Most Handsome MMA Fighters in The World

MMA fighters are the prototype of how every man wants to look. They have muscles, strength,  the perfect body shape, and the skill to fight. In short, they are what women wish for. Every man wants to be like them. But it’s easy to wish for, hard to achieve.

Many of the current-day MMA fighters could easily become action heroes after taking some acting classes. You won’t be able to argue over it once you see the top 10 most handsome MMA fighters in the world in 2023.

These fighters are not only dangerous but charming too. They are the modern-day embodiment of Greek gods. They often make their male fans jealous and leave their female fans drooling.

Here Are The Top 10 Most Handsome MMA Fighters in the World

Fighter Name Country
Roger Huerta USA
Dominick Rojelio Cruz USA
Stephen Thompson USA
Carlos Condit USA
Frank Mir USA
Charles Jourdain Canada
Yoshihiro Akiyama Japan
Donald Cerrone USA
Anthony Pettis USA
Ryan Bader USA

1. Roger Huerta

Roger Huerta

Full Name Roger Huerta
Date of birth May 20, 1983
Place of birth Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Height 5 ft 9 in
Weight 170 lb
Career record 24-13-1

At number one, we have the American MMA fighter, Roger Huerta. He is currently fighting in the lightweight division. Just look at his shirtless pictures. He has the perfect body shape with sexy abs. Many young women are dying of him and his hotness.

Huerta was born in California in 1983. Huerta has a very tough childhood. He got abused by his father and stepmother. Even his mother abandoned him when he was only eight. He admitted in several interviews that he suffered from both mental and emotional damage.

But Huerta had a fighting spirit. He did break down. He even had to live in the streets for several years. Those years made him emotionally and mentally strong. After making his debut in the UFC, he won his first six matches without losing any. He was on his way to becoming a top star in the company.

Huerta is very dangerous inside the ring. He enjoys knocking out his opponents. He has won fifty percent of his matches by knockout. He has a record of knocking out his opponent in only under nineteen seconds.

The dangerous Roger Huerta, however, is very popular among women. And why shouldn’t he? He has won a good many matches, and his stats are as impressive as his handsomeness.

MMA Career Stats of Roger Huerta

Fights W L D KO W Sub W Dec W KO L Sub L
38 24 13 1 12 5 7 6 2

2. Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz

Full Name Dominick Cruz
Date of birth March 9, 1985
Place of birth San Diego, California, U.S.
Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight 135 lb
Career record 24-4-0
Instagram account @dominickcruz
Instagram follower 1.1 million

Dominick Cruz will take the second position in the top 10 most handsome MMA fighters in the world in 2023. He fights in the bantamweight division at present. He is not just a fighter but also a sports analyst and commentator.

Cruz was a born fighter. He started fighting when he was only in the seventh grade in school. He missed the scholarship at the University of Northern Colorado due to an injury. He worked hard to recover from the injury quickly and started his martial art career in 2005.

Cruz competed in several companies and won many titles before finally joining the UFC. So far, he has lost only four games and won 24. He has a good habit of winning. It has earned him the respect of his fans.

Cruz is not just a great fighter but also a handsome man. Women go crazy for him when he fights. They also follow him on social media, and his every photo gets many hearts. Cruz has over one million followers on social media. Since his debut in the UFC, he has become the crush of many girls and young women. He has a look and the talent to impress anyone. He surely belongs on the list.

MMA Career Stats of Dominick Cruz

Fights W L D KO W Sub W Dec W KO L Sub L
28 24 4 0 7 1 16 2 1

3. Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson

Full Name Stephen Randall Thompson
Date of birth February 11, 1983
Place of birth Simpsonville, South Carolina, U.S.
Height 6 ft 0 in
Weight 170 lb
Career record 17-6-1
Instagram account @wonderboymma
Instagram follower 868K followers

The next entrant on the list is Stephen Thompson. Many people cannot believe that he is a fighter. Not that he is not muscular or lacks charisma. It’s his presence of innocence that makes it hard to believe that he is such a brutal fighter.

Thompson was born in 1983 in South Carolina. Yes, he is forty years old. But women always find it difficult to believe. He still looks like a college student. Anyway, before making a name in the Mixed Martial Arts world, he used to be a kickboxer and had great success there.

Thompson had his UFC debut in 2012. It was a great debut for the young man as he won the match by knockout. Since then, he has been actively fighting and has won 17 out of his 24 fights. He has eight KO wins and lost by KO only once.

Stephen Thompson is very popular among girls and young women. They enjoy his fighting and love his smile. He is 6 ft tall, which makes him more attractive to women. Unlike most fighters, he does not wear any tattoos, and on a normal day, he looks completely ordinary and gentlemanly. His simple way of living attracts people toward him.

