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Driving irons are becoming more comfortable and quicker to hit for players like us who appreciate iron design rather than a hybrid’s appearance.

Finding suitable golf irons for your game is crucial to shooting lower scores. We believe it’s the same about getting the proper bag configuration too.

In this comprehensive and objective guide, I’ll look at 7 of the best driving iron shafts available in the current market. If you’re having trouble with inconsistent performance or even getting the perfect iron shot, I suggest you continue.

Additionally, if you’re searching for the ideal driving irons to increase efficiency with center-face contact, this thoroughly researched piece is perfect.

The driving irons we’ve reviewed on this page are designed to improve your carry distance and give the ball a higher flight.

What is a Driving Iron?

The driving iron is specially designed for tee shots in place of a driver. It’s an excellent option for golfers that lack confidence off the golf course.

If you’re unable to achieve regularity with your driver, and you’re hitting it everywhere, the driving iron can be an excellent accessory to your golf bag.

They look similar to regular irons, but the head is more giant when driving irons. They are also more tolerant due to the extra weight in the front of their clubfaces, a wider sole, and hollow body construction. Using them is also easier to hit the ball since they have a lower center of gravity than the standard low iron.

Although driving irons have a higher launch than your typical low irons, they don’t launch like fairway woods or hybrids. They provide an incredibly smooth ball flight that results in a lot of rolling on fairways with solid construction.

What Are the Different Types of Driving Iron Shafts?

There are two kinds of shafts for golf: graphite and steel. Usually, your club may initially be constructed with one of these shafts.

Steel Shafts

Steel shafts are often larger, stronger, and less expensive. They are usually made from carbon steel, though stainless steel also starts with 120g.

Many athletes will benefit from steel irons because the tension or lateral twisting throughout stock shafts does not occur in steel shafts. Steel shafts offer greater control and put more focus on precision than distance. It suggests that a faster swing speed is required to cover the same space.

Steel shafts are suggested for those with average swing speeds and who might benefit from greater control in their swings.

Graphite Shafts

Graphite shafts are thinner, less durable, and costlier when compared to steel shafts. They weigh between 50 to 85 grams – roughly 50% of the weight of the steel shaft! The lighter stakes increase the speed of the swing with more power. However, they sacrifice control due to the flex created by the swing.

These shafts are ultimately an excellent option for golfers of all ages. In particular, they’re ideal for female golfers and older players who might have difficulty achieving a high-speed swing speed to utilize the steel shaft efficiently.

The type of shaft is often available with a wide range of options, including various colors and flexes, which appeals to professionals and amateurs alike.

Multi-material Shafts

A new product on the market is multi-material shafts, which are utilized on drivers and irons. The type of shaft combines graphite and steel into one stick, allowing the most efficient of both for every player for all players.

Generally, the shaft is made from steel shafts with graphite tips. The stock shaft allows players to control the ball’s trajectory further, and the graphite tip ensures that the golf ball travels through the course without vibrations. Choose three stock shaft options to match your Ping driver, woods, or hybrids.

How to Choose the Best Driving Iron Shaft

These are the factors you need to consider:

Driving Iron Vs. Hybrid Vs. Long Iron?

Long irons feature the most extended shafts as well as the most lofts. They’re made to hit golf balls at longer distances (between 180-260 meters), having shorter launch angles.

For beginners, it’s better to choose a hybrid over a driving iron. A combination has a more prominent sweet spot and doesn’t need the use of a lot of speed to hit it properly. It is also more versatile since it cannot be shot from rough or the fairway. It comes with a giant head and a prominent sweet place.

It is recommended to use driving irons when playing on rugged, narrow, or windy golf courses. This is because it is more straightforward to hit straighter shots with lower trajectories than those provided by hybrids or woods.


You immediately choose adjustability over distance when hitting the tee’s driving iron.

A properly-struck driver, or a 3-wood, always drives further than an average driver iron. Producers can often optimize the sweet spot to maximize forgiveness by using larger club heads. Driving irons make this difficult because of the limited area available to optimize the center of gravity and weight.

Since you will be losing distance, forgiveness is essential. Putting your iron out on your toe is not a good idea. This will reduce your chances of hitting the green with all your shots.


Golfers of all levels are increasingly using driving irons. They’re popular because they’re professional designs and don’t appear like the ‘frightening’ long irons. The look of long irons is why they’re not famous for amateur golfers.

Even though fairway woods have a limited tower, their dimensions give the impression that they’ll ensure you can get your ball off the ground.

Good driving irons need to appear less intimidating. They must also be well-balanced and inspire amateur players who instead look down at thicker toplines that offer a higher level of forgiveness.


