Islam Makhachev

Islam Makhachev is a Russian professional mixed martial artist with a net worth of $1 million. He is also a former Sambo competitor. At present, he is a competitor in the Lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This article contains detail on Makhachev’s net worth, salary, earnings, wife, and other related news.

About Islam Makhachev

Makhachev began training in the popular Russian martial art, Combat Sambo at an early age. The Sambo professional made his professional MMA debut at the Tsumada Fighting Championship 4 in 2010. He won the debut match against Magomed Bekbolatov via unanimous decision.

Makhachev later shifted to mixed martial arts and made his debut in the M1 Global. His debut match was against Tengiz Khucha. The Russian athlete won his debut fight via TKO. He then had one more winning fight under the same promotion.

Within the first 5 years of his career, Islam Makhachev mostly fought in the Tsumada, ProFC, and M1 Fighting championship banners. He made his professional UFC debut at the UFC 187 event in 2015. With a rear-naked choke, he made Leo Kuntz submit and earned his first UFC win.

In his second start at the UFC, Makhachev faced his first and only professional loss. Adriano Martins, the Brazilian MMA athlete, knockout him out in the very first round that night in October 2015.

At present, the Russian athlete has a professional record of 22-1. Among these, 4 wins came via knockout and 10 via submission. He participated in the 2016 World Combat Sambo Championship and won a gold medal there. Currently, he is scheduled to face Charles Oliveira for the vacant UFC Lightweight title at the upcoming UFC 280 on October 22.

Islam Makhachev’s Net Worth, Salary, and Earnings

In 2023, Makhachev’s net worth of $2.2 million. He has earned around $500,000 from his professional career at the UFC. On average, the Russian fighter earns $60,000 as a guaranteed payout from each fight.


Read the table below to see his income from recent fights.

According to various sources, It is estimated that Islam Makhachev has earned $707,500 throughout his fight career in MMA.

His highest payday was at UFC 280 when he fought Charles Oliveira. He earned $1.2 million from this fight.

Fight Salary Bonus Total Earnings
Islam Makhachev vs. Charles Oliveira $500,000 $500,000 win bonus and fight week incentive of $200,000. $1.2 million
vs. Thiago Moises $55,000 $55,000 win bonus, $6,000 fight week incentive pay $116,000
vs. Drew Dober $50,000 $50,000 win bonus, $5,000 fight week incentive pay $105,000
vs. Davi Ramos $29,000 $29,000 win bonus, $5,000 fight week incentive pay $63,000
vs. Arman Tsarukyan $27,000 $27,000 win bonus, $50,000 Fight of the Night bonus, $5,000 fight week incentive pay $109,000
vs. Kajan Johnson $25,000 $25,000 win bonus, $5,000 fight week incentive pay $55,000
vs. Gleison Tibau $16,000 $16,000 win bonus, $5,000 Reebok sponsorship $37,000

Makhachev’s Endorsements

Makhanchev is currently sponsored by the large crypto-currency and solution center, Saitama.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • ProFC Union National Cup
  • 2016 FIAS World Combat Sambo Championships Gold Medalist
  • Combat Sambo World champion
  • Combat Sambo Russian National champion (four times)
  • Russian Nationals 2016 champion (World Team Trials-FIAS)
  • North Caucasian Federal District 1st

Personal Details

Full Name Islam Ramazanovich Makhanchev
Nickname Islam Makhanchov
Profession Mixed martial arts
Style Sambo
Date of Birth 27 September 1991
Debut 2010
Height 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Weight 155 lbs (70 kg)
Age 31
Birthplace Makhachkala, Dagestan, ASSR, Russian SFSR, USSR
Nationality Russian
Net Worth $1 million
Marital Status Married
Father’s Name n/a
Mother’s Name n/a
Salary $60,000
Twitter Handle @MAKHACHEVMMA
Instagram Handle @islam_makhashew

Makhachev’s Wife

Islam Makhanchev is a married man. He reportedly got married in 2021. The player is very secretive about his personal life. As such, he hasn’t revealed many details about his wife to the media.


Makhanchev was born on 27 September 1991 in Makhanchkala, Dagestan, ASSR, Russian SFSR, USSR. Currently, his hometown is part of the Republic of Dagestan, Russia. At present, he is 31 years old.

Height and Weight

The Russian athlete has a height of 5 ft 10 in (178 cm), and he weighs 155 lbs (70 kg). He is currently competing in the Lightweight division of UFC.

Islam Makhachev’s Stats

Professional Record Overview

Category Win Loss
Knockout 4 1
Submission 10 0
Decision 8 0

UFC Career Stats: 2022 YTD

Category Stats
Significant Strikes Landed per Minute 2.27
Significant Striking Accuracy 57%
Significant Strikes Absorbed per Minute 0.84
Significant Strike Defense 68%
Avg Takedowns Landed per 15min 3.41
Takedown Accuracy 65%
Takedown Defense 88%
Avg Submissions Attempted per 15min 1.2

FAQs About Islam Makhachev

What is Islam Makhachev’s Net Worth in 2023?

Makhachev’s net worth will be $2.2 million in 2023.

Is Makhachev Married?

Yes. Makhachev is married.

How Tall is He?

He is 5 ft 10 in (178 cm) tall.

How Old is He?

The professional MMA athlete is 31 years old.

What is Islam Makhachev’s record?

Islam Makhachev’s current MMA record is 23-1-0.

Is Islam Makhachev undefeated?

Islam Makhachev is not undefeated. He once lost to Adriano Martins by knockout.

Who beat Islam Makhachev?

Islam Makhachev has lost only one bout in his MMA career. He was defeated by Adriano Martins.

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