MMA Career Stats of Stephen Thompson

Fights W L D KO W Sub W Dec W KO L Sub L
24 17 6 1 8 1 8 1 0

4. Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit

Full Name Carlos Joseph Condit
Nickname The Natural Born Killer
Date of birth April 26, 1984
Place of birth Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.
Height 6 ft 1 in
Weight 170 lb
Career record 32 – 14 – 0

Carlos Condit is a former American MMA fighter. He was born in New Mexico in 1984. He is 6 ft 1 inch tall and weighs 170 pounds. He fought in the welterweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Condit is still one of the most popular MMA fighters among women, even after retirement.

Condit started fighting when he was only nine and continued training throughout his school life. He always wanted to be a fighter and trained hard for that. He became a professional fighter in 2002 and won his very first minute under one minute by submission.

Condit became a dominant name in the fighting world. He recorded an 8-0 winning streak before losing to  Carlo Prater’s triangle choke. Before retiring from MMA, he recorded a career stats of 32-14. Fifteen of his wins came from KO, and he received a KO defeat only once in his career.

Apart from fighting in MMA, Condit has also tried kickboxing and boxing. He likes to lead a private life, and so is not much active on social media. Nonetheless, his fans are very active. He has more than four hundred thousand followers despite posting rarely.

Condit is one of those few people for whom age is just a number. That is why he is still one of the most handsome MMA fighters, even at the age of forty.

Career Stats of Carlos Condit

Fights W L D KO W Sub W Dec W KO L Sub L
46 32 14 0 15 13 4 1 6

5. Frank Mir

Frank Mir 

Full Name Francisco Santos Mir III
Date of birth May 24, 1979
Place of birth Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Height 6 ft 3 in
Weight 262 lb
Division Heavyweight
Career record 19 – 13 – 0
Instagram account @thefrankmir
Instagram follower 243K

The former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir holds the fifth position among the top 10 most handsome MMA fighters in the world in 2023. He has a muscular physique which makes him a big guy, even to MMA standards. His 6 ft 3 inches height only makes him more attractive.

Mir was born in Las Vegas in 1979. He started fighting in his school days and won the black belt. He showed more improvement when he reached his senior college level. He recorded a 44-1 in his college time and also won the state championship.

Mir showed all the potential to become a household name and so soon received a call from the UFC. He had his debut in 2001. Mir was great in submission. He had made his opponents tap out nine times, while he himself never tapped out to anybody. Recently, he had his boxing debut, though he lost it.

Women love this sort of man, don’t they? He has a great personality and is a great family guy. He takes pride in being a family person, which makes him more admiring of women.

Career Stats of Frank Mir

Fights W L D KO W Sub W Dec W KO L Dec L
32 19 13 0 5 9 4 3 10

6. Charles Jourdain

Charles Jourdain

Full Name Charles Jourdain
Date of birth November 27, 1995
Place of birth Beloeil, Quebec, Canada
Height 5 ft 9 in
Weight 145 lb
Career record 13 – 6 – 1
Instagram account @charlesjourdain1
Instagram follower 85.1K

Charles Jourdain is the first non-American entrant on this list. He is a Canadian MMA fighter. Jourdain has everything you look for in a man. He is in great shape and has a killer smile. He can knock out his opponent in the ring with punches. And outside the ring, he can knock out women with a smile.

Jourdain was born in Quebec, Canada. His fighting career began in 2013, and he received a contract from the UFC in 2019. Unfortunately, his debut match did not end as he wanted. He lost his very first match by decision. But soon, he fought back. Currently, he holds 13 victories, including eight KO wins.

Jourdain is a stylish guy, and that makes him more desirable to women. He also loves to have fun. You can check out his reels on Instagram. Both his personality and physique make him an attractive person. No wonder he is one of the sexiest MMA fighters in 2023.

MMA Careers Stats of Charles Jourdain

Fights W L D KO W Sub W Dec W KO L Sub L
20 13 6 1 8 4 1 0 1

7. Yoshihiro Akiyama

Yoshihiro Akiyama

Full Name Yoshihiro Akiyama
Nickname Sexyama
Date of birth July 29, 1975
Place of birth Osaka, Japan
Height 5 ft 10 in
Weight 170 lb
Career record 16 – 7 – 0
Instagram account @akiyamachoo
Instagram follower 744K

We cannot leave someone nicknamed “sexyama” out of this, can we? Therefore, our next hot fighter is the Japanese superstar Yoshihiro Akiyama. He is undoubtedly one of the most handsome men in MMA ever. He is very stylish with a great sense of fashion.

Yoshihito Akiyama was born in Osaka in 1975. He practiced different forms of martial arts in his career. He learned boxing, kickboxing, karate, wrestling, and submission fighting. He started learning from an early age. He started judo training when he was only three years old.

Akiyama represented South Korea in the 2001 Asian Games and won a gold medal at the Judo Championships. He continued to fight in different promotions, but fans wanted to see him in the UFC. He finally received a proposal from the UFC in 2009 and won his very first match by decision.