An excellent driving iron must be a hot face that can launch the ball straight off the tee, giving you the chance to be part where you do not strike the ball. The golf ball should roll smoothly, fly far, and then launch low.

Distance shouldn’t be essential when you’ve reached the point where you can hit the middle of your face more frequently.

You’re not using a quality iron when the ball doesn’t travel a long distance or remain low after launch. To get a decent distance with your iron, make sure you use your driving iron when it is dry and windy.


Driving irons look much like iron clubs but with a smaller loft. They are available in 2 and 3, and 4-irons. 2 irons have lofts about 17-19 degrees, while a 3-iron can have a varying tower around 19 degrees, and 22° and 4-driving irons will have a building that is between 22 to 25 degrees.

The amount of yardage you can expect to get is contingent on the tower of your driving iron, the speed you’re producing, and if you’re playing driving iron off the tee.

Due to their reasonable lofts, driving irons are much easier to hit than regular irons.

A high-quality driving iron should include a large clubface, a wide sweet spot, and a good loft. The higher the tower is, the easier it is to make straighter shots.


You can buy a knockoff or a lower-quality brand of golf clubs. Don’t hesitate to spend on high-quality irons when driving them.

Having a driving iron with the best quality is crucial because it will give you the best performance every round.

However, driving irons do not all look the same. Each of them has its sweet spot, making each hit feel amazing. Although a complete set of driving irons can be expensive, it is well worth the investment.

The Best Driving Iron Shafts

Product name Price Specification
Cobra King Utility Iron $218
  • Hollow architecture
  • Weighting tungsten
  • Lightning face
Srixon ZX Driving Iron $219
  • A machined design on the reverse
  • The hollow structure provides further forgiveness
  • Simple to launch
Taylormade Stealth Udi Utility Iron  $249
  • Durability and strength
  • Technique for speed foam
  • The ideal loft gapping with a loft sleeve
Cleveland Launcher UHX Utility $83.97
  • Different high-strength steel faces
  • Utilizing a hollow-body design
Callaway Single Iron  $142
  • Incredibly accurate triple net
  • Neat and traditional
  • An attractive address look
Wilson Staff Model Driving Iron $249.99
  • Increased distance, flexibility, and launch
  • Created for maximum playability
Titleist U-505 Driving Iron
  • Launching capabilities using explosives
  • Ever-fastest utility iron
  • Lots of flexibility

1. Cobra King Utility Iron

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Cobra King Utility Iron

You can choose between a steel or graphite tour ad utility/driving iron for the Cobra King. However, the steel will match your high handicapper irons if you are a fast swinger.

Pay more attention to the lofts of 19.5 and 22.5″. These driving irons can be adjusted and set to a “draw” setting for more right-to-left ball flight. The 22.5-degree club can be set to 21 or 24 degrees for more forgiveness.

Between this, mis-hits, and center strikes, the ball speed is consistent from the club face. Cobra is becoming well-known for their forgiveness with irons, and the modern utility driving iron heads is very similar.

The iron’s top has a thick line. It looks very much like a regular iron in your set. The club looks like a blade from a distance, but it’s not. It’s hollow-backed and has a hybrid action that doesn’t have the baggage at the back.

Even though it is hollow, it sounds crisp and delicious off the club face, and when you pure one, everyone nearby knows it.


  • Excellent sound when in contact
  • Off-center hits still travel a respectable distance
  • Includes a draw setting and is loft-adjustable from 3 to 4 degrees
  • Low-impact blows can nevertheless have positive effects


  • Lower lofted versions will have better loft settings for low handicappers

2. Srixon ZX Driving Iron

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Srixon ZX Driving Iron

It’s hard to deny how great the Srixon ZX Driving Iron looks compared to other irons. It is a beautiful fairway woods and hybrid iron.

The ZX features a multi-material design with an easy SUP10 steel face and a 1020 carbon steel frame. The ZX5’s predecessor had a slimmer sole and a smaller offset.

The Srixon ZX utility iron is not only beautiful, but it’s also very reliable. The three iron head is equipped with a Recoil 95 F4 shaft, which pairs well.

It offers both easy launches and mid-range spins. The Srixon ZX feels excellent, with a combination of solid and pop. The compact v-soul well complements the turf.

The Z U85 is slightly bigger than the ZX. This makes it more appealing to beginners or mid-to-high handicappers. It has a more muscular back appearance and a less intimidating blade look.


  • Extraordinary ball speeds
  • Weighting tungsten for improved MOI
  • Incredibly forgiving of bad hits
  • Most beneficial for golfers with medium to low handicaps


  • A little pricey


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Taylormade Stealth Udi Utility Iron

The new TaylorMade sim dhy Stealth-UDI driving iron inspires confidence and allows players to play with their irons. This club is incredibly well balanced and sounds excellent on impact. We had a blast testing it at Marco Simone Golf venue, Rome.

