5 Wood vs. 3 Hybrid

5 Wood vs. 3 Hybrid – which should I carry? You still fail to distinguish between them, don’t you?

If you are an avid golfer, you know that the golf club is one of the crucial pieces of equipment in golf games. Golf players always carry their obsessed golf clubs in their bags.

No doubt, 5 Wood and 3 Hybrid are both effective golf clubs that offer unique characteristics. You can select any of them according to your needs.

But in the golf gaming industry, a common question arises among golfers: which one should they carry – 5 Wood or 3 Hybrid?

And you are one of them finding the answer, aren’t you? Let’s discuss it!

PXG 0211 Fairway Wood – 5 Wood

Perhaps not the most well-liked, but PXG has thought of this for us if you’re seeking a seamless change from your irons to your woods. PXG offers you more from its 5-Wood, which is unlike most 5-Woods, which are designed to go long and attack par 5s.

The club head is more driver-like in shape and adds distance when compared to not only other 5-Woods but even 3-Hybrids. You get superior feedback on all shots because of their high modal frequency design, allowing you to learn how to get better.

Remember that this 5-Wood is longer than others and has a low loft of 18°. You’ll be able to approach longer holes with great confidence if you can learn to control the energy that this 5-Wood carries.


  • A newly designed head enhances swing rates
  • V-shaped sole for ideal grass engagement
  • Wider shaft and reduced loft to enhance distance
  • Profound clubface for more flexibility


  • Less popular
  • Greens are harder to hold
  • Won’t hook as easily as hybrid-3

Key Features of 5-Wood

Tee Shots Are More Manageable

It is simpler to hit the 5 Wood off the tee since it is larger than a 3 hybrid. This gives you a benefit on shorter, more constrained par 4s and longer par 3s, which an iron just won’t do. When you are confused about 5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid, this feature will help you to understand.

With the exception of the extra loft, the 5-Wood resembles a 3-Wood and might give you the confidence you need to knock it off the tee. The 5 wood will be a better choice if you frequently prefer to hit something other than your driver for safety or if you have trouble hitting your driver.

But, the hybrid would be a better choice if you frequently pull the trigger and don’t anticipate using a 3-Wood or 5-Wood.

Offers a Wider Yardage Facility

In 5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid, the 5 Wood may fly farther than the 3 hybrids because of the size of the head and the length of the shaft. Again, a number of distinct elements are at play in this situation.

The 5 Wood might fly farther overall and offer more overall distance in some circumstances, such as off the tee or from a perfect lie. Nonetheless, the hybrid can end up being the best choice in tight lies or thicker rough.

Better Hooks

The hybrid overdrawing and converting into a hook is a concern I have, along with many lower-handicap players and professionals.

The 5 Wood may be a better choice if you frequently resist the hook because the hybrid’s shape makes it simpler to hook than the 5 Wood. The hybrid is occasionally a better choice because many amateur golfers would love to have an anti-slice club.

Why You Should Carry a 5-Wood Golf Club

  • You have a reasonably steady swing
  • It’s simple to hit from many different angles
  • If you want a wider distance
  • You have a relatively consistent swing
  • It may provide more distance
  • If you want a greater distance
  • For anti-hook
  • If you want more influence on the form of your shot
  • Clubs are simpler to strike off the tee
  • A lengthier shaft implies it will go farther

Ping G425 Hybrid – 3 Hybrid

This hybrid is a good option because it accurately embodies its claim to be a cross between wood and iron. It is fashioned more like a miniature piece of wood that resembles iron. Because of the tungsten weight at the back, the center of gravity is lower than it is for other hybrids. This enables you to launch the ball into the air regardless of where you make touch with the face.

PING has added the wrap-around face to this hybrid, which is generally only found on fairway woods and drivers. By enabling additional bend in the clubface at impact, it extends the distance.

With everything going on, you may assume that the club head is heavy or difficult to swing, but I’m sorry to say that you would be mistaken. All of these qualities were able to fit into a small, streamlined club head.


