it’s obeying the order of his mind.

Everyone thoughts that Federer becomes a sorcerer when he holds the racket. Cause it’s quite impossible for men to play like this. He is considered the world’s most skillful tennis player of the world. Federer won 20 grand slam titles in his career. He held the position of number 1 in world tennis rank for 310 weeks and including a record 237 consecutive weeks. Federer finished as the number one player of the year five times.

He has won ATP single titles a total of 103 times. Before the appearance of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, Federer alone ruled over all the tennis sections. Now he is a member of three along with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. They are well known as the group of the three greatest tennis players of all time.

Throughout his astonishing tennis career, Federer has made an enormous number of fan followers from all over the world. People from all nations that have the slightest idea of tennis, love and admire Federer. He is obviously, one of the most talked-about celebrities on earth.

Here we prepare an article on Roger Federer, for his fans and for those who want to know about him. Here we will talk about Federer’s early life, his begging career, how to become the world number one tennis player, what’s his passion and hobbies, how is he in his personal life, his net worth, income and salary, and some other fact that you might enjoy.

Okay, let’s hop into the Federer life.

Roger Federer’s Early Life:

Roger Federer was born in Basel, Switzerland on 8 August 1981. He was born to Robert Federer and Lynette Federer. His father is of Swiss origin and his mother is from South Africa. Federer holds both citizenships, Switzerland and South Africa. But he always represents Switzerland.

Federer grew up with his older sister Diana, she is the mother of two children. Federer spends most of his childhood in Birsfelden, Riehen. And then they went to Münchenstein, which is located near the French and German border.

When did he start playing tennis?

Federer started to play tennis from an early age. He was very good at it since the begging. Besides tennis, Federer also used to play soccer in his school life. But later he gave up all the sports and just focus on tennis. In his family everyone loved sports but no one has had a career in sports before. Federer is the only one who turns out one of the greatest players of all time. His family supported his dream and made him a legendary player.

In Switzerland, all male citizens have to take military training and it is a mandatory order that everyone has to fulfill. So, Federer joined the Armed Forces. But in 2003, he was considered unsuitable and was subsequently not required to fulfill his military obligation. So, he served in the civil protection force, and as an alternative, he was required to pay 3% of his taxable income.

Federer’s Career:

After starting tennis in the junior division, Federer got the biggest success at Wimbledon, it was in 1998. There won both titles, the boy’s singles title against Irakli Labadze, and in double Federer teamed up with Olivier Rochus and won against Michaël Llodra and Andy Ram.

In 1998, he also reached the final of the US Open but lose against David Nalbandian. In the junior single tournament, Federer won four ITF including the Orange Bowl. It was the first successful year for him. Federer finished the year as a number 1 ranked junior player of 1998. He was awarded ITF Junior World Champion. It was the end of his junior career. In the same year of 1998, Federer stepped on into a professional career.

His first match in professional division was against Lucas Arnold Ker, it was in the Gstaad. Federer came into the top 100 ranks in 1999. It happened in the 1999 Marseille Open by defeating Carlos Moyá the reigning champion of the 1998 French Open. He reached the final of the Marseille Open in 2000 but lost the game against one of his fellow countrymen Marc Rosset.

In 2001, Federer won the 2001 Hopman Cup with that time number one player Martina Hingis. Later Federer said about Hingis that, “she definitely helped me to become the player I am today”. In 2001, Federer won the 2001 Minal Indoor tournament, in the final he played against  Julien Boutter. Federer also made a challenging fight for the grand slam at the French Open in 2001.

He reached the quarterfinal but lots against former world number two tennis player Àlex Corretja. Though Federer fails to win the game but reaching the quarterfinal made him the world number 15 player in the tennis rank.

Federer caught everyone’s eye and got his international breakthrough at the 2001 Wimbledon Championships. In the five-set match, Federer beat four-time defending champion and all-time Grand Slam leader Pete Sampras. It was a huge step for Federer. But in the quarterfinal, he lost against Tim Henman.