Its looks and feel are outstanding, and the club’s new 4140 faces are forged to provide accuracy and distance from the ground.

The club packs a lot of forgiveness. Its hollow-forged body construction gives it a wider sweet spot and better launch conditions than the SIM UDI.

It has a robust feel and allows players to launch the ball high. This excellent driving tool makes our top utility golf irons list.


  • Incredibly tolerant
  • Both sound and feel great.
  • Stunning appearances


  • Not a significant improvement over SIM

4. Cleveland Launcher UHX Utility

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Cleveland Launcher UHX Utility

The UHX, made by Cleveland, features the same hollow-body construction as the Cobra. It delivers more distance and offers greater forgiveness than standard irons.

The Launcher UHX from Cleveland comes with a graphite design tour ad utility. With lofts of 20° for the four iron or 23° for the five iron, this club will help you get your rocket up and flying for a long time.

Variable thickness faces with steel inserts deliver higher ball speeds and distance. This reduces the impact of mis-hits on the heel and toe.

The v-shaped sole makes it easier to interact with the turf. This feature is found on the Srixon irons. It is part of the same company as Cleveland and XXIO. Cleveland is an excellent choice for your game because of its quality and value for money.


  • Hollow back for greater forgiveness all over the face
  • The V-shaped sole prevents digging while interacting with the turf
  • At this price, value for money is excellent

5. Callaway Single Iron

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Callaway Single Iron

Although this isn’t necessarily a driving iron, the Callaway B21 Big Berthas have strong lofts.

This is because these irons are very easy to hit, and the 18-degree or 21 degrees loft is made with unique technology to help you get the ball up in the air. This is it if you are looking for one iron to hit the tee.

Big Bertha B21s have deep cavity backs and perimeter weighting for maximum forgiveness on off-center hits. This is a simple and efficient solution.

Similar options include Taylormade M2 single-irons and Cobra single-irons in the 3 or 4 iron models. This little secret is something no one will ever tell you.

You can skip the ad utility driving iron shafts for driving and get a more lofty, forgiving High handicapper iron.


  • Simple to strike from all lies
  • Can assist in removing a slice with its draw bias
  • It is possible to fly higher with lower lofts
  • Unlike many specialized driving irons, they are pretty forgiving on off-center hits


  • almost no

6. Wilson Staff Model Driving Iron

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Wilson Staff Model Driving Iron

The unique look of the Wilson Staff Model is bound to amaze you when you first see it. Seeing that they didn’t overcomplicate the head’s design was refreshing.

The Wilson Staff Model is driving iron balances a sleek, modern look with an old-fashioned, classic style. Its traditional chrome finish adds a class to the iron and should be enjoyed by players at all levels.

The Wilson Staff Model was created for professional players. However, it will give confidence to mid-high handicappers when they see a 3-iron club.

7g of weight is placed in the lower part of the club head, which ensures a better launch. It also provides a smooth mixture of forgiveness, reliability, and distance. The maraging steel clubface transmits higher ball speeds across the entire face for better distances.

Wilson’s Staff utility iron is available in right-hand lofts of 18, 21, and 24 degrees. The Staff utility iron is also available paired with a KBS Tour Edge Hybrid shaft.

Wilson Staff Model is driving iron converts club speed to remarkable ball speeds. It is powerful and pervasive.


  • Fair value
  • Improved launch circumstances
  • Amazing feeling
  • Strong steel C300 face


  • Limited forgiveness

7. Titleist U-505 Driving Iron

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Titleist U-505 Driving Iron

Titleist’s new U-505 utility tool iron was created to help long-game players. The driving iron was developed in close collaboration with Tour professionals.

This ambitious hybrid is easy to control and has a great sound. With its chrome perimeter and matte silver plate covering the cavity of the golf bag, the U-505 looks a lot like T200 irons.

The Titleist U-505 utility tool iron with hazardous smoke black is a great performer. The U-505 utility iron features the latest Impact 2.0 technology, a thinner forged face, and is one of the most potent Titleist irons.

This clubface is made from a forged UP10L-face construction. It has a remarkably higher COR rating which translates into more distance in long games.

After testing the Utility, I was impressed by its appearance and design. It offers optimum versatility as well as long-term performance. The U-505’s consistent and higher launches are a plus for me as a low handicapper.


  • Incredibly simple to launch
  • Uncomplicated hits
  • Versatile both on and off the tee
  • Increased stability due to tungsten weighting


  • Costlier than the T200

The Benefits of Using the Best Driving Iron Shaft For Your Game

Greater Management From the Tee

Drivers are demanding clubs to hit. The driver is a very different club than the rest. It has a loft and is beaten differently from an iron shot. You should use a driver to improve your upswing and not your downswing.

