Highest Paid Tennis Players 2022
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Tennis is one of the most beloved and enjoyable games in the world. The players of tennis are highly paid both in the prize pool and in endorsements. The sponsors like to work with the stars who have a bigger fanbase. Here, we will know about the top 5 highest paid tennis players in the World in 2022.

In the list, 20 times grand slam winner Roger Federer in the first position. He is sponsored by many famous brands for his unique game style. Surprisingly, Naomi Osaka got in second place with his earnings this year, followed by another female star Serena Williams. Here we will know all about their salaries and worth.

1. Roger Federer

  • Salary: $90.6 million
  • Net Worth: $550 Million

Roger Federer is in the number 1 list of the highest-paid Tennis players in the world. The player earned a total amount of $90.6 million from tennis in 2021. He has an endorsement with a total of 14 bands, such as Nike, Rolex, Credit Suisse, Wilson. He received an endorsement of  $52 million from his sponsors. In 2020, he earned $100 million in endorsement income. The player has a net worth of $550 Million USD. Federer is very much liked by his sponsors. He has won a total of 20 grand slams in his career. 

2. Naomi Osaka

  • Salary: $60.1 million
  • Net Worth: $60 million USD

Naomi Osaka is the highest-paid female tennis player in the world and is in the second position on our list. In 2021, she earned $60.1 million. 90% of her income came from tennis last year. Naomi Osaka has a net worth of $60 million USD. She is sponsored by many international brands like Yonex, Nike, Nissan, Citizen Watch, and many more. She is also the brand ambassador of Mastercard.

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3. Serena Williams

  • Salary: $41.8 million
  • Net Worth: $210 million

Serena Williams is the third highest-paid tennis star on our list. She received a total of $41.8 million in 2021. She receives a good amount of endorsements from different brands. In 2021, she received a total endorsement of $11 million. Serena has a net worth of $210 million. Currently, see has 11 endorsement partners such as Athleta, Visa, United Airlines, Uber Eats, and Mondelez’s Oreo. She has won 73 WTA titles and 23 grand slams in her career.

4. Novak Djokovic

  • Salary: $38 million
  • Net Worth: $220 million

The number 4th highest paid tennis star in our list is Novak Djokovic. He earned $38 million last year. His net worth is $220 million. Most of his earnings came from professional tennis. He is currently the Number 1 ATP-ranked tennis player with 20 grand slams. Djokovic has an endorsement deal of $30 million with many national and international brands. He has endorsements with major brands including Mercedes-Benz, FitLine, Sergio Tacchini, and many brands.

5. Rafael Nadal:

  • Salary: $27 million
  • Net Worth: $200 million

Rafael Nadal is one of the best tennis stars and the fifth highest-paid tennis player on our list. He earned $27 million last year. Most of his earnings came from professional tennis. The player has a net worth of $200 million USD. Nadal has earned a total of $123,023,764 prize money in his career. He is being sponsored by KIA since 2006. He is also endorsed by many international brands like Nike, Richard Mille, Santander, Mapfre, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Babolat, Heliocare, Telefonica, Banco Sabadell,  and more. The player has won 20 grand slams in his career.

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