In the Master Level of tennis, Federer first reached to final in 2002, at the 2002 Miami Masters event. He lost the final match against Andre Agassi on hard court. Federer won the Master Series event for the first time and brought the trophy at home in 2002 at the 2002 Hamburg Masters. After that match, he came into the list of top 10 ranked players, his position was six. From 1998 to 2002 Federer played a total of 10 singles finals and won four of them.

Winning History:

In 2003, Federer won the grand slam for the very first time at Wimbledon. In the semifinal, he beat Andy Roddick, and in the final, he got his victory against Mark Philippoussis. Later he won Wimbledon in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012, and in 2017. He won the US Open five times, in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. Federer won the Australian Open eight times in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2017, 2018. He won the French Open just for one time, in 2009.

Roger Federer at the Wimbledon 2021
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Federer won four master event serial in his career. In 2004, becomes he ranked number one tennis player after defeating Marat Safin at the Australian Open. Federer first attempts the Olympics in 2000 but he didn’t win the medal. The same things happened in the 2004 Olympics.

In 2008, Federer won the Olympic gold medal for the first time in a doubles match with Stan Wawrinka. He reached the final at the 2012 London Olympics and won a silver medal, he lost the match against Andrew Murray.

Roger Federer’s Personal Life:

Federer keeps his personal life quite private. He doesn’t like to talk about his personal life much. He got married to a former tennis player Miroslava Vavrinec, who is widely known as the Mirka Federer. This couple met with each other in 2002, at the 2002 Sydney Olympics. There, they both were representing Switzerland. Mirka left her tennis career behind in 2002 after she got a foot injury.

Besides tennis Federer is a huge fan of football and basketball. He supports the FC Basel and Swiss national football team. Federer is also very fluent in multiple languages, he can speak Swiss German, Standard German, French, Italian, Swedish, and English.

Roger Federer’s Net Worth and Income:

Federer is one of the highest-paid athletes in the whole world. He had made an enormous amount of money from his career. Most of his earning came from winning tournaments and endorsements.

As of 2023, Federer’s net worth is about 450 million dollars. His total ATP career earning is 129 million dollars. That’s the second highest-earning in the history of tennis. From endorsement Federer earn about 600 million dollars. He is one of a very few professional athletes who have earned $1 billion from their sport.

In the time of June 2016 and June 2017, Federer earned about 71.5 million dollars, 65 million of which came from endorsement. Between June 2017 and June 2018, he earned about 77 million dollars. He earned 94 million dollars between June 2018 and June 2019, of which 86 million came from endorsement.

In 2018 he signed a deal with a Japanese apparel brand Uniqlo for 10 years, it was worth 300 million dollars. Federer earning from endorsement is higher than any athlete’s. His endorsement money comes from so many famous international brands such as Credit Suisse, Rolex, and Mercedes Benz.

Fact about Roger Federer:

Federer has a hidden talent that few of his fans know about. That he is a very good pianist. When he was a kid, he took piano classes.

Before turning 16, Federer always follows the food of vegetarian but later that, he goes with everything.

He got his athletic appetite from his mother, it’s in his genes. His mother was athletic when she was in school, she used to play netball.

In an interview, he was asked what it feels like to a celebrity? He said it’s good sometimes but mostly it feels weird random people recognize him and start following him around.

His favourite kind of food Italian food. He loves to eat in Rome. He loves to eat Barilla Pasta, the company also made him personalized pasta noodles.

Federer loves nature. Every time he got off time from the tennis court he went hiking.

Federer got a wired type of winning a prize for several types. It first started in 2003 after winning the Swiss Open in 2003. They gave a milky cow named Juliet. Later he got another milky cow prize in 2013 called Desiree. He gave them to a dairy farmer cause he wasn’t sure what to with them.


Roger Federer is one of the most skillful and best tennis players of all time. People will remember his performance. He is a role model to thousands of young tennis players. It’s hard to capture his whole life history in a short article. But we included almost all the points you need to know about him. Hope you like it.

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