This is a confusing and difficult concept for beginners. The driving iron makes things more accessible and more consistent.

The Game’s Consistency

You are likely learning how to hit an iron if you’re taking up golf. You can beat another one if you’ve hit one iron. This explains why higher handicappers and beginners have great success with the driving iron.

You can learn a swing that works with your seven-iron. Then, adjust your stance to make it work with all your irons. Although it’s a simple idea, this will help you hit your driving iron better.

Developing the Foundations

Golfers have difficulty hitting a driver because they don’t know the basics. Learning how to hit a golf club and how to do it correctly can take some time. The introduction of the driver and the particular driver swing can be confusing.

A driving iron is a great tool to help you with this. The driving iron allows you to establish great fundamentals and pick up a driver when it is time. Your fundamentals will be solid and well-developed when it comes time to pick up a driver to learn how to drive 300 yards.


You have probably seen the prices for a new driver. These drivers will cost you at least $500. This is a large amount of money for someone just starting to play the game or only occasionally.

Driving irons are more affordable if you compare their pricing. For many golfers, the difference in cost to achieve more accuracy and a shorter distance from the tee seems well worth it.

Driving irons are also more versatile. This means that you get more value for your money. You can hit a driving club from the short grass; it doesn’t need to be from a tee.

Should a Player With a High Handicap Use a Driving Iron?

Driving irons are designed for experienced, low-to-mid handicappers who can consistently strike their long irons with ease and not high handicappers. You could benefit from a hybrid if you’re a beginner or a beginner. It features a giant club head and can maintain a stable, steady connection with the ball.

The main drawback of driving irons is that their club face is smaller in space than a typical driver. This can make it challenging to achieve the best contact every time you swing.

If you’re a high-skilled player who has trouble hitting long irons, you’ll probably prefer adding a hybrid to your bag because it’s more tolerant than driving. You won’t have to significantly worry about or be penalized for off-center hits.


You should now be able to identify the best driving irons for beginners in 2022. Those are the best driving iron on the market. Golf can be more fun with driving irons. Competing off the tee and keeping the ball in play will significantly increase enjoyment.

You might want to switch to driving irons if you have trouble with your long irons. Don’t be proud and choose the right clubs for you. Switching helped me tremendously, and it was one of my best decisions.

Your needs will determine which new driving iron is best for you. We hope you now understand better what you need to look for before making your final purchase.


How do different shafts affect my game?

Iron shafts allow you to choose between graphite or steel. Graphite design tour ad utility driving iron is lighter and more suitable for those who have difficulty with steel’s club head speed or want to reduce the harshness of mishits caused by a steel shaft. Many steel shafts are available, and they can produce a wide range of impact sensations.

A counterbalanced shaft, also known as a high balance point, is another term used in fitting environments. A high balance point or counterbalance shaft can allow for more head weight and not affect the club’s swing weight. These shafts are frequently utilized to encourage a slightly greater launch angle.

Is shaft length significant?

After installing the shaft, it is necessary to determine the length. This is as important as the post’s torque, flex, and other information.

Measure the size of the club by standing straight up and having someone measure the distance between your wrist and the floor. Take both hands and make an average. The irons must be cut to a length appropriate to each player’s height and distance from the floor.

Research shows that length is significant. A ball impact of 0.5 inches off the center of the ball results in a 7% loss in carrying distance. A ball impact of 1-inch off-center results in a 14% loss in length. While longer shafts may provide more space, choosing the driver that delivers a consistent, solid hit is vital.

How to know if you have picked the wrong shaft?

You will quickly find out if you picked the wrong shaft. You will notice a decrease in the distance the ball travels when you swing the club. It may also cause the ball to hit off-center. The shaft can also feel stiff or too heavy, significantly impacting your game.

If you are unsure what to do, it is best not to guess. You could end up with the wrong golf shaft and have to purchase new equipment or more shafts.

Do golf shafts make a difference?

The performance of your golf swing is affected by the shaft. This can have an impact on the distance and accuracy of your ball. The pole can cause deflection, which causes the clubhead and grip to move forward and down during the golf swing. This can increase the golf ball’s launch, allowing it to go straight and high.

How do different weights affect my game?

You’ll see numerous shaft weights available from significant manufacturers without any upgrades or custom options. Golf manufacturers now understand shaft weights’ importance and value more than ever.

Golfers often don’t understand the importance of their shaft weight. A slight adjustment in the shaft weight could improve their accuracy or consistency.

Try hitting the shaft with a light, medium, and heavyweight shaft to get an idea of what weight works best for your needs. The lighter shaft may be more responsive for you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn commissions by linking to and affiliated sites. See full affiliate disclosure here.

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