Akiyama has won many championships and titles around the world. Before retiring from in-ring competition, he set a record of 16 wins and seven losses. He was very aggressive inside the ring. But an amiable person outside.

You had better check the Instagram profile of our sexyama. He knows how to pose for a perfect photo. With his style, aggression, and sense of fashion, he has turned many female fans head over heels.

MMA Career Stats of Yoshihiro Akiyama

Fights W L D KO W Sub W Dec W KO L Sub L
25 16 7 0 7 7 2 2 1

8. Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone

Full Name Donald Cerrone
Date of birth March 29, 1983
Place of birth Denver, Colorado, U.S.
Height 6 ft 0 in
Weight 170 lb
Career record 36 – 17
Instagram account @cowboycerrone
Instagram follower 4.6 million

Donald Cerrone, the “cowboy” of MMA, is one of the most popular faces at present. He is one of the most handsome MMA fighters of all time. He has a great muscular body along with a charming personality. He is the dream boy of millions of women.

Cerrone was born in Colorado in 1983. Before starting his MMA career, he was a kickboxer. He had a highly successful career in kickboxing, recording a career stat of 28 – 1. After such dominance in kickboxing, he moved into MMA. And he was no less impressive in the new sport either.

Cerrone started his MMA career with the WEC and won his first match in just under a minute via submission. From his first match, everyone knew that this cowboy was going to dominate the MMA industry. He set a career record of 36 wins and 17 losses. He had his UFC debut in 2011.

Donald Cerrone was a submission expert. He had seventeen victories by submission. He had several submission maneuvers in his arsenal. Cerrone had been a fan favorite, especially among women. They loved his aggressive fighting style and personality.

MMA Career Stats of Donald Cerrone

Fights W L N/C KO W Sub W Dec W KO L Sub L
55 36 17 2 10 17 9 8 2

9. Anthony Pettis

Anthony Pettis

Full Name Anthony Paul Pettis
Date of birth January 27, 1987
Place of birth Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US
Nickname Showtime
Height 5 ft 10 in
Weight 155 lb
Career record 25 – 14 – 0
Instagram account @showtimepettis
Instagram follower 1.4 million

Anthony Pettis is one of the most promising young fighters in MMA and is also a very handsome man. He is only twenty-seven. But he has already made himself a popular name in the community. His list of accomplishments is already very long, and it includes one UFC Lightweight Championship.

Pettis is from Wisconsin, US. He was born in 1987. He has a good height of five ft. ten inches. He radiates a badass and savage vibe. It makes the younger audience his huge fan. Pettis has been interested in the sport since he was only five.

Pettis’ professional career began in 2007, and he quickly made his own streak of 8-0 before joining the WEC. After the merger of WEC and UFC in 2010, Pettis was transformed into the UFC. He did not have an impressive debut in the UFC, though. His first fight was a draw, and he lost the second fight.

However, Pettis turned the table quickly and started winning matches.

MMA Career Stats of Anthony Pettis

Fights W L D KO W Sub W Dec W KO L Sub L
35 25 14 0 11 8 6 2 3

10. Ryan Bader

Ryan Bader

Full Name Ryan DuWayne Bader
Date of birth June 7, 1983
Place of birth Reno, Nevada, United States
Height 6 ft 2 in
Weight 235 lb
Career record 31 – 7
Instagram account @ryanbader
Instagram follower 139K

The current  Bellator Heavyweight Champion, Ryan Bader, is our final man on the list. He is dashing, stylish, and macho. He has a good height of 6 ft 2 inches. He is perfect in every aspect. No wonder girls go crazy for him.

Bader is from Reno, Nevada. He started wrestling when he was only seven years old. In his junior career, he won two state championships. He quickly came into the focus of different fighting promotions. Bader received a contract from the UFC in 2009, where he remained active till 2016. He set a career record of 5-0.

Bader’s first defeat in the UFC came against Tito Ortiz, though he was the favorite in the fight. It was a massive upset. He continued to work for the promotion till 2016. Then he joined Bellator MMA and became a double champion.

Bader is a great fighter. His stats bear the evidence. He has 31 wins against seven losses. He recorded thirteen knockouts and three submissions. Bader is a big name in the MMA community. He has many female fans, but unfortunately for them, he has been happily married since 2010.

MMA Career Stats of Ryan Bader

Fights W L D KO W Sub W Dec W KO L Sub L
39 31 7 0 13 3 15 5 2

Final Words

So this was our list of the top 10 most handsome MMA fighters in the world in 2023. They are muscular, great looking, and have great personalities. They are equally good in and outside the ring. They spend hours in training for years to stay in shape. They deserve praise and appreciation for their dedication to the sport.

Golam Muktadir is a passionate sports fan and a dedicated movie buff. He has been writing about both topics for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his readers. Muktadir has a degree in journalism and has written for several well-known publications, including Surprise Sports.