  • Wrap-around facing technique
  • Additional tungsten weight
  • The compressed club head shape
  • The ease of swinging over tough lays


  • Difficult to move the ball left or right

Key features of 3-Hybrid

Greater Adaptability Out of the Rough and Fairway

In 5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid, the 3 Hybrid offers such amazing versatility out of the fairway and the rough, even if the 5 Wood can be simpler to play off the tee. One of the most adaptable clubs in your bag can be 3 Hybrids. It gives you a choice in almost any circumstance.

Some players might even opt to run around the greens after hitting a small bump. The tight lights or rescue clubs, which were created to enable golfers with a mid to high handicap to get the ball in the air and have a chance on longer par 4s or the par 5s that we all encounter, appear to be the ancestors of the hybrid.

Offers the Possibility of a Higher Loft

Modern hybrids are relatively simple to launch into the air, which can be helpful if you frequently find yourself between 180 and 200 yards from the hole and need to stop the ball on the green.

Nothing is more discouraging than carrying the ball to your chosen landing place only to have it roll through the green and off the putting surface. You will be able to carry the ball farther and have a higher chance of retaining a firm green, thanks to the extra loft.

Because of their excellent adaptability and ability to hit the target on a green and keep that shot on the green, hybrids are becoming increasingly famous among skilled golfers.

Simpler to Draw With

Many golfers have a very difficult time getting rid of their slice or power fade and beginning to draw the ball. I believe that when they first start out, a lot of folks have fantasies about hitting that stunning push draw that starts out straight and curves toward the target.

Modern hybrids offer a great foundation for drawing at last or at least halting the trend. The arrangement that encourages a draw is made possible by the shorter shaft and offset.

Too many golfers I watch battle the slice and lose so much distance on the over-spinning cut shot that it completely destroys their club-hitting range.

Why Should You Carry a 3-Hybrid Golf Club

  • The ability to hit out of different lies
  • Shorter shafts are more forgiving
  • Encourage an upright angle in the draw
  • It will be simpler to strike a draw with
  • May offer a lofted alternative that is higher
  • More adjustability out of the fairway and rough
  • Less shot dispersion
  • Desire more height on longer shots to the green
  • Suitable for several shots

5-Wood vs 3-Hybrid Distance Chart

Length 5 Wood (Average Total Distance) 3 Hybrid (Average Total Distance)
High Handicap 168 163
Senior Golfer 160 160
Mid Handicap 184 179
Low Handicap 204 200

Key Differences at a Glimpse

Factors 5 Wood 3 Hybrid
Club Length Longer Shorter
Ball Flight Lower Higher
Forgiveness More Less
Spin Less More
Loft length 18 degree 18 degree
Shift length 42.75” 40.50”
Ave male distance 185 yards 180 yards
Shaft length 41 to 42 inches 40 inches
Shot shape tendency Fade Draw
Loft 19.5° – 22° 18.5° – 19°
Length 41” – 42” 40” – 41”
Size 150cc (approx) 80cc (approx)
Most Distance High Less
Most Height High Less
Spin Less Most
Swing Control Small Most
Workability wide Fewer
Easier To Use No Yes
Versatility Tee shot, Fairway, Rough Tee shot, Fairway, Rough, Punch, Chip, and run

A Comprehensive Comparison of 5 Wood vs. 3 Hybrid

Physical Differences

In 5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid, of course, the appearance of each club is what you notice initially. The 5 Wood is substantially larger and resembles a conventional fairway wood in appearance (although much bigger than 30 years ago). Some people could find this intimidating.

Swinging a heavy object can be challenging to control, and clean contact is essential. Dealing with a 3 Hybrid is significantly more tempting, particularly for amateurs and players with large handicaps.

The 3 Hybrid’s smaller form makes it easier to move from your irons into your woods. The 5-Wood, on the other hand, is a significant distance from your closest iron, which is probably a 4-iron.


In 5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid, you can go for 5 Wood in the case of desired long distance. When faced with lengthy but narrow par 4s, you’ll find that a 5 Wood will be more useful off the tee. If you want more roll, your 5-Wood will fly higher in the air. With a 5-Wood, you have the option of hitting it high or lower and more deeply.

For High Handicapper

Often, hybrids have shorter shaft lengths, which might be a huge advantage if you’re just starting out. The fairway woods are your longest club, coming in closely after your driver in terms of difficulty swinging well.

Hybrids often have shafts that are significantly shorter than iron, and most golfers, especially beginners, would find an iron simpler to manage and hit straight.

Ball Flight

In 5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid, you will need to decide how you want your shots to appear because your 5-Wood loft and 3-Hybrid will change. Not only does this have an impact on height, but also on the direction.

Working the ball left or right will be simpler with the 5 Wood’s lower loft. Similar to an iron, a 3 Hybrid is made to lessen spin and keep your ball straight. A hybrid can still provide some activity, but if that’s what you’re looking for, you should test a lot of them before choosing the ideal one.


A 5 Wood is taller and longer than a 3 Hybrid, as can be seen if you place them side by side. When measured at the pro shop, this may not seem like much, but when used on the golf course, it makes a significant impact.

The extra inch or two can seriously affect the speed of your swing and how well you can get the club head back to the ball. It can also add several yards to your shots, so it could be worthwhile for you to learn how to control the length.

Which Type of Golfer Are You?

According to 5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid comparison, there are two kinds of golfers in the gaming industry. One is 5 Wood lovers, and another is 3 Hybrids.

  • Players that use a 5-Wood aim for greater distance and a lower ball flight. A 5-Wood can be the solution if you have no other options on short par 5s or long par 4s.
  • Those who frequently find themselves in problems will benefit from a 3-Hybrid. Each golfer may use these escape artists to get out of the tough and hold the greens much better than a 5-Wood.

Who is the Winner?

Although it’s difficult to say among 5 Wood vs. 3 Hybrid, who is the winner. But according to our research, we go for Hybrid-3. The 3 Hybrids should be chosen by most players, and we believe the majority of players should use the 3 Hybrids.

 It is a very adaptable and crucial piece of golf equipment. It is very useful in a variety of on-course circumstances. Off the tee, out of the fairway, and out of the rough, it offers remarkable versatility. Put one in your golf bag and try it out for yourself.

For a variety of reasons, some golfers might still favor the 5 Wood. Both clubs have advantages and disadvantages, and the choice ultimately depends on the virtues and defects of your game. A 5 Wood is always an excellent choice if you are unsure of your ability to hit a hybrid.


Are you still worrying about 5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid? Don’t be freaked out!

Before asking, “which club should I carry in my bag-  5 Wood or 3 Hybrid?” You first set your mind on which features you want. If you desire to have a long distance, you can go for 5 Wood; on the contrary, if you wish to have accuracy, you can go for 3-hybrid.

In addition, for your convenience, we have enlisted many distinguishing features between 5 Wood and 3 Hybrids and highlighted their key features so that you can easily sum up which golf club you should carry in your bag.

Keep going to your desired option. Let’s go!


Is a 3 Hybrid somewhat equal to a 5 Wood?

No, a 3-Hybrid and a 5-Wood are not interchangeable; they differ greatly. The loft can be the sole place where you encounter a commonality. A 3-Hybrid and a 5-Wood frequently have the same loft yet produce quite distinct ball flights and trajectories, despite the fact that many 5-Woods are lower lofted.

Which one is easier to hit- 5 Wood or 3 Hybrid?

The 3-Hybrid is easier to hit than the 5-Wood. This golf club offers improved control thanks to its shorter length and more compact head. When hitting out of the rough, this is also a major benefit because the 3-Hybrid will cut through dense grass far more easily than any 5-Wood can.

Can I switch my 5 Wood with a 3 Hybrid?

Of course, you can. If you want to get more control and be able to hit out of various lies, you should replace your wood with the hybrid. A hybrid is made to keep your ball in front of you and will also offer more height to make holding greens much easier from far out. Replace your 5-Wood with a hybrid to take the big number out of play.

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